Invitation to Research – Learning Materials

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Invitation to Research – Learning Materials

Roger Clarke

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Draft of 24 November 2002

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This document cites, and where possible links to, works that directly support the topics presented in the seminars. A complementary document provides further references.


Key Insights from the Philosophy of Science
* Aspects of Epistemology and Ontology

Clarke R. (1992-) 'Fundamentals of 'Information Systems', at

Clarke R. (1992-) 'Knowledge', at

* The Nature and Process of Science


* Alternative Research Approaches and Traditions
The Anti-Positivist Movement

Hirschheim R. A. (1985) 'Information Systems Epistemology: An Historical Perspective' in 'Research Methods in Information Systems' Mumford E., Hirschheim R., Fitzgerald G. & WoodHarper T. (eds.), NorthHolland, 1985, p. 1335, at



Gallagher S. (2000) 'Four schools of hermeneutical thought':

Research Techniques
General Overview

SSRC (2001) 'Recommended Readings On Research Methods' International Predissertation Fellowship Program, 2001 Fellows' Conference, [U.S.] Social Science Research Council, 2001, at

Literature Review

Deakin (2001) 'The Literature Review', Deakin Uni., at

Clarke R. (2000) 'Disciplined Literature Reviews', at

Cornell (2001) 'Critically Analyzing Information Sources', Cornell Uni., at


GBN Web-site on 'Scenarios', at

Scientific Techniques

Helberg C. (2001) 'Statistics on the Web', 2001, at

Statsoft (2001) 'Statistical Advisor', 2001, at

Interpretivist Techniques

Newsted P., Huff S. & Munro M. (2002) 'Survey Instruments in IS' MISQ Discovery (December 1998), at

Myers M. (2002) 'General References on Qualitative Research' MISQ Discovery (May 1997), at

Focus Groups

Clarke R. (1999) 'Focus Groups', at

Techniques at the Boundary of Science and Interpretivism


Engineering Techniques


The Research Process
* The Formulation of Research Questions

Hord B. (1995) 'What are the advantages of using research questions?', at

* The Construction of a Research Method


* The Discipline and Skill of Academic Writing


* The Ethics of Research

Clarke R. (2000) 'Ethical Issues in the Preparation and Submission of Research Papers in the I.S. Discipline', at

Freed-Taylor M. (1994) 'Ethical Considerations in European Cross-National Research' Int'l Soc. Sci. J. 142 (1994) 523-532, at

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Case Study: Challenges in Research into eBusiness

Clarke R. (2000) 'Appropriate Research Methods for Electronic Commerce', April 2000, at

Clarke R. (2001) 'If e-Business is Different Then So is Research in e-Business', Proc. IFIP TC8 Working Conference on E-Commerce/E-Business, Salzburg, 22-23 June 2001, at

The Research Product
* Guidelines for Proposals

Clarke R. (2002) 'The Dissertation Proposal' November 2002, at

* Guidelines for Dissertations

Clarke R. (2002) 'The Dissertation' November 2002, at

Other Resources

Deakin (2001) 'General Reference Resources' Deakin Uni., at

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