The Whiteman Line – Lower

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It contains her family-tree from her parents via herself and her husband down to her descendants. The upper parts of Rene's tree are as follows:

James Whiteman was the second and last child of Henry William (Harry) Whiteman (1861-1900, platelayer) and Mary Ann (Polly) Smart (1860-1934). He was the third child of Polly, who had a previous son out of wedlock. His elder brothers were Herbert Smart (1882-1952) and Edward John (Ted) Whiteman (1889-1965).

James Whiteman
b. Houghton Conquest (rural Beds.), 31 May 1893 (Cert L, R)
His mother Polly made her mark on the birth entry.

James worked on the railways, presumably 1908-1914, on Army railways incl. behind the front in northern France, some time 1914-1919, and from 1920 to the early 1950s.

A reasonable guess is that he spent time in or near Portsmouth

m. 27 Feb 1916, Portsmouth (Cert L, R), at St Margaret's, Highland Rd, just into Eastney

Hannah Russell
b. Neasden 21 May 1892 (Cert L, R)

More detail about their lives is on Hannah and James' home-page.

James moved in with Hannah and her parents at 36 St Augustine's Rd Southsea in 1916.
(For all we know, he might have been billeted on them when he was posted to Portsmouth).

Hannah's father Fred d. in 1931, aged 71.

Hannah's mother (also Hannah) moved out c. 1934 and d. in Chesterfield in 1938.

Hannah ran a Boarding House in the 1930s.

The house was destroyed in April 1941, when James and Hannah were 47 and Rene 14.

Hannah and Rene were evacuated to Basingstoke (for a few months? a year?). Housing in Portsmouth was a mess after the Blitz. They lived at 19 Exeter Road, Southsea (?Jun 1942-?Jun 1944), and then at 89 St Mary's Rd, Southsea (?Jun 1944 - 1952/54).

Hannah d. 13 Feb 1952 (Cert L, R), aged 59 yrs 8 mths.

Jeames d. 7 Feb 1954 (Cert L, R), aged 60 yrs 8 mths.
He died intestate. There was Stg 287-19-2 to 'distribute' to the only child.

  1. Irene Gladys Whiteman
    b. Portsmouth 26 Jun 1926
    m. Edward Anthony (Tony) CLARKE
    b. Portsmouth 29 Dec 1919
    m. 9 Aug 1948
    They migrated to Australia 1951 (Kingaroy) and 1956 (Bundaberg).
    They lived in Bundaberg (1956-67), Sydney (1967-84), Macarthur (Ruse then Kearns 1984-2001) and Camden (2001-04/10).
    Rene d. 21 Oct 2004, aged 77
    Tony d. 25 Dec 2010, 4 days short of his 91st birthday
    Here are Rene's home-page, and Tony's home-page.
    1. Roger Anthony Clarke, b. Portsmouth 5 Oct 1949
      Linda Spinaze, b. 30 Aug 1952
      m. 15 Jan 1977
      lived in Bundaberg, Sydney, London, Zürich, Canberra
      1. Kasia Siobhan Clarke, b. Zuerich 6 Nov 1980
        m. Brendan BAIL, b. 1973
        m. on 19 Mar 2005
        1. Troy Anthony Bail, b. Canberra 14 Apr 2009
        2. Misha Lee Bail, b. Canberra 6 March 2013
      2. Russell Anthony (Spinaze Whiteman) Clarke, b. Sydney 26 May 1983
        m. Karen Hopper, b. 1982
        m1 on 31 Jan 2014, m2 on 9 Apr 2016
        1. Darius Aksel Clarke, b. Sydney 21 December 2017
        2. Xavier Clarke, b. Sydney 5 November 2020
    2. Carole Judith Clarke, b. Portsmouth 1 Jan 1955
      Peter WATERS, b. 18 Apr 1953
      m. 6 May 1989
      lived in Bundaberg, Sydney, London, Macarthur (Ambarvale)
      1. Owen Charles Waters, b. Sydney 18 Jul 1990
      2. Lachlan Michael Waters, b. Macarthur (Ambarvale) 19 Mar 1992

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