The Whiteman and Adjacent Families

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It provides details of the family of my mother Irene Gladys Whiteman-Clarke (1926-2004).

Here are Rene's pages:

Here are Rene's family-lines:

Rene knew of very few relations of her own generation – a grand total of only 2 first cousins, plus 3 more distant cousins.
A number came to light only after her death. They were:


Much of the information on the Whiteman, Russell and Winfield lines comes from my own research, but the hard work on the Wagstaff lines was undertaken by Jane Gravelle of Nazeing in Essex, and by my cousin (on my father's side) Anne Kratzmann.

Given the scale of the effort involved, it inevitably contains lots of errors. Please advise me of any errors that are problematical and need to be fixed!! And please feel free to provide additional information about the clan.

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