The Clarke-Spinaze Gallery

This is the main index-page for our photographic collections, which are organised into a number of themes.

Of General Interest

Mountain walking photos since 1999,
in Switzerland, the Dolomites, Spain, Scotland,
the French Pyrenees, Slovenia, Lord Howe Is., Tasmania, ...
Alpine Flowers
Over 550 European species
shot since 2007
Coastal walks and flowers
Island Flowers
since 2018
Bunhybee Grasslands
Including many hundreds of photos of
Australian native species of grasses,
forbs (i.e. grassland flowers), trees and shrubs
Currently only at
Kaikoura NZ, in Dec 2008

Family Shots

Anzac Morning 2020

Family Tree Shots



For 5-10 years before 2007, we used a Pentax MZ-50 wet-chemicals SLR with a 28-80mm zoom.

During 2007-14, we used a Canon EOS base-level (400D) digital SLR with a Sigma 18-200mm zoom.

In early-mid 2014, Linda switched to an EOS 700D, with a new, somewhat better Canon 18-200mm zoom,
and Roger to a low-end EOS 1100D, keeping the old Sigma 18-200mm zoom.

In May 2018, Roger moved to a mid-level EOS 80D, with a Tamron 16-300mm lens.

Put another way, we and the kit are of modest-to-moderate quality.

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Created: 26 July 2009; Last Amended: 26 Apr 2020