Rene's 1948 Diary

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During February 2011, while tidying up Tony's papers after his death on Christmas Day 2010, I made one charming discovery.

It was Rene's tiny (3 in. by 2 in.) diary for that important year, 1948, the year of her marriage.

She turned 22 on 26 June (but there's no entry for that day).

I've typed almost every entry, leaving out just a few unimportant ones, remained true to the source, and inserted only minimal editorial.

Sat 28 Feb 1948
Tony bought me an engagement ring

Tue 9 Mar 1948
Year today Tony brought me home Sun : Morning
[That disclosed a date that had eluded me until then. So they met on 9 Mar 1947]

Fri 26 Mar 1948
Messiah Northern Grammar

Mon 29 Mar 1948 (Easter Monday)
Cycled to Bishops W[altham] through Wickham [17 miles each way = 55km]
Savoy Dance

Wed 28 Apr 1948
Orpheus Choir 7:30
Copnor Methodist
Tony in it [That's a choir we didn't have. That makes 20]

Tue 11 May 1948
Choir Practice P.C.U. [Portsmouth Choral Union]
[I never realised Mum sang in it, but we have Bertie's acceptance of her nomination by Dad]

Fri 14 May 1948
Choir Practice Northern Grammar 8.0

Sun 16 May 1948 (Whit Sunday)
10.15 Bath
Stayed at Weston
Went Royston Wall [Tony's war-time mate]

Mon 17 May 1948 (Whit Monday)
Bath Abbey - Roman Baths
Tea with Win' Castle [?old girlfriend of Tony's?]

Tue 18 May 1948
Choir Practice

Sat 5 Jun 1948
Winchester for job
Decided Wedding Day

Tue 8 Jun 1948
Choral Union

Wed 9 Jun 1948
Tony and I out to lunch
bought knives and spoons
Saw tea service

Thu 10 Jun 1948
Tony started work at 'Brighter Homes'

Sun 13 Jun 1948
Tea at Tony's
Spent evening at Kath's after Church

Mon 14 Jun 1948
Bought Tea Service 'Careys' & Alarm Clock

Tue 15 Jun 1948
Went to Smarts.
Order Dining-room Suite
Bedroom-Suit[e] & Armchairs
Heard Records from Radio

Wed 16 Jun 1948
T.C.M. Outing [No idea. T... Christian Mission??]
Lovely time Arundel

Fri 18 Jun 1948
Mum bought me Sandwich dish & plates
Bought White Wedding Dress

Sat 19 Jun 1948
Bought White Shoes & Gloves & Handbag & Belt
Saw Vicar about bans

Sun 20 Jun 1948
Harvey's Outing [I didn't have Harveys on her list of workplaces!?]
Heard Bans called at St James

Mon 21 Jun 1948
Went to Courts
Ordered D. Suite B-Suite
Hope we shall [k]now where to send it
Cancelling Smarts not nearly good enough

Tue 22 Jun 1948
Tony made Elect: [fire?]
Missed Choir

Wed 23 Jun 1948
Bought Arm Chairs at 'Desbois'
One home, one 69 H. (Green)
Coming Fri

Thu 24 Jun 1948
Heard from advert
Obtained Flat Oliver Rd [no. 22]
Prayers answered Bran[d] New Home

Sat 3 Jul 1948
Letter from Courts
Furniture in
Out to lunch

Mon 5 Jul 1948
Mum gone to Bedford
Slept with Enid
Had giggles. Dinner [to?] 5.30

Tue 6 Jul 1948
Went to clean flat, polished and cleaned windows

Wed 7 Jul 1948
Furniture came [?] also pillows and mattress. Chairs
Room looks lovely. Wireless OK. Made tea

Thu 8 Jul 1948
Took [?] out of Bridesmaids dress for June
Bought rug. Took it to flat
Lunch [Merinos?] Off 11.30

Sat 10 Jul 1948
Hair Perm 8.30
Miss Langridge on holiday
Mum saw flat

Sun 11 Jul 1948
Perm was success.
Went to flat for tea.
Looks lovely & saw Kath's Kitten

Tue 13 Jul 1948
Choral Union got records of Broadcast

Wed 14 Jul 1948
Enid buying us shade for living room
More furniture arrived

Thu 15 Jul 1948
Tony had bedroom ready, it looked very pretty.
Miss [Scone?] liked it

Fri 16 Jul 1948
June came we dressed up both looked lovely
Gives June nice figure.
Tony brought two wedding presents around
A light globe from Enid, & Binnette from Auntie Freda & Co
plus bunch flowers

Sun 18 Jul 1948
Hung globe looks ideal
Went along front to Fair (Billy Smarts) lost money

Mon 19 Jul 1948
Girls at Harveys say they'll miss me. Last week.
Went Apollo with Mum. Body & Soul

Tue 20 Jul 1948
Cards accepting invitations
Phyllis can't come. Disappointed
C. Union. Tony made good mirror.

Wed 21 Jul 1948
Tony met me from work, 'Harveys'. Went Odeon
Ray Milland & Ann Todd
[They were significant actors, but I can't find any film they were in together]

Thu 22 Jul 1948
Went to flat Tony hung mirrors. Felt rotten
Be married next time

Fri 23 Jul 1948
Leaving today. Staff gave me lovely Bowl and Pewter Tea-Set.
Mr H. #10 & three wks pay.
Alan, Kath, June, Mrs Clarke to tea

Sat 24 Jul 1948
Leave Harveys
Mum bought Hat at Belmonts & shoes Phillips

Mon 26 Jul 1948
Mum and I went [Landers?] got bag and gloves

Tue 27 Jul 1948
Set hair 9 a.m.
Saw Tony - bought Wedding Ring - Lunch [Salt?]

Sat 31 Jul 1948
Ordered bouquets
Pink & Cream Roses for me
Pink Carnations & S. Peas - June

Wed 4 Aug 1948
Played golf very badly
Went flat made bed

Thu 5 Aug 1948
Enid came to see flat - cleaned - L.-Room

Sat 7 Aug 1948
Hair set

Sun 8 Aug 1948
Tony took his parents & Alan & Ken to flat.
I went church with Mum, did like it

Mon 9 Aug 1948
My Wedding-day. Can't believe it
Best Man Alan Bridesmaid June
Lovely Day. It rained till 10:30. Sun shone for us
Everything Oh so wonderful. Very happy. Mum sweet

Tue 10 Aug 1948
Spent day in Bath. Lunch hotel, tea Forum.
Saw Roy & Doreen - Theatre (Happiest Days of Your Life)
Super Sedan Chair Very good play and day

Wed 11 Aug 1948
Went Cheddar via [Bristol?]
Terrible day - to be remembered
Tony & I going to Wells tomorrow

Thu 12 Aug 1948
Went Cheddar & Wells Cathedral with Roy & Doreen. Dinner & Hotel

Fri 13 Aug 1948
Caught 8.37 home to our flat. Ration books. Shopping.
Bought Pressure Cooker.

Sat 14 Aug 1948
Played golf. pictures
Can't believe we're really married - it's nice

Sun 15 Aug 1948
Went to St James Church in evening & cooked dinner

Mon 16 Aug 1948
Tony started work & me Funny being called Mrs Clarke.
suppose I'll get used to it.

Tue 24 Aug 1948
Had Mum & Dad in-laws to tea seemed to enjoy
Tony said I'm not bad as hostess

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