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The Country Pages Won An Award

This Department of ISWorld was selected as the winner of the ISWorld Net Challenge Award for 1999. Here is the Editor-in-Chief's Announcement, made at the ICIS Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on 13 December 1999.

The team of Editors was proud to have been only the third recipients, following the Directory (1997) and the Virtual Meeting Center (1998).


Blake Ives, email to ISWorld, 25 Feb 1996:

"It seems there might be an opportunity within ISWorld Net for a series of 'Country Pages' that would be intended to provide systems related knowledge that is unique, or relatively unique, to the individual country (or distinctive part of a country or neighboring countries). Presumably these efforts would be relatively modest in scope and would not attempt to parallel or duplicate the broader mission of ISWorld Net. At a minimum they would include a discussion list (or at least a shared directory) intended for citizens of the region or country, but open to others as well. They would also include a repository of useful local links".

Further developments to the original concept include:

  1. nested geographical levels, e.g. Europe at one level and individual countries at another; and

  2. lingual groups, both within and across national boundaries, especially (in alphabetical order) French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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