Russell and Karen's

31 January 2014
and 9 April 2016

This site contains a mix of shots
by ourselves and lots of other people.
Thanks to the many who
contributed to the event!

Wedding The First – 31 January 2014

Karen and Russell married on Aspen Island, in Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra.
But they wanted it kept as a secret within the family.
They then spent a year in Europe, and another year preparing the celebration.
Here are our shots of the first occasion

Wedding The Second – 9 April 2016

Then they held their real wedding celebration, at
Jungara and Bamarang, beside the Shoalhaven, west of Nowra.
Here's their official site for the event.
And here are our photos:

Preliminaries Setting Arrival Ceremony
Formal Shots Reception Dinner Brunch

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