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Roger Clarke is a consultant in the management of information and information technology. He works through his own company, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd. He has spent over 35 years in the I.T. industry, as professional, manager, consultant and academic.

His work encompasses corporate strategy, government policy, and public advocacy, particularly in relation to:

In 1996 and 1997, he was named by Information Age magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in IT&T in Australia. In 1998, they reduced the list to 10, and he missed the cut.

He is frequently an invited speaker at conferences and seminars, because his presentation style is intentionally iconoclastic and challenging.

He is a prolific author, on a wide range of topics. Recent papers that are in the public domain are linked to from his What's New page.

Educational Background

He holds Honours and Masters degrees from the Faculty of Commerce at the University of N.S.W., where his studies focused on the then very new discipline of Information Systems. He later gained a doctorate from the Australian National University.

He was elevated to Fellow of the Australian Computer Society in 1986. He was awarded a ComputerWorld Fellowship and an IFIP Outstanding Service Award, both in 1992, and the ISWorld Award in 1999.

Internet Activity

He has been an active participant in Internet communities throughout the 1990s, through seminars, conference papers, e-lists and several hundred community-service web-pages. These include the original and still the most authoritative set of pages available on the subject of 'Waltzing Matilda'.

Career Retrospective

Roger's career comprises three phases:

His early professional, consultancy and then research work was primarily in commercial application software technology and its management. He progressively extended his interests to encompass a wide array of organisational, economic, legal and social aspects of IT.

He has been involved in copyright issues since the mid-1980s, most recently in relation to business models for ePublishing, and 'open content'. Since its formation in 2000, he has been Board Chair of AEShareNet Limited, a Ministerial company that provides a copyright licensing service for learning and teaching materials.

He has provided expert evidence in relation to many aspects of information technology, including patents, smartcards, eCommerce, P2P architecture, domain-name registration, defamation on the Web, and privacy.

He has been an active and committed member of the Australian Computer Society since the early 1970s, and held senior positions in two Branches and at national level for over a decade.

Research Activities

During the period 1988-95, he directed a successful Research Programme in 'Supra-Organisational Systems'. Topics addressed included consumer electronic funds transfer systems (EFTS), electronic data interchange (EDI), on-line trading, electronic payment mechanisms, smart cards, and the global information infrastructure.

He has worked in many other areas; for example, his piece on the significance of Asimov's Laws of Robotics fiction, which appeared in IEEE Computer, attracted worldwide attraction.

He has run, and participated in, many conferences at local, national and international levels. He has stimulated important international collaborations, particularly through the premier international conference on electronic commerce held each year in Bled, Slovenia; the annual conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy; and the annual International Conference in Information Systems (ICIS). He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Australian Conference in Information Systems (ACIS), which has run annually since 1990.

He is variously referee for, and editorial advisory board member of, a variety of academic journals. He has also been responsible for several hard-copy and electronic publishing initiatives, including founding the Australasian Directory of IS Researchers in 1988(-1992), and the ISWorld Net Country Pages in 1996(-2003), including the page for Australia.

He currently conducts his research activities and postgraduate supervision through Visiting Professorships in the following Universities:

He previously undertook Gastprofessur at the University of Bern in Switzerland in 1987-88, and Johannes-Kepler Universität Linz in Austria in 1992. He was a Gastdozent at the European Business School in the Rheingau in Germany in 2002-03. He maintains consultancy and academic associations in many countries.

Privacy Aspects

He has had over 30 years' involvement in information privacy, variously as researcher, advocate and consultant. His Communications of the ACM paper on dataveillance and his paper on human identification in information systems are the primary references in those areas.

He has also researched and published on specific techniques such as computer matching and profiling; and on the political history of dataveillance and privacy protections in Australia, particularly since the proposal for an Australia Card in 1985. He has been a Board-member of the Australian Privacy Foundation since its inception in 1987. He has also been a Board-member of Electronic Frontiers Australia since 2001.

Personal Interests

He enjoys quality wine, and visits Switzerland and Austria frequently to sustain his German-speaking capabilities.

The exploits of which he is proudest were those during his 15 years as a goalkeeper and his subsequent 15 years as a referee. He greatly regrets that his body has forced his retirement from refereeing, squash and skiing, relegating him to the role of couch-potato.

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