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Bunhybee Grasslands is a 120-acre conservation property in south-eastern NSW.
If you want information rather than pretty pictures, look below the photos.

A brochure is available, in HTML, and in PDF.

Here are the most recent flower photos, grass photos and tree and shrub photos, and our most recent weeding work.

Here are the plant species lists for Flowering Plants, Trees and Shrubs, Grasses and Cryptogams.

For fellow conservationists, here's our original Weed Control Plan and more usefully our heavily-documented Weed Control Implementation Diary

In October 2020, the pages list 268 identified native species on the property – FP – 140, T&S – 54, G – 64 and Crypt – 10.

The pages include our photos of specimens of c. 250 of them.
The remaining 20 or so we've been told are there, but we haven't yet seen, id'd and photographed them.

Peak flowering time is mid-late Spring, variously late October to mid-November, when 60-70 species let rip.
We see 30 or more forbs and shrubs in flower at once at that stage of the year.
The biggest splash we've recorded was 50 species in flower on 6 Nov 2010.
Other big days included 4 Nov 2015 and 8 Nov 2019.

Fory a brief period in mid-winter, around late June to early August, after the Brachyscombes tire out,
the only thing in flower is probably Melichris. Then the first wattles and Cryptandra arrive.
But we've very rarely gone to Bunhybee between mid-May and late July.

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Information about Bunhybee Grasslands

Bunhybee Grasslands is a 49 hectare / 120 acre conservation property.
It's at 359 Jerrabattgulla Rd, 35km south of Braidwood, in southern N.S.W.

The property's heritage value was discovered by Rainer Rehwinkel in about 2005. It was acquired by the Nature Conservation Trust (NCT) in 2007, with the purpose of establishing legal protection for it, and then on-selling the property.

Linda Spinaze purchased the property from NCT, with effect from 22 December 2008.
Here is the story about how Linda came to be steward of the property.
And here is the second reason why Linda bought the property.

98% of the site is subject to a Conservation Agreement. This is effectively a permanent covenant, inscribed on the title; which means that the present and all future owners must conserve it in compliance with that Agreement. The other 1 hectare is available for a dwelling.

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