Children of Willie Tony Clarke (1892-1955)
and Ethel Mary (Queenie) Haskins (1896-1968)

This directory contains information and documents about the descendants of Willie Tony and Queenie Clarke. This is the line of both Roger Clarke and Anne Kratzmann, and is fairly prolific; so there's quite a lot in this branch of the site. There were 5 children:

  1. Frederick William Clarke (1917-2004)
  2. Edward Anthony (Tony) Clarke (1919-2010)
  3. Enid Clarke (1922-2007)
  4. Kathleen Clarke-Smith (1926-2013)
  5. Kenneth (Ken) Clarke (1935-2018)

There are over 60 descendants, as per this Summary.

01 - Frederick William Clarke

16 Oct 1917 - 30 Jan 2004

Fred was born 16 October 1917. His father was still in the Hampshire Regiment, and his mother was living with her parents at 4 Cleveland Road.

He left school at 15, during the Depression and when his father was out of work. A couple of bosses closed down or went bust before he completed his apprenticeships. He finally found a stable employer in the shape of H.M. Dockyards – where his father also worked from the late 1930s onwards. His primary qualification was as a cabinet-maker.

Fred married Mabel (May) De Prose in 1939. May was b. 7 May 1918.

He was unable to enlist during WWII, because he was in a protected occupation in the Royal Navy Dockyards.

The family (by then including 2 children) migrated on 29 Jan 1948, from Tilbury Docks, on one of the last voyages of the Orient Line's 19,000 ton S.S. Ormonde. (She was commissioned in 1918 and scrapped in 1952).

They settled in Kingaroy in South Queensland.

May was a music-teacher, and they were both very active in music in the district.

May was awarded an MBE in June 1982 "in recognition of service to music".

They later moved to Maryborough c. 1983, to Bundaberg c. 1991, and back to Maryborough c. 1998.

Fred passed away on 30 January 2004, aged 85.
May passed away on 19 March 2015, aged 96.

Here is a personal page for Fred, and a personal page for May.

Fred and May had 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and (as at Oct 2005) 15 great-grandchildren:

  1. Michael Clarke (1941-1995)
    b. 17 February 1941
    m1. Laraine Elizabeth Arthur, 13 Feb 1965
    Children 1 and 2
    m2. Anne Ellen Staines, 8 Mar 1975
    Moved to Tara (1975-89), then to Bundaberg (1989-95)
    Children 3 and 4
    Michael d. 12 September 1995, aged 54, of a heart attack
    Here's a personal page for him
    Anne rem. Peter Charles Smart on 15 Apr 2000
    Peter was b. 19 Apr 1940
    Here is a list of Michael's children. Details of the families are on his personal page:
    1. Bradley Michael Clarke b. 13 Nov 1966
    2. Katrina Louise Clarke b. 24 Dec 1967
    3. Craig Edward Clarke b. 31 Mar 1977
    4. Kristine Anne Clarke b. 27 Sep 1980
  2. Anne Clarke (1944-)
    b. 4 Aug 1944
    m. Neville Kratzmann 18 Dec 1965, of Windera near Murgon
    Here's a personal page for her
    Here is a list of Anne and Nev's children. Details of the families are on her personal page:
    1. Mark Edward Kratzmann, b. 17 May 1966
    2. Leanne Mae Kratzmann, b. 25 Aug 1968
    3. Amanda Jane Kratzmann, b. 11 Apr 1970
    4. Andrew James Kratzmann b. 3 Nov 1971
  3. Paul Clarke (1953-)
    b. 23 Mar 1953
    m1. Shirley Ann Heyer, 16 Oct 1971
    Children 1 and 2
    div. May 1986
    m2. Carol Ann Bohl-Wright, 25 Apr 1987
    div. 2000?
    Here's a personal page for him
    Here is a list of Paul and Shirley's children. Details of the families are on his personal page:
    1. Nshara Lee Clarke, b. 13 Feb 1972
    2. Susan Maree Clarke, b. 29 Jan 1979
  4. Peter John Clarke (1954-)
    b. 26 May 1954
    m. Michelle Joyce Webb, 12 Apr 1980
    Michelle was b. 3 May 1958
    They live in Toowoomba
    1. Jhana Louise Clarke, b. 11 Sep 1980
    2. Vaughan Clarke, b. 9 Oct 1982

02 - Edward Anthony (Tony) Clarke

29 Dec 1919 – 25 Dec 2010

Tony was born when the family was at 4 Cleveland Road. He left school as early as the law allowed, and was apprenticed to a grocer in the mid-1930s. He spent WWII getting chased out of Dunkirk, Greece, Crete and (almost) North Africa.

In 1948, he married Irene (Rene) Gladys Whiteman. They migrated to Kingaroy in South Queensland in 1951 (where his elder brother Fred was already settled in), returned to England 1954-56 for because Rene's parents were ailing, and re-migrated in 1956, this time to Bundaberg.

They later moved to Sydney (1967-85) and on retirement to the Macarthur area (50km south of Sydney), and then to Camden a further 20km south-west. Rene passed away in 2004, at 78. Tony died in 2010, 4 days short of his 91st birthday.

Here are details of Tony's story, and of Rene's story.

