The Haskins Line – Upper

This page is the tree of a family of Haskins that was centred during the early-to-mid 20th century on Portsmouth U.K., and which is traceable back to William Haskyns b. 1706, and resident south of Bristol.

  1. William HASKYNS, 1706-1766
    m. 1726 Betty ? - 1760
    From the Bristol area, possibly Keynsham (5 miles SE)
    1. William HASKYNS, 1729/30-?
      m.. 1750 Anne ? ?-?
      Moved to Chew Stoke (south of Bristol, west of Bath)
      1. Joseph HASKYNS 1750/51-?
        m. ? to Betty ? ?-?
        Lived in Chew Stoke
        1. Sarah 1772-?
        2. John HASKYNS 1775-?
          m. 1798 to Grace ? 1770-?
          Lived in Chew Stoke. Peter found the 5 births in the Parish Register
          1. William HASKINS b. 1799/1801, Chew Stoke d. 20 Apr 1870 (HFB)
            ?m1. ? and had child 1
            m2. 19 Apr 1829 Mary PEARCE 1808-1891, Norton Somerset, and had children 2-6
            (Mary was born in Norton St Philips Somerset, a tiny village 5 miles S of Bath.
            (Mary's father was John PEARCE 22 Jan 1764-?,
            and m1. 1790 Harriet Withers 1769-1800,
            and m2. 1804 Esther BLICK
            (John's father was John PEARCE, m. 1760 Elaine COLLIER
            (John's father was Edward PEARCE m. Ann
            In 1829-30, William lived with Mary in (St Philips?) Norton
            By 1832, they had moved to Willborough Terrace, Olveston Gloucestershire (north of Bristol, now just on the northern side of M4 junction 21). Their 6 children were born there.
            In the 1851 Census: page 1, page 2, they are in Tockington Rd with their 2nd to 5th children.
            In the 1861 Census, he is shown, in Tockington Rd Olveston, as an Ag. Labourer, age 60, with Mary (53), Henry (30), John (23), Joseph (20) and Mary Ann Young ("adopted Child", 5), plus 3 Lodgers
            On Joseph's marriage cert. in 1863, he is shown as Labourer.
            Did they later move to The Green in Olveston with their 4th son John?
            In the 1871 Census, Mary is a widow, living at 20 Tockington with her son John, recently a widower, with children 1 and 3, and 2 servants (!)
            In the 1881 Census, Mary was at 11 Tockington, with her unmarried General Labourer son Henry (50) and 3 lodgers
            1. Edwin HASKINS (1827-1883)
              b. 1927, Chew Stoke
              In the 1851 Census, not with his parents at Tockington Rd.
              In the 1861 Census, not with his parents at Tockington Rd.
              d. Mar 16 1883 aged 56 (HFB)
              m. Mary Ann Young
              • Henry Haskins b.c.1860
                m. Annie Gatter
                • Sidney Gatter Haskins b. 27 Dec 1893, Bristol
                  m. Dorothy North, 1934
            2. Henry HASKINS b. 1830 b. Norton St Philips, d. 1898
              In the 1851 Census, at 21, with his parents at Tockington Rd, Labourer.
              In the 1861 Census, at 30, with his parents at Tockington Rd, Ag Labourer.
              Never married, stayed at 11 Tockington Rd Olveston
              In the 1871 Census, at 40, living alone in Tockington Rd
              After 1881, Mary Anne Young b.1856, who had been adopted by William and Mary, became his housekeeper.
              In the 1891 Census, at 60, living alone in Tockington Rd.
            3. William HASKINS 1832-?
              In the 1851 Census, at 18, with his parents at Tockington Rd, apprenticed to a blacksmith.
              In the 1861 Census, at 28, not with his parents at Tockington Rd.
              Possibly m. Mary ? c. 1860? A Mary Haskins d. 16 May 1870 aged 32 (HFB), hence b. 1837/38. (There are few other relationships that Mary could have had that would have warranted an entry in Joseph Haskins' Family Bible).
              In the 1901 Census, William is 69, and a Gardener employed by his younger brother John at The Green.
