The Russell Line – Middle

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It contains the middle part of her family-tree in her mother's father's line.

We have no knowledge of any extant blood-relations in this line – except for ourselves of course ...
Rene's own family line from her parents downwards (including us) is on a separate page.

Here is the uppermost part of this family.

2. Frederick William Russell (1857/1860-1931)
b. Wednesbury Staffs, according to all available documents
(Wednesbury is 3 miles NW of West Brom, which is 5 miles NW of Birmingham)
b. 8 Apr - 7 May 1860 (based on 7 Apr 1861 Census entry at 11 months)
b. 3 Apr 1957 - 2 Apr 1858 (based on 2 Apr 1871 Census entry at 13) – the odd one out
b. 4 Apr 1859 - 3 Apr 1860 (based on 3 Apr 1881 Census entry at 21)
b. 6 Apr 1859 - 5 Apr 1860 ( based on 5 Apr 1891 Census entry at 31)
This one's spurious?: b. 20 Apr 1860 (Cert L, R), North Mimms Park Lodge South Mimms (Barnet, nth London)
This might be the right one?: b. Dec qtr 1859, Birmingham
In the 7 Apr 1861 Census and extract, at age 1, with parents and brother Henry, in Wednesbury
In the 2 Apr 1871 Census and extract (but aged 13 rather than 11?), in Wednesbury, with his parents Thomas and Elizabeth, and Henry and his new wife Mary
In 1871 an Errand boy, but later a Toolmaker-Fitter, and later an Engine Fitter
In the 3 Apr 1881 Census and extract, Fred is still with his parents, as a 21-year-old Tool Maker
m. 16 Apr 1887, at c. 27, in Spondon Derbyshire (Cert L, R)
m. Hannah Winfield
(1863/64-1936/38), so 23/24 at marriage.
They lived in London c. 1887 until at least 2Q 1891.
She was apparently a pretty tough woman, and not particularly pleasant.
3 children, of whom the third had 1 child.
In the 5 Apr 1891 Census entry and extract, at 1A St, 11 Kingsbury Rd Neasden Willesden
In the 31 Mar 1901 Census entry and extract, at 42 Milton St, Derby (near his elder brother).
He worked variously in the Midlands, Neasden London (at least 1887-1891), Derby (1901), possibly Bedford?, (even Berlin?) and finally Portsmouth (in the Dockyards) no later than 1916 (daughter's marriage certificate).
Fred and Hannah separated some time between 1901 (when he was c. 41, and the children 9-13) and at latest 1916 (when he was c. 56, kids 24-28).
(Mum speculated that the separation had something to do with him working away in Berlin – but it was before her birth. Hannah may have spent time in Clowne nr Chesterfield – 30mi N of Derby, at various stages 1901-1931?).
Click on these thumbprints for photos of Frederick (c. 45 so c.1905?) and Hannah (in Southsea, so c. 1915 at 50?):
Click on these thumbprints for photos of Frederick (c. 45 so c.1905?) and Hannah (in Southsea, so c. 1915 at 50?):
Click on these thumbprints for photos of Hannah (c.1920?) and Hannah and her elder sister Emma (c. 1920?):
Fred lived from at latest 1916 until 1931 (at c. 56-71) at 36 St Augustine's Rd Southsea.
His daughter 3. Hannah lived there as well, with her husband James, after he returned from military service.
Possibly Fred's wife Hannah was also there, at least some of the time, and at least after Fred's death, 1931-c.1934.
An inscription in a bible Hannah gave to her 8yo grand-daughter Irene in 1934 suggests she was in Augustine Rd.
Fred d. 29 Aug 1931, aged c. 71, at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth.
Hannah moved to 32 Portland St Clowne nr. Chesterfield, c.1934, and stayed there.
Hannah d. 1936/1938 at c. 72/74 (we have spurious death certs, but not the right one)

  1. Frederick Thomas Russell (1888/89-1935?)
    b. 1888/1889, Neasden Middlesex
    Contracted consumption in WWI
    m. Grace ? but separated, said Rene
    No children
    Fred worked in Chesterfield with the Midland Bus Company, said Rene
    d. c. 1935?, Chesterfield?
    Click on these thumbprints for photos of Fred (c.1916?) and his bus(!?)
  2. Ann Elizabeth Russell (1889/90->1950?)
    b. 1889/90, Neasden Middlesex
    m. ?1. Bailey
    m. ?2. Fred or Wm G. GARD(I)NER Sep qtr? 1940, at c. 50
    (a man who had 3 previous wives and 16 previous children)
    No known children
    Lived in Portsmouth? But Tony thought she lived in Bedford? Why?
    Tony never met her. He said she was alive in the mid-to-late 1940s, and he understood she was (very?) unpleasant, but a good dress-maker
    d. >1950?
    [I really don't know why I know almost nothing about her. She was my mother's closest aunt in a tiny family, and my mother was already 14 when she was eventually married, at about 50, only 70 miles away. Did she 'live in sin'??]
  3. Hannah Russell (1892-1952) – Rene's Mother, my GM
    b. Neasden 21 May 1892
    m. James WHITEMAN (1893-1954) – Rene's Father, my GF
    m. 27 Feb 1916, Portsmouth

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