Invitation to Research - The Syllabus

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Invitation to Research – The Syllabus


Background and Objectives

This seminar is conceived as an induction for new doctoral candidates. It is designed to be conducted in about 25 hours of class-contact, preferably over a concentrated period of 1-2 weeks, and preferably as soon after initial enrolment as practicable.

The seminar expressly does not drill deeply into any particular discipline, domain, tradition or technique. Rather, it is intended to establish the foundation that all doctoral candidates need at the start of their journey.

The Seminar's objectives are:

The Pre-Seminar Assignment

  1. Bring with you (and, if necessary, prepare!) an outline of your research topic (nomatter how brief). Include a statement of the research tradition and discipline(s) within which you are conducting your work.
  2. Bring with you the titles of at least three doctoral theses that you have some familiarity with, that have some relevance to your own research project, and that are very different from one another.
  3. Bring with you copies of at least three refereed papers that you have some familiarity with, that have some relevance to your own research project, and that are very different from one another.

Topic Outline

Note that the times that have been allocated are indicative only.


The seminar being conducted at the European Business School during the Winter Semester 2002-03 is scheduled as follows:

The language of instruction is English. Der Professor kann sich aber einigermassen auf Deutsch verständlich machen.

The Post-Seminar Assignment

  1. Briefly describe the topic that you are intending to address, or a topic that you are considering that you might address, in your doctoral dissertation.
  2. Discuss your topic, applying the concepts presented during the segment 'Key Insights from the Philosophy of Science'.
  3. Discuss the relevance to your topic of each of the Research Techniques presented in this seminar-series.

Unit Assessment

It is intended that the Seminar be assessed on the following basis:

Learning Materials

A small collection of web-accessible is provided here, selected so as to directly support the presentations.


A more substantial set of references is provided here.

The PowerPoint Slides

These are scheduled to be complete by the beginning of December 2002.

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