The Haskins Line – Lower

This is a page within the family line deriving from William Haskyns (1706-1766)

  1. Cecil Frederick HASKINS (1894-1959)
    b. 17 Aug 1894
    While serving in the Marines during WWI, Cecil was stationed at Rosyth, Scotland (across the Forth Bridge from Edinburgh).
    Recommended for a VC after an action at Zeebrugge, but the Sergeant got it instead.
    m1. 27 Apr 1917 Isabella Stenhouse Dawson (1890-1934), in Charlestown, just west of Rosyth on the Firth, children 1-5, and lived in Scotland 1917-34 (age 23-40).
    Isabella d. 23 Oct 1934 (presumably in her late 30s).
    Cicil came back to Portsmouth on the death of his wife in 1934, aged 40, bringing his children.
    In 1934, Cicil bought 54 Welsh Rd, Gosport.
    He then signed the second child into the Marines, and sent the youngest three to an orphanage in Scotland. When the third and fourth turned 14, he signed them up to the Marine Musicians not just for the basic 4 years to 18 but for another 10 years as well.
    Here's a poignant photo of the 5 children, in Portsmouth in November 1934, just after their mother's death.
    At least 1938-46, he worked in the government munitions factory in Gosport.
    At Christmas 1939, aged 45, he was on the SS San Aberto, a tanker going to South America for tar. It was torpedoed and broke in two. He and a few others stayed on half of it for 5 days. During rescue by an RN vessel, he had to jump into the water, his lungs filled with water, and he suffered from that thereafter. Margaret, then 21, heard Lord Haw-Haw announce that the ship had gone down with all hands.
    m2. 1942, aged 48, to Mrs (Hilda) Earnshaw of Scotland nee Treacher
    We have some details of Hilda's children and the Earnshaw line.
    He sold Welsh Rd and bought another house in Gosport with Hilda.
    At the end of WWII, briefly in Australia and responsible for ammunition provisioning to RN vessels; and his 4th child Peter Haskins met up with him.
    d. 21 Jan 1959 (the day after his grand-daughter Zena's birth)
    On his death, the assets passed to Hilda and her children, not to his own children.
    I think he's buried in Ann's Hill Cemetery, Gosport
    1. Margaret Anne Haskins (1918-2007)
      b. 20 Feb 1918
      She was at 4 Cleveland Rd in 1935 when her youngest cousin Ken Clarke was born.
      She nursed and godmothered him.
      Margaret spent a lot of time 1934-58, aged 16-40, trying to keep the (effectively orphaned) siblings together.
      m. William Edward (Ted) CRACKNELL (1918-2010)
      m. c. 1944? in Exeter
      Ted was b. 7 Oct 1918
      Ted was in the RAF.
      Like Tony Clarke, he was part of the BEF (British Expeditionary Force), in northern France.
      Briefly, that is, until the Blitzkrieg. He escaped through Calais in May 1940, aged 21.
      He was a rear-gunner on Blenheims, then Wellingtons, out of Elgin, 30 miles E. of Inverness.
      He survived 6 forced landings and an explosion immediately after take-off.
      He was the sole survivor when he parachuted into the North Sea.
      He was re-posted to RAF land forces, and found himself in a Commando group that did one of the famed 'heavy water' raids in Norway. And he survived that too!.
      In 1946-58, they lived in a council-house in Exeter.
      Ted worked for the Council as a painter and decorator.
      In 1958, they migrated to Australia on the 'Orsova'. They didn't qualify for an assisted passage because of Heather's thyroid condition, but they'd won 500 quid on the pools.
      1958-c.1968 in Adelaide (aged 40-50).
      Ted worked as a painter and decorator for the Council in Adelaide.
      c.1968-1982 in Dandenong outside Melbourne (aged 50-64).
      Margaret worked in Melbourne for John Martin's Dept Store, was trained in garment fitting, and lectured doctors on bra-fittings for women who had had mastectomies (and the importance of it), incl. mention in a book on the topic.
      Back to Exeter Nov 1982 (aged 64), after Heather's death.
      (The grandchildren were 14, 12 and 6 when Heather died).
      Back to Brisane in 1988-89, until 2007/11 (aged 70-90).
