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Events Involving BHS'66'ers

The 50th Anniversary Weekend – 9-11 September 2016

A schedule has been prepared from Friday evening 9 September to Sunday morning 11 September.

Details are in the schedule of events.

Pre-booking is essential for the Saturday night event.

Contact Roger Clarke if you need to get plugged into the event.

Events since October 2006

The Brisbane coffee-crew meets at Perks (previously called Café Spoon), Garden City Shopping Centre, Upper Mt Gravatt. Since Oct '06, they've met in November, February, March, July and August. Contact Helena to find out when the next event is.

Helena also reports meeting up with Margaret Stone/Vincent and her brother John in Brisbane in May 2007. If Helena makes it to Canberra on 21-23 September, the Canberra group will get itself organised, re-convene and imbibe.

The October 2006 Event

The Reunion was duly held on Saturday 21 October 2006, to celebrate the 40th anniversary. The venue was the Chifley at Lennons, in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. Congratulations and a vote of thanks go to the Organising Committee Chair Helena Healey (Jackowski), MC Ross Eastgate, Committee Members Ian Dorricott, Bill Gray and Ken Latter, and Volunteers Anne Eastgate, David Eastgate and Linda Spinaze.

A few highlight of the evening were:

Did you get any decent photos at the event? And did you re-discover any more memorabilia that should be scanned and added to the page? (We have nothing at all about the School Concert!). Attach your digital contributions to an email to Roger Clarke (but if you're on a dial-up line you'll need to reduce them first!). Send hard copies or CDs by snail-mail to Roger at 78 Sidaway St, Chapman ACT 2611.

Below are a couple of teasers, and the full gallery is only a click away. Thanks to photographers Linda Spinaze, Sue Knight/Duncan and Peter Gregory!


Jeff Shepherd
Allan Jones
Doc Noble


A number of Pre-Events have been held, in a variety of locations, including:

Submit your plans, reports and photos, and we'll add them to this page.

More Pre-Events – Brisbane, 27 September 2006

Venue: Café Spoon, Garden City Shopping Centre, Upper Mt Gravatt.

3.30 pm, Wed 30 August and Wed 27 September 2006 (last Wednesday each month)

A cluster of Brisbane-based BHS'66'ers, having re-discovered one another during 2006, and being embarrassed about living so close to one another, in some cases for years, have met up a couple of times.

Is there a local bloke with the ability to break up the one-dimensional genderedness??

Pre-Event – Bundaberg, 16 September 2006

Back Row: Bev Pitt (Hoult), Ian Honor, Neil Robinson, Graham Duldig
Front row: Davina Daniel, Margaret Slocomb, Mary Lawrence (Cook), Helena Jackowski (Healey), Donna Studholme
Missing: Robert Edgar turned up after Neil left
Photo Courtesy Neil Robinson

Pre-Event – Gold Coast, 10 September 2006

Meeting of the 21 Oct 06 Event Committee at Chez Eastgate

Right to left: Ken Latter, Helena Jackowski/Healey, Ian Dorricott, Ross Eastgate

Pre-Event – Canberra, 2 September 2006

Venue: Howard and Maureen Bamsey's place in Griffith, ACT

Left to right: Gladys Zegers, Margaret Stone/Vincent, Howard Bamsey, Roger Clarke

Left to right: Gladys Zegers, Margaret Stone/Vincent, Roger Clarke, Howard Bamsey's PC

Pre-Event – Bedford, 18 August 2006

Venue: Pub, Bedford

Right to left: Suzanne Jones/Ryan, Roger's cousin David Morris (who she'd only met two hours earlier!?)

Off-stage, behind camera: Roger Clarke

Pre-Events – Brisbane, Spoon, 26 July 2006

Back, left to right: Lyn Gordon/Jones, Margaret Slocomb, Helena Jackowski/Healey, Bronwyn Rose

Front, left to right: Kay Thomas, Janet Killer, Denise Herman/Moorton, Wendy Jones/McDonald

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