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This is a page within the family line deriving from William Haskyns (1706-1766)

This page relates to a line of Haskins whose c. 1940-2030 generation are 4th cousins to me, but whose c. 1920-2010 generation are 3rd cousins to my father, and to Peter Haskins. Peter met many of these people in Olveston Glos. See the photo at Marjorie's 70th birthday party in 1989, and a couple of names on the back. Marjorie Haskins is right-of-centre, in blue, stooping. And I found Marjorie in her frontyard on 11 June 2008, aged 89.

Peter provided the information to me in Canberra (on two hand-written scrolls) when he visited us in the early 1990s. It was captured into this form in 2006-07. It has been subsequently enhanced based on Anne Kratzmann's family history research, particularly in the Census returns of 1841-1891.

  1. John HASKINS b. 1837, Olverston, d. 1917
    In the 1851 Census: page 1, page 2, at 14, with his parents at Tockington Rd.
    In the 1861 Census, at 23, with his parents at Tockington Rd, Ag Labourer.
    m1. 1867 Firstname? GOODLEFF [June Qtr 1867 6a 359 Thornbury]
    They had children 1-2, but she died in childbirth [June Qtr 1870 6a 146 Thornbury]
    m2. 1871 Miriam PHELPS [June Qtr 1871 6a 5 Bristol]
    She was b. 1837 Cheltenham, d. 23 Nov 1882 aged 45 (HFB).
    They had children 3-5.
    They lived in Olveston, nth of Bristol, just north of what is now the M4 Jn 21 with the M48
    In the 1871 Census, John is a widower, age 34, with his mother Mary (63) listed as Housekeeper, his 2 children by his first wife, and Mary Ann Young (16), who had been adopted by his father, listed as a Domestic Servant, and a 16-year-old lad also as a Domestic Servant.
    Soon after 1871, he took over The Green in Olveston (800 metres away) from John's brother Joseph (when Joseph went with his Minister boss, ultimately to Winchester).
    'Gentleman John' developed a market gardening business at The Green from the early 1870s, and delivered flowers into Bristol shops, plus floral decorations for weddings.
    Presumably John did so well that he (highly unusually for the family), managed to purchase the property. In this image, the market gardening property is the tear-shaped area surrounded by the street still called The Green. It appears to have been about 150m x 100m, or c. 2-1/2 acres / 1 hectare.
    In the 1881 Census, John is a Florist and Gardener at The Green, age 42, with his second wife Miriam (41), with all 5 children, plus Miriam's mother Emma Phelps (68, Annuitant, b. Bentham Glos.), and Miriam's sister Emma L. Phelps, unmarried (39, formerly Cook).
    In late 1882, at 45, he became a widower for the second time.
    In the 1891 Census, John is a Market Gardener and Florist at The Green, age 53, widower. The household included sons Francis (23), William (18) and Frederick (17) in the business, and son Herbert (15) and daughter Ada (20).
    In the 1901 Census, John is 65, widower, Nurseryman, employing brother William (69) as Gardener, with son Fred (27) as Salesman on "own account", plus Ada (30) and a servant.
    The Green passed, presumably in 1917, to 4th son Frederick, and then in 1939 to his unmarried daughters Violet and Marjorie.
    By 1989 the business no longer operated, and most of the land had been sold and used for a housing development.
    Possibly extant Haskins lines are shown in bold below.
    1. Francis/Frances William HASKINS 1868-1940, Olveston
      Francis appears in the 1881 and 1891 Census, at The Green.
      m. Elsie Maria EDWARDS (when? after 1891?), who was b. 1867/68, d. 1942
      But Elsie is not living with Francis at The Green in the 1891 Census.
      1. Edward HASKINS c.1890?-?
        m. ? ?-?
        1. Richard HASKINS c.1915?-?