      Here's a January 2007 photo LtoR standing: Roger, David, Ted; sitting Margaret, Peter and Leonie's two (taken by Leonie), Gold Coast, Queensland. (Peter and I had a day-trip up from Canberra)
      Margaret d. 21 Jun 2007, aged 89, 5 months after that visit (and Peter 8 months after that)
      Ted d. April 2010, aged 91
      1. Heather Ann CRACKNELL (1946-1982)
        b. 24 Jul 1946
        m. 1967 to Ross William KELLY (1945-2005)
        b. 9 May 1945
        sep . 1981?
        Lived in Adelaide and Melbourne, then Exeter Jun-Nov 1982.
        Heather d. 9 Nov 1982, aged 36, of Hodgkin's Disease
        Ross d. 12 Sep 2006, aged 61, of lymphatic cancer
        1. Andrew (Andy) William KELLY b. 30 May 1968, Adelaide
          m. Trudy Jane Lee, Aug 2009
          Trudy was b. 22 Jan 1969, in Exeter
          Lived in Melbourne, Exeter and Brisbane, gearbox repairer
          1. Bethany Jane Ann Kelly, b. 24 Apr 1994
          2. Kathryn Heather Kelly, b. 5 Oct 1998
        2. David Ross KELLY b. 25 Oct 1970, Adelaide
          m. Leonie (Lee) ?
          Lived in Adelaide?, Melbourne, Exeter, Brisbane, Ballarat
          Production Manager for Laminex
          January 2007 photo David standing second from left and his and Leonie's two children (taken by Leonie), Gold Coast, Queensland
          1. Ben Kelly, b. 2003?
          2. Lauren Kelly, b. 2005?
        3. James Edward KELLY b. 1 Jan 1976, Adelaide
          m. Rachael ?
          Lived in Adelaide?, Melbourne, Exeter, Brisbane
          1. Tejay Kelly
          2. Whyatt Kelly
          3. Aiden Kelly
    2. Frederick HASKINS (1920-1991)
      b. 1920
      He had rheumatic fever as a child.
      When his mother died in 1934, when he was 14, his father signed him up in the Marines. Photo in 1940 (at 20, on the right, with his brothers Adam left, and Peter sitting).
      In April 1941 he was lined up for HMS Hood, but was hospitalised.
      As a result, he was given a medical discharge instead of going down with her.
      He then worked in the government munitions factory in Gosport.
      He was later in Southampton
      Ged c. 30 in c. 1950, he had his heart-valves replaced by some from a pig.
      (They did 40 years' sterling service, and the doctor presiding over his death asked to send Fred's heart back to the doctor who did the operation. The family agreed).
      m. ? Eileen ? b. ?
      No children
      Freda said they were into spiritualism in the 1980s, and Peter said he was a medium.
      d. Oct/Nov 1991 , aged 70/71
    3. Adam Dawson HASKINS (1922-1988)
      b. 19 Feb 1922
      Enlisted by his father as a Marine Musician, c. 1936.
      in 1940 (at 18, left, with his brothers Frederick right, and Peter sitting).
      m1. 1942 Joyce WILSON (1921-2001)
      During WW2 served on the Russian convoys
      In 1949 he was on HMS London in the famous HMS Amethyst rescue trip up the Yangtze.
      Children 1-2.
      He served until 1958 in the Royal Marine Band as a bassoonist.
      1958-63, he ran a grocery, newspaper and Post Office shop in Clare Road, Braintree, Essex.
      Div. 1963
      He lived with his elder brother Fred for a time after his divorce.
      m2. (late) Maisie ?, d. 17 Jan 1990
      Freda said Adam and Maisie were into faith healing in the 1980s.
      d. Nov 1988, aged 66
      1. Derek HASKINS b. 1945
        m. 1969 Eileen KEOGH b. 1946, Kenmare, Ireland
        Live in Bewdley, 20 miles SW of Birmingham
        Deputy and Headmaster, Hagley and Stourport, retired 2005
        1. Elaine HASKINS b. 20 Feb 1972 (Adam's 50th)
          m. Jamie FOX, May 2000
          Jamie was b. Sep 1971
          Live in Clent, Worcestershire
          1. Madeleine Fox-Haskins, b. Sep 2003
          2. Amelie Fox-Haskins, b. May 2006
        2. Stephen HASKINS b. 1975
          m. Christina (Tina) Thompson, Jul 2003
          Live in St Albans
          1. Eleanor Lucy Haskins, b. Oct 2005
          2. Sophie Elizabeth Haskins, b. Aug 2008
      2. Maurice HASKINS b. 1947
        m. 1968 Ann Elizabeth GRIST b. 1946
        No children
        Hairdresser, Little London, nr. Bishop's Stortford, Essex
    4. (Peter) Cecil Joseph HASKINS (1925-2008)
      b. 7 Jan 1925
      1925-34 Rosyth, 1934 Portsmouth (aged 9), 1935-39 Orphanage (aged 10-14).
