The Herbert Smart Family

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Herbert Smart was the son of Mary Ann (Polly) Smart, born out of wedlock when Polly was 21.

Herbert SMART, b. Houghton Conquest 3 Jun 1882 (Cert L, R)
Maggie said that Herbert was Henry's son. But, on the evidence, I suspect he wasn't (because Mary Ann was already 21 when he was born; and so was her future husband – although only just. But they didn't marry for a further 5 years).
m. Maud Emma Irons, 16 Jun 1923, Houghton Conquest (Cert L, R)
Maud was b. 1884/86. Here's her family's 1891 Census entry and extract.
Maud and Herbert were 2nd cousins once removed. Their common forebears were Samuel Maxey WAGSTAFF b. 1780 and Susanna Wallis b. 1778. Samuel and Susanna were Herbert's great-grandparents and Maud's great-great-grandparents.
Herbert was a Brickmaker and farmer; and Maud was a Milliner.
Herbert d. at 69 on 23 Feb 1952
Maud d. at about 73 in 1958
Click on these thumbprints for photos of Maud (1945?), and of Maud, Maggie and me (1955):

  1. Margaret Mary (Maggie) Smart, b. Houghton Conquest 28 Jun 1923
    Maggie was stone-deaf from the age of about 7.
    m. 26 Mar 1955 Fred ROBERTS, b. 1913
    Fred had a daughter by a previous relationship:
    Joy Roberts m. Ferris b. 1940s, who lives in Tilehurst Reading
    Fred was a good boxer in his youth, and a bit of a wild lad, who worked in the local brick factories (some of the time up the chimneys). A beer-drinker, later a whisky-drinker, then a non-drinker and bus driver for a local school until he was 76.
    Although deaf, Maggie lip-read very well (but I had to trim my moustache as soon as I arrived). She had the most charming lisp and mis-pronunciations. (The word fer-'o-ki-us is etched in my memory. How would you say 'ferocious' if you'd never heard it said??).
    Linda describes her as warm and generous, very 'mothering', interested in and positive about people. She was always in the kitchen. Fred successfully avoided ever washing up by always offering when her back was turned.
    They had a succession of (Cairns?) terriers, all called Sal.
    They lived for many years just outside Houghton Conquest, in Chapel End Rd (I think half-way along the E-W stretch, at the centre of the photo). In the late 1980s?, they moved to 28 The Broadway (west side of street, first house up from Chapel End Rd).
    Maggie d. at 70 in 1994.
    Fred d. 13 Dec 2007. He drove until he was 91, and lived at home until only a month before he died, at 94, 13 years after Maggie. Fred wanted Sinatra's 'My Way' at his funeral, and got it.
    Click on the thumbprints below for the fully-sized photos:
    1. Nicholas James Roberts, b. 1962, d. 1962
Maggie (early 1940s?)
Maggie and Fred in 1970
Maggie & Freddie (1976)
Freddie, my sister Carole,
cousin Beryl Hawkes
and Maggie (1976)
Fred and Roger at Houghton House, 1977
Maggie and Joyce, 1977
Lunch, the Bedford Arms, Woburn, 1977
Fred, Phil and Beryl, 1977
Fred, his boat and Linda
Fred, Maggie and Beryl in the field behind Chapel End Rd, 1977
Looking NE toward the house in Chapel End Rd, 1977
Fred and Sal (1977?)

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