Tony and Rene have 2 children, and 4 grandchildren:

  1. Roger Anthony Clarke, b. 5 Oct 1949
    m. Linda Elizabeth Spinaze 15 Jan 1977 (and she kept her name)
    Linda was b. 30 Aug 1952.
    Her father, Ray Spinaze, was from lines of Veneto contadini that arrived in 1881.
    Her mother, Gina Cochrane, was from English/Scottish stock.
    They lived in Sydney, London and Zürich, and since 1984 in Canberra
    1. Kasia Siobhan Clarke b. 6 Nov 1980
      m. Brendan BAIL on 19 March 2005
      1. Troy Anthony Bail b. 14 Apr 2009 (that makes 8 Anthonys in a row ...)
      2. Misha Lee Bail, b. 6 March 2013
    2. Russell Anthony (Whiteman Spinaze) Clarke b. 26 May 1983
      m. Karen Hopper on 31 January 2014
      Long after Russell was named, we discovered that he's the seventh in succession in the 'name', i.e. male, line to have the name Anthony, back to Anthony Chipper/Cheeper 1758-1841. The surname change that occurred in the 1870s is documented in the AJCheeper/Clarke directory)
      1. Darius Aksel Clarke, b. 21 December 2017
      2. Xavier Wulfric Clarke, b. 5 November 2020
  2. Carole Judith Clarke (b. 1 Jan 1955)
    m. Peter WATERS in 1989
    Peter was b. 18 Apr 1953, in Gravesend (northern NSW)
    She lived in Sydney and London. Since 1991, they've been in Macarthur, 50km south of Sydney
    1. Owen Charles Waters b. 18 Jul 1990
    2. Lachlan Michael Waters b. 19 Mar 1992

03 - Enid Clarke

10 Jan 1922 – 29 April 2007


Enid was born when the family was at 4 Cleveland Road.

She was in the ATS during the War, and then worked in the Coop in Eastney.

She lived with Willie Tony and Queenie at 69 Hayling Ave. from 1930, and stayed there with Queenie until her death in 1968.

Enid then moved in with her long-time friend Pat Saunders, in Eastney, and c. 1990 moved within Eastney to a retirement village. Enid died in 2007, at the age of 85.

The second 'mad aunt', Pat, passed away on 2 July 2012 after a not-very-good-health during her last few years, including diabetes and a leg-amputation. We think she was 90.

04 - Kathleen Clarke-Smith

10 May 1926 – 30 March 2013

Kath was born when the family was at 4 Cleveland Road.

She was married to Alan Smith in 1945.

Alan was a naval shipwright, later a nurse, and they lived in Weymouth, Cyprus and Fareham.

Alan passed away in 2001.

Kath later moved back into Portsmouth, including North End, Southsea and finally Portsmouth, nr St Judes.

She passed away late in the evening of Easter Saturday, 30 March 2013, aged 86.

Alan and Kath had 3 children, 8 grandchildren and (in Oct 2005) 2 great-grandchildren:

  1. Janet Smith, b. 27 Feb 1946
    m. Bern WALKER in 1968
    Bern was b. 17 Oct 1942
    Janet lives in Fareham
    Bern worked for BT, retired early, but passed away in May 2002
    1. Natalie Walker, b. 29 Dec 1969
      1. Lucy, b. 2004
  2. David Smith, b. 20 Aug 1948
    m. Jane Reeves in 1976
    Jane was b. 1953
    They live in Denmead, west of Waterlooville
    David was an electrical draftsman for oil refineries and chemical plants
    1. Timothy Smith, b. 13 Jul 1977
    2. Nicholas Smith, b. 1981
      m. Emma Allard
      1. xxxxxx, b. ?2017
      2. Aubrey Smith b. July 2020
    3. Joseph B. Smith, 1988
      p. Eli
    4. Samuel Smith, b. 1991
      m. Frances, Cornwall, August 2021
      1. Rose Smith b. April 2020
  3. Margaret Smith, b. 15 Sep 1956
    m. Sandy SIEVWRIGHT 15 Dec 1987, Fareham Registry Office
    They live in North End, Portsmouth
    Margaret is a senior psychiatric nurse, and Sandy works for BT
    1. Chloe Sievwright, b. 25 Mar 1982
      1. Harris Sievwright, b. 2001
    2. James Sievwright, b. 9 Apr 1983
    3. Jacob Sievwright, b. 13 Sep 1991

05 - Kenneth (Ken) Clarke

8 May 1935 – 13 May 2018

Ken was born 8 May 1935, when the family was at 69 Hayling Avenue.
Kenneth G. Clarke, Portsmouth 2b 652, Jun qtr 1935.
Presumably George, presumably after George Henry (Harry?) Haskins (1867-1943), who sent Willy Tony to his brother Fred, Queenie's father.

He worked in the Post Office, and met Rhoda there.

They married Jun qtr 1958 Portsmouth 6b 806.

Rhoda F. Ireland was b. 31 Dec 1926 (Mar qtr 1927 Portsmouth 2b 680), mother's surname Tuffin.

At marriage, Ken was a month either side of 23, Rhoda 32. This age disparity was not thought well of by conservative respectable working-class people!?

They spent a great deal of time together, at work, and ballroom-dancing, but also gardening (especially zonal pelargoniums), shopping together, bus trips, and listening to music, particularly opera – although Ken's hearing went in later years.

Ken lived in Copnor all of his life, first at 69 Hayling Avenue, presumably 23 years 1935-58, then a stroll away at 45 Stride Avenue, 60 years 1958-2018.

Ken died of a suspected aortic aneurism, watching highlights of the last games of the season on Sunday evening.

Summary – 63 Descendants (as at December 2010)

Willie Tony and Queenie had 5 children, b. 1917-1935.

They had 9 grandchildren, b. 1941-1956 – 3 Smiths in England, and 6 Clarkes in Australia. All of them were born during Queenie 's lifetime and all but one during Willie Tony's (although two were born in Australia, and didn't return to England during their grandparents' lifetimes).

They also have 24 great-grandchildren, b. 1966-1992 – 8 in England and 16 in Australia, 10 of them Clarkes. The first two were born in Australia shortly before Queenie passed on:

In December 2010, there were 26 great-great-grandchildren, b. 1991-? – 23 in Australia and 2 in the UK, only 4 of them Clarkes:

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