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This document describes the privacy policies and practices I adopt in relation to personal data. I'm Australia's longest-serving privacy consultant (since 1977), and would be greatly embarrassed if I were perceived to be anything other than highly sensitive to privacy issues.

Australia has privacy laws, but they are very weak. Moreover, they impose responsibilities on individuals in very few circumstances, and they probably don't apply to me. Nonetheless, I think people should be careful with personal data about other people.

Now that personal address-books are stored on network-connected devices such as PCs, PDAs and mobile phones, that's become an important issue, and it's time for legal constraints to be placed on individuals' use of personal data. Of especial concern are so-called 'social networking services', which enveigle people into publishing personal data about other people.

Collection of Personal Data

I may collect personal data, in particular where a person discloses personal data to me in conjunction with an identifier such as their name, through such communications as letters, telephone calls and emails. I may also collect data about individuals within organisations with which I interact.

The primary purpose for which such data is collected is to facilitate communications between myself and the individual or the organisation on whose behalf the individual is acting. Additional purposes may arise, depending on the nature of the relationship.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

Personal data that I hold may be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was provided. It may also be used or disclosed for additional purposes, where they are:

Security of Personal Data

I apply conventional security measures to my hard-copy, machine-based and server-based data. To the extent that the personal data I hold is sensitive, I take greater care.

Access, Correction, Update or Deletion of Personal Data

I will respond appropriately to any request for access, correction, update or deletion of personal data that I hold.

My Web Site

The web-server software that manages my web-sites collects the data that is disclosed by the requestor's web-browser. This includes the IP address from which the request is sent, the date and time, and the pages requested (the 'click-trail'). This may be used to generate usage profiles of the site (i.e. the sequences of links that people follow), and to produce statistical summaries. The site does not use cookies or any other tool to track visits and re-visits.

Changes to Privacy Policy

I reserve the right to amend this privacy statement from time to time. As and when I do so, I will take care to sustain the privacy protections for personal data that I hold.

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