Index to Papers on Open Access and Refereed Journals More Generally

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This page provides an index to papers on two related topics. Most of the papers are contributions to the debates about open content and open access, with particular reference to costs, copyright, business models and citation aspects. Because so many of these papers relate to refereed journals, several additional papers on other aspects of academic publishing are listed at the bottom of this page.

Open Access, particularly relating to Refereed Journals

Clarke R. (2020) 'Exploitation of the eJournal Revolution for the Benefit of AIS Members' Submission to the AIS College of Senior Scholars, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, 4 December 2020, at

Clarke R. (2009) 'Dancing with Wolves: How to Negotiate for a Fair Deal for Academic Authors' Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, December 2009, at

Clarke R. & Kingsley D. (2009) 'Open Access to Journal Content as a Case Study in Unlocking IP'
SCRIPTed - A Journal of Law, Technology & Society 6, 2 (August 2009), PrePrint at

Clarke R. (2008) 'Innovation and the Future of Journals in the Digital Era'
Invited Presentation, Open Access and Research Conference (OAR 2008), QUT, Brisbane, 26 September 2008, at, Slide-Set at

Clarke R. (2008) 'A Citation Analysis of Australian Information Systems Researchers: Towards a New ERA?'
Australasian Journal of Information Systems 15, 2 (June 2008), at, PrePrint at

Clarke R. & Kingley D. (2008) 'ePublishing's Impacts on Journals and Journal Articles'
J. of Internet Commerce 7, 1 (March 2008) 120-151, PrePrint at

Clarke R. (2008) 'An Exploratory Study of Information Systems Researcher Impact'
Commun. AIS 22, 1 (January 2008), at

Clarke R. (2007) 'The Cost-Profiles of Alternative Approaches to Journal-Publishing'
First Monday 12, 12 (December 2007), at, PrePrint at

Clarke R. (2007) 'Business Models to Support Content Commons'
SCRIPT-ed Special Issue on 'Creating Commons' 4,1 (2007) 59-71, at, PrePrint at

Clarke R, (2005) 'A Standard Copyright Licence for PostPrints'
Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, September 2005, otherwise unpublished paper at

Clarke R. (2005) 'A Proposal for an Open Content Licence for Research Paper (Pr)ePrints'
First Monday 10, 8 (1 August 2005), at, PrePrint at

Clarke R. (2004) 'Open Source Software and Open Content as Models for eBusiness'
Proc. 17th Int'l EC Conf., in Bled, Slovenia, 21-23 June 2004, PrePrint at

Clarke R. & Nees S. (2000) 'Technological Protections for Digital Copyright Objects'
Proc. Euro. Conf. Inf. Sys. (ECIS), Vienna, July 2000, PrePrint at

Clarke R., Higgs P. & Dempsey G. (2000) 'Key Design Issues in Marketspaces for Intellectual Property Rights'
Proc. 13th International Bled EC Conf., June 2000, PrePrint at

Clarke R. (1997) 'Electronic Publishing: A Specialised Form of Electronic Commerce'
Proc. 10th Int'l EC Conf., Bled, Slovenia (June 1997), PrePrint at

Other Papers Relevant to Refereed Journals

Clarke R., Davison R. & Beath C. (2009) 'Regulation of 'Journal Self-Referencing': The Substantive Role of the AIS Code of Research Conduct'
Commun. AIS 25, 1 (July 2009) 11, PrePrint at

Clarke R. (2009) 'Self-Plagiarism and Self-Citation: A Practical Guide Based on Underlying Principles'
Commun. AIS 25, 1 (July 2009) 19, PrePrint at

Clarke R. (2006) 'Notes on the Reviewing of Papers' Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, June 2006, otherwise unpublished paper at, sample application for a particular Conference at

Clarke R. (2006) 'Plagiarism by Academics: More Complex Than It Seems'
J. Assoc. Infor. Syst. 7, 2 (February 2006), PrePrint at

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