              It's unclear where he's been for 50 years, and there's no sign of him having been married (apart from the above inference from the HFB) or had children.
            4. John HASKINS b. 1837, Olveston, d. 1917
              SEE THE SUBSTANTIAL JOHN HASKINS' LINE (which is extant in the Tockington area)
            5. Joseph HASKINS, b. 21 Jul 1840, Olveston, d. 27 Sep 1913
              SEE THE SUBSTANTIAL JOSEPH HASKINS' LINE (which is Anne's and my line, and is mainly Hampshire-based)
            6. Clara HASKINS b. 1843, d. Mar qtr 1844 (Thornbury 11 412)
            7. Mary Ann Young, b. Dec qtr 1855 SW Bristol (Bedminster 2c 656), adopted. In the 1861 Census, at 5, she is with her adoptive parents at Tockington Rd. In the 1881 Census (page 1, page 2), age 25, she is a servant at Ashton Vicarage, back in Bedminster. After 1881, she became housekeeper for Henry, the adopted brother 25 years her senior. But by 1891 she is no longer with him.
              Her death is the final entry in the Haskins Family Bible (strongly implying that the family continued to regard her as a family-member), but with no date of death was filled in.
        3. Mary HASKYNS 1779-16 May 1870?
        4. Anne HASKYNS 1780-?
        5. Joseph HASKYNS 1783-?
      2. Robert HASKYNS 1756-?
        m.1780 to Mary 1759-?
        Lived in Chew Stoke
        1. William HASKYNS 1781-
          m. 1831 Marie/Maria? ? 1791-?
          In the 1841 Census, they're in Chew Stoke, William Haskins 60 and Maria 50, with one child in the household, 20-year-old daughter Martha. (The 1841 Census rounded ages to the nearest 5 years, for those over 10).
          1. Martha? HASKYNS 1814-?
          2. William HASKYNS 1818-?
          3. Samuel HASKYNS 1820-?
          4. John HASKYNS 1825-?
        2. Ann HASKYNS 1782-?
      3. John HASKYNS 1760-?
        m. 1782 to Anne 1760
        1. William HASKYNS 1783-?
        2. Ann HASKYNS 1784-?
      4. Charles HASKYNS 1770-?
        m. 1790/91 to ?
        Lived in Chew Stoke
        1. William HASKYNS 1791-?
          m. 1820 Elizabeth ? 1801-?
          Lived at Old Down, Olveston in 1841
          1. Mary Ann HASKYNS 1821-?
          2. Henry HASKYNS 1827-?
          3. Charles HASKYNS 1830-?
          4. Luke HASKYNS 1833-?
          5. Gloria Priscilla/Precilla HASKYNS 1835/36-?
          6. Emma HASKYNS 1841-?
        2. James HASKYNS 1794-?
          m. 1814/15 Elizabeth ? 1794-?
          1. Charles HASKYNS b. 1815 in Chew Stoke, d. ?
            m. 1835 Elizabeth LARNER? b. 1811/15, d. ?
            In the 1841 Census, in Chew Stoke, Labourer, age 26, with Eliza (26?), Elizabeth (6) and Michael (9 months)
            1. Elizabeth HASKYNS 1836-? in Chew Stoke
            2. Michael HASKYNS 1840-? in Chew Stoke
            3. Emma HASKYNS 1842-? in Chew Stoke
            4. Carolyn/Caroline HASKYNS 1846-? in Chew Stoke
            5. Harriet HASKYNS 1849-? in Chew Stoke
            6. James HASKYNS 1851-? in Chew Stoke
            7. John HASKYNS 1855-? in Chew Stoke
          2. William HASKYNS 1818-? in Chew Stoke
          3. Jane HASKYNS 1820-? in Chew Stoke
          4. Joseph HASKYNS 1822-? in Chew Stoke
          5. Harriet(t?) HASKYNS 1823-? in Chew Stoke

The core of the information on this page was put together during the last third of the 21st century by (Peter) Cecil Haskins b. 1925, resident successively in Portsmouth, then wherever the Marines, music, Jean and bridge took him, including Herts, Lincolnshire, Kent, and later Cape Town ZA.

Peter provided the information to me in Canberra (on two hand-written scrolls) when he visited us in the early 1990s. I'm a 9th generation decendant of William Haskyns, so I captured the data into this form in 2006-07.

It has been subsequently enhanced based on Anne Kratzmann's family history research, particularly in the Census returns of 1841-1891. Further data about Edwin was provided by Sarah E. North in August 2015.

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