The Roberts Line

  1. John ROBERTS ?-1787
    m. 1771 Elizabeth TAYLOR
    1. William ROBERTS 1773-?
      m. ?
      1. William ROBERTS b. 12 Oct 1812, Kilby Leics., d. ?
        m. 1836 Sarah BROUGHTON
        She was b. 16 Aug 1812, Kilby Leics, d. ?
        He was a Labourer. They appear to have lived in that area all their lives.
        Census entries for 1841-91 may clarify the family structure
        (Her parents were William Broughton 25 Jan 1789-? m. 1809 to Elizabeth HARBERT/HARBUTT
        (William's parents were Thomas Broughton 1767-? m. 1786 Sara
        (Thomas' parents were Timothy Broughton 1727-1806 m. 1757 Mary
        (Timothy's parents were Timothy Broughton 1700-? m. 28 Jan 1723 Elizabeth BRAINE
        1. William ROBERTS, b. 8/9 Mar/Apr 1836/37 Knighton Leics, d. ? [one source suggested 25 Jun 1900, but he's in the Apr 1901 Census]
          m. 18 Nov 1867 to Hannah Maria/Marie? WARD (Marriage Cert)
          Hannah was b. 27 Oct 1836, Keyham Leics, d. 1 May 1920.
          William Roberts became an H.M. Ship's Corporal, later Gardener, Servant.
          During naval service, they lived firstly in Weymouth (c.1860s-71).
          In the 1871 Census, William (33) and Hannah (34) are in Artist Row Portland (the naval base on Selsey Bill just south of Weymouth). Hannah is about half-term with their first child (and Anne's and my great-grandmother), Annie Marie.
          Still during naval service, they then lived in Portsmouth (c. 1873-76). He would presumably have been pensioned off at 42, in 1878/79.
          In the 1881 Census, the family is in Queniborough (a few km NE of Leicester), he is listed as a Royal Navy Pensioner now Gardener. At some stage, they are also understood to have been in Kilby, 7 miles South of Leicester, and at 119 Charnwood St in the middle of Leicester.
          Between 1881 and 1891, they moved back to Portsmouth.
          In the 1891 Census, they are at 15 Chelsea Rd Portsea (we'd now call it Southsea), with all three children.
          After that, Tony said he thought they were in a pub in Queen St Botley Hants.
          In the 1901 Census, both are shown as 64, and they are at Harefield Farm, Curdridge (a tiny village near Botley and Hedge End). He is listed as a Gardener.
          Freda said he was a character (presumably of the pugnacious, loyalist bulldog variety - breaking German china, and ostracising his younger daughter).
          1. Annie Marie ROBERTS b. 16 Sep 1871 Portland, d. 26 Jul 1946
            Born in Weymouth (Birth Cert, School Entry Cert)
            In the 1881 Census, the family is in Queniborough Leics.
            In the 1891 Census, she is 19, a Dressmaker's Assistant, living with her parents at 15 Chelsea Rd Southsea.
            Living at 42 Cleveland Rd Southsea in early 1892 at age 20.
            A seamstress at Knight & Lees in Palmerston Rd.
            m. 25 Jan 1892 Frederick HASKINS 17 Mar 1869 - 6 Dec 1951
          2. William Charles Walter ROBERTS, b. 11 Jun 1873, Portsmouth, d. ?
            In the 1881 Census, the family is in Queniborough Leics.
            In the 1891 Census, he is 17, a Gardener, living with his parents at 15 Chelsea Rd Southsea.
            A witness on Annie Marie's Marriage Cert in Jan 1892 at 18.
            m. (< Apr 1901) Celia ?
            She was b. 1870/71 (30 in 1901 Census), at something like Pistlecombe, Devon. (Among the many -combes in Devon, I couldn't find that one).
            In the 1901 Census, they are at 1 Vernon Close Gosport, he a Lance-Sergeant RMLI. That's the Royal Marine Light Infantry (which is what the Royal Marines were known by 1855-1929).
            He served on the Royal Yacht during Queen Alexanda's reign (i.e. Edward VII 1901-10, at age 27-37).
            Later a teacher.
            Lived at 5 Lea(s?)land Rd (Cosham?) said Freda, and at Gosport.
            Tony thinks he visited them in Gosport in the late 1930s.
            Tony thinks one became very ill but the other died first .
            1. Fred ROBERTS b. (> Apr 1910?), d. ?
            2. Florrie ROBERTS b. (> Apr 1910?), d. ?
          3. Sarah Ada ROBERTS, b. 19 Jul 1876 Portsmouth, d. 1955
            In the 1881 Census, the family is in Queniborough Leics.
            In the 1891 Census, she is 14, living with her parents at 15 Chelsea Rd Southsea.
            In the 1901 Census, Sarah Ada Ward Roberts is 24, a Companion Domesic / Family Help with a solicitor called Harry Allen and his family, at Lime Tree House, Curdridge (close by her parents).
            m. when? Edward (Ted) CLARK b. ?, d. ?
            Ted served in the Royal Rifle Brigade.
            They lived in Winchester, where Tony and Fred visited (early 1930s?).
            The end of their backyard overlooked the railway, so possibly Christchurch Rd.
            Tony and Rene visited them in Winchester in 1947.
            The Census entry for 1901 or Death Certs for Ada and Ted may locate the street address
            1. Norman CLARK c. 1905 - >1974?
              Tony Clarke's godfather
              m. Bertha?, often visited Anne Marie at 4 Cleveland Rd Portsmouth
              They retired to Midhurst (East of Petersfield)
              1. George CLARK c. 1930?-?
              2. Allen CLARK c. 1930?-?
              3. Derek CLARK c. 1930?-?
            2. Phillis CLARK c. 1905?-?
              A rep. with a car! And a dachshund that snored
              m. Alec Sturgeon, a doctor from Toronto, and migrated
              The Millers have remained in contact with them
              1. Jeremy STURGEON b.c.1943
                a consulting physician
              2. Pinkle STURGEON b.c.1945

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