Tony (Edward Anthony) Clarke
29 Dec 1919 - 25 Dec 2010

1929 1943 1980 2009

A brief overview of Tony's life, forebears, children and grandchildren is here. This page provides a lot more detail.

Tony passed away 70 years (give or take 7 hours) after the troop-convoy that he was in was shelled by a German cruiser somewhere near the Azores, 1,000 miles west of Portugal (see the last, very large convoy on that page, WS 5A).

Tony' Life:

Tony's World War II:

His wife, Rene:

Tony's Death:

Here are his 30 closest ancestors, laid out in what I call a FamilyWeb, which identifies in tabular form his family up to his 16 great-great-grandparents.

Here is the story of Tony's father and mother:

Here are Tony's 54 (!) First Cousins on his father's side.

Here's the most interesting part – Tony's father's father:

Here is the family of his mother – Queenie (Ethel Mary) Haskins:

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