The Favell and Wallis Line

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It contains what is known about the uppermost segment of the Wallis family-tree. Susannah Wallis married Samuel Maxey Wagstaff, and had Caroline Wagstaff (1820-1893), who was Rene's Great-Grandmother. Caroline married a Whiteman and bore Rene's Grandfather Henry William Whiteman.

  1. George FAVEL, b. c. 1625?
    m. ? ?
    1. Roger Favel chr. 14 Apr 1652, Great Barford (4 miles E of Bedford)
      m. 27 Feb 1672
      m. Catherine PHESANT
      1. John FAVEL, chr. 10 Jul 1673, Great Barford
        m. 4 May 1696, Wilstead
        m. Mary ATTERBOROUGH
        1. Richard FAVEL, chr. 10 Feb 1701, Wilstead
          m. 19 Nov 1724, Wilstead (4 miles S of Bedford)
          m. Sarah MAYES
          1. Mary FAVEL, chr. 4 Feb 1733, Wilstead
            m. 11 Oct 1752, Wilstead
            m. Thomas GEARY, chr. 21 Dec 1729, Haynes (3 miles S of Wilstead)
            (His parents were Joseph GEARY and Susan BURTON
            m. 7 Jul 1723, Cople, 4 miles NE of Wilstead)
            1. Susannah GEARY, chr. 14 Oct 1753, Wilshampstead
              [no such placename found - Wilstead?]
              m. 28 Nov 1777, Wilstead
              m. Ezekial WALLIS , b. ?, ?
              1. Joseph WALLIS, chr. 20 Aug 1778, Wilstead
              2. Susannah WALLIS, chr. 9 Nov 1778, Wilstead
                m. 8 Feb 1812, Wilstead
                m. Samuel Maxey WAGSTAFF, chr. Bolnhurst Beds, 8 Apr 1776, d. 1860 Houghton Conquest
                d. 1828, Wilstead
              3. Mary WALLIS, chr. 10 Jul 1779, Wilstead
              4. Elizabeth WALLIS, chr. 23 Aug 1781, Wilstead
              5. John WALLIS, chr. 7 Dec 1783, Wilstead, d. 8 May 1785
              6. John WALLIS, chr. 23 Apr 1786, Wilstead

This page is entirely from the tree sent to me by Jane Gravelle of Nazeing Essex in December 2006. She says "the pre 1800 tree is speculative at this stage, having been gathered only from the Mormons free IGI". One day one of us may work up the energy to purchase the Bedfordshire Parish Registers back to the 1500s on microfiche from the Bedfordshire Family History Society or in hard copy from the Bedfordshire Archives.

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