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Roger Clarke's 'History of I.S. in Australia' App. 3B

A Retrospective on the Information Systems Discipline in Australia
Appendix 3B: Timeline - Australian

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This file contains Appendix 3B to the paper 'A Retrospective on the Information Systems Discipline in Australia'

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1957 Earliest known article by John Ovenstone, in the Business Applications section of the 2nd Conf. on Automatic Computing and Data Processing at WRE, Salisbury,

1960 First known conference stream on 'Commercial Applications', at 2nd Austral. Comp. Conf., Uni. of Sydney (43 papers)

1963 Commencement of the Commonwealth Government Programmer-in-Training (PIT) Scheme

1963 Conference stream on 'Commercial Data Processing', at 3rd Austral. Comp. Conf. (20 papers)

1965 First identifiable IS units, at Caulfield Institute (John McClelland, Doug Mills, Jack White and Pearl Levin), and at Uni. of Tasmania, Hobart (Len Dunn), in both cases, in 'Electronic Data Processing'

1965 First Data Processing Department, at Caulfield Institute of Technology (later Chisholm Institute, absorbed into Monash in 1988)

1966 Conference stream at 4th Austral. Comp. Conf.

1966 Australian Computer Society formed, by the federation of prior societies in South Australia (formed 1960), Victoria (1961), Queensland (1962), N.S.W. (1963) and Canberra (1965)

1967 Australian Computer Journal established (1967-99, thereafter Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology (JRPIT)

1968 Units in Business Use of Computers by Phil Grouse at UNSW, and by Douglas Campbell at Monash

1969 5th Austral. Comp. Conf.

1970 Unit in EDP by John McMahon and Stewart Leech at Uni Melbourne

1970 First Honours topics available, at at least Uni. of Queensland and UNSW

1970 Transition of PIT Scheme courses to CCAE, Caulfield Institute and Bendigo CAE

1972 6th Austral. Comp. Conf. in Brisbane

1974 First Professor of Information Systems - Cyril Brookes, UNSW

1977 First Australian with a PhD in Information Systems - Ron Weber, at Uni. of Minnesota

1981 Second Professor at least partly in Information Systems - Ron Weber, UQ

1982 First PhD in Information Systems gained in Australia - Errol Iselin, Uni. of Queensland, supervised by Ron Weber

1984 Second PhD in Information Systems gained in Australia - Iris Vessey, Uni. of Queensland, supervised by Ron Weber

1986 Third PhD in Information Systems gained in Australia - Ross Jeffery, UNSW, supervised by Cyril Brookes

1987 Second PhD gained by an Australian in the USA - Rick Watson, at Uni. of Minnesota

1988 First Edition of the Directory of Australian Information Systems Academics - Roger Clarke, ANU

1990 First Australian Conference in Information Systems (ACIS), at Monash, chaired by Ross Jeffery

1991 Third, Fourth and Fifth Chairs in IS, all at Monash

1991 Second Edition of the Directory of Australasian Information Systems Academics

1993 Second Chair at UNSW - Michael Lawrence

1994 Australian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) established - Rob McGregor, Uni. Wollongong

1994 First Edition of the Asia-Pacific Directory of Information Systems Academics - Guy Gable, QUT & Roger Clarke, ANU

1995 ACPHIS started as informal 'IS Heads' meeting at ACIS in Perth and has met at least annually at ACIS since then

1996 ISWorld Country Page for Australia established - Roger Clarke, ANU

1996 Second and last Edition of the Asia-Pacific Directory of Information Systems Academics, then absorbed into the ISWorld Directory

2001 Formation of Australasian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AAIS)

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Roger Clarke is Principal of Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra. He is also a Visiting Professor in the E-Commerce Programme at the University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor in the Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre at the University of N.S.W., and Visiting Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the Australian National University.

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