      Photo in 1936? (at 11, but in uniform?).
      1939-42 (14-17 yrs) Marine School of Music (Deal in Kent, then the Isle of Man).
      Photo in 1939 (at 14, and definitely in uniform).
      Photo in 1940 (at 15, with his brothers Frederick left and Adam right).
      1942-45 HMS Indomitable in the North Atlantic and the Med, then to the US.
      He was in Australia at the end of the War.
      He was offered a position as oboeist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
      He was unable to force the Marines to release him because of a contract signed by his father in 1939, which he was powerless to revoke [cf. RN slavery].
      In 1955 (aged 30), he finally escaped from Marine Musician service.
      m. 1956 Jean Mary MARSHALL b. 1932
      1956-1985, aged 31-60, music teacher and Youth Orchestra Impresario, Hertfordshire.
      Retired initially to Grantham Lincolnshire, and later to Swanley in Kent.
      Finally to Somerset, but not the one in the UK and instead east of Cape Town ZA.
      January 2007 photo on a day visit from Canberra to Margaret & Ted in Queensland.
      Peter d. Feb 2008, aged 83, from a tumour in his back
      Jean moved to Lichfield in mid-2014, and I visited her there in Nov 2014.
      She was at the Old Rectory Nursing Home in Derby in 2018-19.
      Jean d. 4 May 2019, aged 86.
      1. Zena HASKINS (1959-2005)
        b. 20 Jan 1959
        m. 1983 Steven John HARROLD
        Lived in Dublin and Vienna (senior exec. with Coca-Cola)
        Zena suffered successive bouts of breast cancer
        Zena d. 2005
        1. Charlotte Emelline HARROLD b. 27 Nov 1988
        2. James Joseph HARROLD b. Jun 1992
      2. Christopher Graeme HASKINS b. 1962
        m. Jun 1987 Anne Georgina DEWSBURY (double-barrelled their name)
        Ashton, nr. Waltham Abbey Essex (senior exec with Pepsi-Cola)
        1. Amy Samantha DEWSBURY-HASKINS b. 16 Jun 1990
        2. Oliver DEWSBURY-HASKINS b. ? Jun 1992
    5. Grace McNicol(l?) HASKINS b. 28 Dec 1927 or 1928
      m. 6 Apr 1947 John Alex (Jack) CLARK b. 1923
      Live in Exeter, where we visited them once (in 1988?)
      1. Gloria CLARK b. 1 Jan 1949
        m1. 1968-1980 Barry HOSEGROVE b.?, children 1-3
        m2. 1981-2007 Mike BENNETT b.?, child 4
        near Exeter
        1. Darrin HOSEGROVE b. 1969
          m. Kate Smales, Jul 1993
          1. Chloe Rose Hosegrove b. Jul 1995
        2. Natalie Dawn HOSEGROVE b. 1972, a twin
          Nursing in Cheltenham
          m. Simon EDWARDS, Aug 2000
        3. Diana HOSEGROVE b. 1972, a twin
          m. Andreas ADAMOU, Aug 2003
          In medical insurance, in Exeter
        4. Michaela Gemma BENNETT b. 13 Feb 1982
      2. Linda CLARK b. 18 Nov 1952
        m. 1970/76 Kenneth George BRAMBLE b. ?
        ex-Marine, worked for Jaguar
        no children?

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Peter Haskins provided a lot of this information to me in Canberra (on two hand-written scrolls) when he visited us in the early 1990s. It was captured into this form in 2006-07. Some of it came from my father Tony Clarke, Peter's first cousin. Some more came from Derek Haskins in 2007 (Anne's and my second cousin). And some from genealogical research by Anne Kratzmann in 2008. Andy Kelly supplied further information in Margaret's line in 2011

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