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Bundaberg High School 1963-1966

The 50-year celebration ran in Bundaberg, Fri-Sun 9-11 September 2016.

22 of the cohort participated, plus 5 partners.
and we were particularly delighted that Bill ('Doc') Noble joined us.
The spreadsheet has been updated to show the participants.

Here are some photos from the two Saturday events.

To stay in touch, make sure that Roger has your current email-address.
And let other people know if they might be interested in being in touch.

Since the noughties (or '00s, if you prefer), the education bureaucracy seems to think that there's a place called Bundaberg State High School (BSHS). But to those of us who were there in the '60s, it was Bundaberg High School (BHS), or Bundy High. And judging by the September 2006 photo below, with 66'ers Neil Robinson and Bev Pitt/Hault, the institution also still sees itself as 'BHS'.

This is a web-site for people who started at BHS in Form 3 / Year 9 in 1963,
and/or finished Senior there in 1966, and/or arrived or left at any time between.

In case you've stumbled on this page by accident (if stumbling is something you can do while you're web-surfing), there's some information below to help you get oriented.

Materials contributed by many members of the class are accessible using the buttons above.
In particular, the list of people is under the 'Class' button.

On Saturday 21 October 2006, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of 92 people completing their Senior year. Yes, we discussed plans for a 45th. And no, none of us got organised and made it happen. The 'Events' button provides access to information about it and several other, smaller events.

But, as noted above, we did have a gathering in Bundaberg to celebrate the 50th year.

This site depends on the information, images, audio and video that people provide, so please send your contributions.

Johnny Hart and Brant Parker are even older than us (having started the Wizard of Id when we were about 15, in 1964), so it was no surprise to see this cartoon on 9 August 2007:

BHS is 1 km south of the Bundaberg city centre. It's bounded by Maryborough St on the east, the main railway line on the west, Boreham St on the north, and Barber Park on the south. This map is courtesy of In case you're not a local, here are maps of the region, the district, and the town, courtesy of

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