The Lower Winfield Line

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It contains the tree of the Lower Winfield family (from a brother of Rene's mother's mother), a branch of the Winfield line.

6. Nathan John Winfield (1859-1936)
b. 4 Apr 1859, Spondon (Jun qtr 1859, Shardlow - 7b, 369)
Labourer, with his parents in the 1861 and 1881 Censuses, but not 1871 at 12 (Census was 2 April)
My mother, Rene (his great-niece, b.1926) thought he moved to Maine USA, and had 2 children.
[That implied that family contact was sustained at least for the first decade or two.]
Nathan's great-grandson (2.3.3 Frank, below) found this page and contacted me in November 2016.
This page now reflects the limited information we had from my mother, a lot from Anne Kratzmann's research, plus a lot more from Frank and Frank's uncle Bill (2.1 below).
m. 23 Jun 1885 (aged 26) – possibly without the enthusiasm of his father Robert.
m. Elizabeth Pountney
She was b. 13 Dec 1857 (so 27 when married)
Possibly she was a ward, not a child of her family, and possibly Nathan's family didn't approved of this.
Later in 1885, they migrated later to Ansonia, Connecticut
5 chn
Elizabeth d. 23 Sep 1924 (aged 66), in Ansonia, Connecticut
Nathan d. 4 Apr 1937 (his 77th birthday)

  1. Arthur Winfield (?late 1880s-?)
    d. in infancy
  2. William Bromley Winfield (1893->1955) – Hannah Russell's 1st cousin
    b. 10 Jan 1893
    "Bill joined the Connecticut National Guard cavalry in 1915. He was sent to the Mexican border to chase banditos in 1916, and in 1917 was called up for the First World War. His unit was converted to a machinegun battalion and he fought in the 2nd Battle of the Marne. He survived some unpleasant fighting at Chateau Thierry, and was told by British he met over there, that he had the face of a Derbyshire man".
    The family has this photo of him, and the obverse, with "Hannah Winfield Russell [his aunt, Nathaniel's youngest sister], although it is possible it might be Emma Winfield [his maiden aunt, Nathan's immediately younger sister]. I believe it was taken in August of 1918, that being the only time he would have had the opportunity for extended leave. The 2nd Marne had just wrapped up and he was sent to the officer's school at Langres at the beginning of September. If the photo had been taken anytime later, he would have been wearing a lieutenant's uniform".
    m. Marion Tryon Leete on 21/22 Oct 1921, in Enfield Conn.
    Marion was b. 15 Apr 1896
    They eventually settled in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
    1. William (Bill) Bromley Winfield Jr (1926-1970s) – Rene's 2nd cousin
      "Bill was a combat engineer in the 2nd World War"
      m1. Jean Stewart
      no children
      m2. Penny ?, 2 children
      Frank provided these two documents of Bill's (of c.1970?):
      •    a description of his Winfield and Pountney lines
      •    a partial family-tree for his parents
      Frank said "We lost touch with the children after Bill's death in the 1970's".
      1. Billee Winfield (1970- ), adopted
      2. Keith Winfield (1971-)
    2. Jane Elizabeth Winfield (1927- ) – Rene's 2nd cousin
      m. William (Bill) SHEPARD, in 1952
      Lives near Philadelphia
      1. William (Bill) C. Shepard (1953-)
        m. Joy Lynn, 1987
        4 chn
        Lives in New York state
      2. Elizabeth (Betsy) Shepard (1955-)
      3. Susan Lane Shepard (1957-)
        m. Craig CORNETT, 1985
        Lives in Colorado
        1. Turner C. Cornett (1986-)
        2. Sarah Winfield Cornett (1987-)
      4. David D. Shepard (1959-)
        m. Liz Allinger, 1988
        Lives in the Boston area
    3. Susan Lane Winfield (1934-2013) – Rene's 2nd cousin
      m. Frank HARTMAN (1930s- ), 1956
      Frank lives in Carlisle PA
      1. Susan Tryon Hartman (1957- )
        b. State College PA
        Lives in Carlisle PA
      2. Christina Leete Hartman (1959- )
        b. State College PA
        Lives in Princeton NJ
      3. Frank Winfield Hartman (1961- ) – Roger's 3rd cousin
        b. Carlisle PA
        Lives in Greater Washington DC
      4. Jean Stewart Hartman (1965- )
        b. Carlisle PA
        Lives in Newburg PA
  3. Eva Winfield (1890s-?) – Hannah Russell's 1st cousin
  4. Mabel Winfield (1890s-?) – Hannah Russell's 1st cousin
  5. Louise Winfield (1890s-?) – Hannah Russell's 1st cousin

The starting-point for this page came from Roger's notes from his conversations with his mother Rene, and a number of birth, marriage and death certificates that I acquired in the 1990s. Further detail was provided in 2006, by my cousin on the Russell side, Anne Kratzmann in Kingaroy Qld (who is an absolute whizz at genealogy). Then along came 2.3.3. Frank Hartman, who provided much more information about the family in 2016.

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