          Living in Thornbury in 1989, a small town 3 miles North of Olveston
        2. Kathleen HASKINS c. 1915?-?
      2. GertrudeHASKINS c. 1890?-?
    2. Ada M. HASKINS [June qtr] 1870-?, Olveston
      Born with curvature of the spine
      Ada appears in the 1881 and 1891 Census, at The Green.
    3. William P. HASKINS 1872/73-?
      William appears in the 1881 and 1891 Census, at The Green.
      m. ? ?
      1. son HASKINS
      2. son HASKINS
      3. daughter
    4. Frederick H. HASKINS b. 1874 Olveston, d. 1939
      Frederick appears in the 1881, 1891 and 1901 Census returns at The Green, in 1901, at 27, as a Salesman "own account".
      m. 1901 (Maria?) Elizabeth HILL b. 1878, d. 1965
      Appears to have inherited the business at The Green from his father in 1917, when he was 43, but may not have carried it on with the same success – although it appears to have at least survived. He appears to have willed the property to his two unmarried daughters, the eldest Violet and youngest Marjorie.
      Did he know he had a first cousin of the same name in Winchester/Portsmouth?
      1. Violet HASKINS 1902-1988
        Never married.
        She inherited half of the remnant business at The Green in 1939, at 37.
        Marjorie told me in 2008 that Violet lived there until her death nearly 50 years later.
      2. Harold Frederick HASKINS 1904-1980
        m. ? Margaret Rosetta HULBERT 1903-1959
        1. Michael HASKINS b. 22 Nov 1932 (see 1989 photo and back - ?)
          m. 1960 Kathleen Mary SHEA b.?
          1. Suzanne HASKINS b. 1962
            Living in Olveston in 1989
          2. Nichol? Nicola? (female) HASKINS b. 1965
            Living in Olveston in 1989
        2. Rosemary HASKINS b. 1935 (see 1989 photo and back - ?)
          m. 1 Sep 1956 ? BROOKE
          Living in Scotland in 1989
          1. Jeremy BROOKE b. 1959
          2. Sophie BROOKE b.1962
            m. 1982-95? ?
            1. Ben ? b. 1983
            2. Jack ? b. 1988
        3. Jeremy HASKINS b.1936 (see 1989 photo and back - ?)
          m. ? Anne Margaret MAURICE b. 1939
          Living in Patchway in 1989 (3 miles South of Olveston, just inside the M5)
          1. Jason/Justin HASKINS b. 1969
          2. Kate HASKINS b. 1971
      3. William John HASKINS b.1907 - >1988 (but in senile dementia)
        m. 18 Oct 1929 Gertrude Annis RUGMAN 19 Sep 1906 - 11 Feb 1978
        1. Donald William HASKINS b.1931? (see 1989 photo and back - ?)
          m. ? b. ?
          1. Sally Gail HASKINS b. 10 Jan 1958
            m. 26 Jul 1980 Brian HOWE b.?
            1. Caroline Louise HOWE b. 15 Jan 1987
            2. Rachel Elizabeth HOWE b. 24 Apr 1989
          2. Simon Patrick HASKINS b. 28 Feb 1960
            m. 14 May 1983 Dorothy SUMMERS b.?
            1. Stuart Michael HASKINS b. 3 Jul 1985
        2. Joan Ann HASKINS b. 17 Nov 1934
          m. ? James Ivor LEE b.?
          1. Julia Ann LEE b. 2 Apr 1957
            m. 17 Sep 1983 Roger Leslie WOODRUFF
            1. Richard James WOODRUFF b. 20 Apr 1986
            2. Paul Michael WOODRUFF b. 23 Mar 1985
        3. Molly Elizabeth HASKINS b. 21 Feb 1942
          m. ? Geoffrey William WOODMAN b.?
          1. Paul Anthony WOODMAN b. 27 Mar 1963
          2. Gary James WOODMAN b. 9 Apr 1965
          3. Helen Jane WOODMAN b. 5 Jan 1968
          4. James Lincoln WOODMAN b. 11 May 1974
      4. Elsie May (Mary) HASKINS 1911-19(87?)
        m. ? HORLER, div., no children
        Living in Bristol in 1989
      5. Cyril Edward HASKINS 1912-1920
      6. Marjorie Elizabeth HASKINS b.1919
    5. Herbert E. HASKINS 1875/76-?, Olveston
      Herbert appears in the 1881 and 1891 Census, at The Green.
      m. ? Kate ? ?-?
      Owned a grocer's shop in Redlands Bristol

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