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This page is a companion to the list of presentations and the photograph collection.

Even video-recording wasn't all that common in the early and middle years of my career, and the publication of video-recordings on the Web became common only about 2005. This page catalogues the few videos of my presentations that I'm aware of as being readily-accessible, mostly posted by event-organisers on YouTube, some by me on my own site (particularly during the COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020-21.



00:10:55 to 01:16:40
40 Years of I.T. and A.I. and What It Means for the Next 20 Years, at Yseali Academy at Fulbright University Vietnam
ACS Constitutional Reform, for ACS CRWG
A Dataveillance Retrospective: 1986-2021, at AAG Geoethics Series Webinar
See also the video of the Panel Session
Why do we need an Australian Privacy Foundation?, for Deakin Uni.
A Comprehensive Framework for Privacy Regulatory Regimes, at CPDP'21
Do Ethical Guidelines have a Role to Play in Relation to Data Analytics and AI/ML?, at AiCE'20
Candidate's Statement for Election as ACS Treasurer, at ACS Congress
Managing Technology-Associated Risk, for the ANU Cyber Law Program
Data Protection & Data Privacy, for ANU Research School of Computer Science
IT and Data Ethics, for ANU Research School of Computer Science
Cyberspace, the Law, and our Future, Launch of a UNSWLJ Special Issue, at King Wood Mallesons, Sydney
Biometrics as 'RegTech', at SINS'17
An Instrumentalist's View of Koops et al.'s Typology of Privacy, at CPDP'17
Senate Economics References Committee re Census 2016
The First 25 Years of the Bled eConference, at the Bled eConference 2012
Outstanding Paper Award Announcement, at the Bled eConference 2012
The Regulation of Point-of-View Surveillance, at RNSA'12, Sydney
Outstanding Paper Award, at the Bled eConference 2011
Panel: The Debate over Microchipping People with ICT Implants?, at ISTAS 2010, Wollongong
Cyborg Rights, at ISTAS'10

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