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Roger Clarke's 'General Systems Theory, and Open Systems'

General Systems Theory, and Open Systems

Roger Clarke **

Notes of 7 July 2006

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I was astonished to discover that there was nothing on my web-site about General Systems Theory and more specifically about open systems. These ideas are just so fundamental that they're all too easily overlooked. And of course I'd embedded the ideas in my thinking, in the 25 years before I developed this site in the second half of 1994.

So here's a paragraph on systems thinking (extracted from a paper on the history of the information systems discipline in Australia):

Systems Thinking was an important thread in the emergence of the IS/MIS discipline. It drew originally on von Bertalanffy and Boulding and the Society for General Systems Research in the U.S. from the mid-1950s onwards (Mason 2005), Emery, Churchman, Jay Forrester, and Katz & Kahn (1966), and in the UK von Bertalanffy in 1950, and later Peter Checkland. Closely related to this movement was Cybernetics, as pioneered by Norbert Wiener, further developed by Ashby and applied by Stafford Beer. This focussed on the feedback and control aspects of systems. There was much interest in these bodies of theory in Continental Europe as well, centred around the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) conferences in Schloss Laxenburg south of Vienna. The emphases and patterns of development on the two sides of the Atlantic, and within Continental Europe, were rather different, and no history has been located to date that integrates them;

This set of 10 slides provided the basis for a quick overview for new PhD candidates at the European Business School in the Rheingau in 2003. They include the Boulding hierarchy.


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Roger Clarke is Principal of Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra. He is also a Visiting Professor in the Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre at the University of N.S.W., a Visiting Professor in the E-Commerce Programme at the University of Hong Kong, and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Australian National University.

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