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  1. Joseph HASKINS
    b. 21 Jul 1840, Olveston, d. 27 Sep 1913 (HFB)
    In the 1861 Census, at 20, with his parents at Tockington Rd, occupation Coachman.
    m. 31 Oct 1863, marriage certificate left, right
    Mary Anne COOPER
    She was b. 16 Jun 1842, bapt. 17 Jul 1842, Olveston, birth certificate left, right
    She d. ? Mar 1938 (HFB), regd Mar qtr 1939 (New Forest 2b 1261)
    They lived at Tockington, and were married at Olveston (north of Bristol, these days just north of where the M4 and M5 cross). Both fathers were Labourers.
    (Mary Anne's father was John COOPER/COUPER b. 1794, d. 1841? Aug 1872 aged 79! (HFB), of Tockington, m. 1841 to Catherine WILLIAMS b. 1806? 1801/02? Stanley Glos., d. 11 Feb 1891 aged 89 (HFB)
    (John's mother was Hannah 1773-?
    (Catherine's father was James WILLIAMS 1773-?
    (James' father was John WILLIAMS m. Grace
    Mary Anne presented Joseph with a Family Bible on his 29th birthday on 21 Jul 1869. References to information HFB on this site mean that the (or a) source is that Haskins Family Bible
    Between 1861 and 1871, it appears that Joseph came to (own? lease? work?) (some of?) The Green in Olveston.
    In the 1871 Census, Joseph was a coachman, presumably already at that stage to the vicar at Elberton (2 miles North of Olveston).
    Joseph left Olveston (soon after the birth of their 7th child Annie on 6 Mar 1876?) and his brother John took over at The Green.
    The vicar who Joseph worked for, called Nash, was elevated via Bishopstoke and Bishop's Waltham, all the way to Canon of Winchester Cathedral. Joseph moved with him.
    In the 1881 Census, they are at Roseneath Cottage, ? Rd, Hedge End Botley Hants (18km south of Winchester), with all 7 children aged 5 to 16.
    In the 1891 Census, at Hannington Cottage, Bishopstoke (13km south of Winchester), aged 50 and 48, he a Coachman Domestic, with only Edward 16 and Annie 15 left in the household.
    In the 1901 Census, the two of them, at 60 and 58, are at Bank St, Bishop's Waltham (8km east of Bishopstoke), at the Board Schools for Infants (whatever that was). His occupation is shown as Coachman (not Domestic), overwritten with Groom.
    Joseph died on 27 Sep 1913. Peter found Joseph's Obituary.
    He was buried in St Faith's Cemetery in Winchester. In later years, they may have lived in St Faith's Road south of the Cathedral.
    Photo of Mary Ann Cooper Haskins, possibly aged early 70s?, so c. 1913-15?
    Mary Anne spent her later years at 'St Cross' in New Milton (east of Bournemouth, with her unmarried daughter Edith).
    Photo of Mary Ann Cooper Haskins in1927, approaching 85, with her great-grandson John Bennett, b. 15 Mar 1927 (provided by Trisha Bennett).
    Tony Clarke remembers Frederic Haskins taking him to see them once c. 1930.
    Mary Anne died Mar qtr 1939 .
    This family might benefit from the remaining Census entries for 1841 and 1851. And from Fred's Birth Cert, and perhaps Birth Certs for the other 6 kids as well
    1. William [John?] HASKINS, b. 11 Sep 1864 (HFB) Olveston, d. 23 Mar 1929 5km east of Maidstone – Mar qtr 1929 (Hollingbourne 2a 1927)
      In the 1871 Census with his family at Olveston.
      In the 1881 Census, at 16 (?), a Domestic Servant in Garden, still with his parents and siblings at Hedge End Botley Hants.
      In the 1891 Census, at 25 (?), single, a Coachman/Groom at Lancaster, Holdenhurst (a tiny village just east of Bournemouth). [Anne's research found only one William born in Olveston and around his age; so this and what follows is a reasonably confident claim].
      m. Ellen Bowles, Jun qtr 1893 (Maidstone 2a 1241), aged 28
      No children (HFB)
      In the 1901 Census, they are at Thornhill Farm, West End (3 mi. south of Bishopstoke), each 36, he a Coachman Domestic. Her birthplace is shown as Kent Boughton [more, unreadable, possibly 'Mon (Chelsea)']. The only Boughton in Kent appears to be 5 mi. west of Canterbury, fully 30 mi. from Maidstone.
      Anne's found no evidence of any children.
      d. Mar qtr 1929 at 64 Hollingbourne (2a 1927) – a village east of Maidstone.
      Ellen Haskins (94), d. Sept 1959 (Maidstone 5b 510)
      [We had an earlier surmise from somewhere that he remained unmarried, and ended up as a Schoolmaster in Bishopstoke, but it sounds much less likely than the above].
    2. George Henry (Harry?) HASKINS b. 30 May 1867 (HFB) Olveston, d. 8 Dec 1943 (HFB)
    3. Frederic HASKINS, b. 17 Mar 1869 (HFB) Olveston, d. 6 Dec 1951 (HFB) Portsmouth
    4. Harry Edward HASKINS b. 23 Feb 1871 (HFB) Olveston, d. 10 Mar 1950
    5. Edith Mary HASKINS b. 25 Nov 1872 (HFB) Olveston, d. 7 Jul 1952 (HFB) New Milton
      In the 1881 Census, at 8, with his parents and siblings at Hedge End Botley Hants.
      Never married
      Lady's companion and inherited 'St Cross' in New Milton
      lived with her mother Mary Anne there c. 1930
    6. Edward Joseph (Teddy) HASKINS b. 17 Jan 1875 (HFB) Olveston, d. 13 Nov 1952 at 77, Bishopstoke
    7. Anne (Annie?) Blanche HASKINS b. 6 Mar 1876 (HFB) Olveston, d. ?
      In the 1881 Census, at 5, with his parents and siblings at Hedge End Botley Hants.
      In the 1891 Census, at 15, with her parents at Hannington Cottage, Bishopstoke.
      m. Leonard PAICE June qtr 1896, Droxford, a village east of Winchester (2c 282)
      He was b. Mar qtr 1868 (Droxford 2c 111) (The 1901 census says Bishops Waltham, which is the nearest town, 2 miles away)
      In the 1901 Census, they were at Houtchin St (now spelt Houchin), Bishops Waltham, with all three children. His occupation is shown as Brewer's Assistant
      Tony said that they (later – 1930s?) had The Vine Pub at Bishops Waltham. This appears not to exist any more, or to have been re-named
      1. Marjorie Annie Paice, b. June qtr 1897 Droxford (2c 131)
        There's mention in the family bible of m. GARLINGE (HFB).
        And Teddy's Obituary mentions as "family mourners" "Mr T Garlinge (representing Mrs Garlinge niece) Mr J Bugg and Mr H Delia (nephews)".
        Anne's not found the marriage in the Marriage Register
      2. Phyllis Edith Paice, b. Sept qtr 1899 Droxford (2c 136)
        m. William W GOODGER (not Goodyear!) (HFB) June qtr 1926 Droxford (2c 363)
      3. Vernon Lester Paice, b. Dec qtr 1900 Droxford (2c 130)
        m. Alice M Esberger Mar qtr 1926 Stoke on Trent (6d 245)

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