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Memorabilia Corner

This page is intended for anything that anyone thinks anyone else might find memorable, hilarious, or even mildly amusing. Email scanned images here, or post/snail-mail prints to Roger Clarke, 78 Sidaway St Chapman ACT 2611.

This page is organised into the following sections:

The abbreviation behind each contribution is prov. = provenance. (Museum curators and antique dealers use it, so it somehow seemed like the appropriate term to use). The original version of this page, maintained until 11 October 2006, was compiled as contributions arrived, was sorted in date-order by contributor, and had become a bit of a jumble.

BHS Classes and Similar

Exam Papers

Just what you needed to make you feel nostalgic, right?

Senior 1966:

Junior 1964:

So far, you're stuck with the ones Roger sat, and has found. (I avoided Woodwork, Sheet Metal Work (spelling?) and French, because I'd have failed 'em all; and Economics avoided me, because the teachers made it very difficult to take a 7th unit in 5th and 6th Form. Just think, I could have discovered in advance how dismal that pseudo-science is, instead of having to do a whole major in it!).

Contributions welcome!!

BHS Events

Miscellaneous Embarrassing Moments – 1966

Miscellaneous Embarrassing Moments – Post-1966

Pre-BHS Classes

Miscellaneous Embarrassing Moments – Pre-1966

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