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This is the home-page for Linda's photographs of Alpine Flowers, a collection that passed 600 species after 15 years, 2007-22. The main focus is on the European Alps, extending to the Julian Alps, Pyrenees, Picos di Europa and parts of the UK.

The species are mostly from alpine areas (roughly 1800-2500m in the Alps, but lower in higher latitudes), and sub-alpine areas (roughly 1200-1800m), but with a few from lower altitudes, right down to the high-water line in a few cases.

If you'd just like Linda's selection of "fabulous views of flowers, meadows and mountains", go here:

The majority of the set is divided into 5 colour-based files:

but all Orchids are in their own file:

The following additional groups are lower down this file:

The (somewhat arbitrary) decision about colour is mainly based on the dominant petal-colour, unless the impression from the stamens or leaves completely dominates that from the petals. Within colour-group, they are in alpha by common name (but with many Linnaean genus and species names included).

Here's a small sample:
Click on any image to see a larger version

In 2022, after 15 years (-2 for COVID), the collection passed 600 species (currently c.653).

Here's the Species List (although it's always at least somewhat out-of-date).

The first specimen of each species was captured as follows:

Here are the cameras we've used for these photos:

The zoom lenses have given us a lot of convenience, for views and buildings as well as plants; but they sacrifice image-precision and depth of focus. That will be all-too-obvious to real photographers, but some of these are pretty decent shots despite that.

Click on any image to see a larger version

Green, Brown, Inconspicuous, etc. Flowers, a few Grasses
(except Orchids)
Also a few Cryptogams and Trees

Broomrape sp.
– Slo'14
– Iseo'19
Euphorbia sp. ...
... again – Pyr'13
And again,
very yellow! ...
... cropped
– Pyr'13
– Oss'13
Hellebore foetidis ...
... cropped – Pyr'11
Again, – Pyr'13
Hellebor viridis – Oss'11
Again, – Pyr'13
– Auv'14
Again, with Rampions– Dol'22
Lady's Mantle
Alchemilla hoppeana
– St'07
... cropped
Another Ladies Mantle – Dol'12
Alchemilla vulgaris
Again – Zill'14
Again – BOb'16 ...
... again, leaves
Silver Lady's Mantle
Alchemilla conjuncta – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
Again – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
A Small Lady's Mantle – BOb'16
A Lily – Dol'19
Orobanche sp.
– Slo'13 ...
... and cropped
Plantago ?holosteum
or subulata – Zrm'17' ...
... and cropped
Rhodiola rosea
– Slo'13 ...
... and cropped
Again – Ktz'13 ...
... and cropped
Again – Dol'16 ...
... again, closer ...
... and cropped
– Dol'19
Carlina acaulis
French Sorrel
– Pro'17 ...
... Rumex scutatus
Leaves as long as broad
Longleaved Sundew
– Ork'13
Drosera anglica ...
... and cropped
Round-leaved Sundew
Drosera rotundifolia
– Scot'14
Wormwood – Ecr'22 ...
... for Genepi, Absinthe ...
... Artemisia absinthium ..
... close-up
Spiniest Thistle
Cisium spinnosissimum
– Zrm'17' ...
... and cropped
Furry Leaves – Salz'12
Spring Sprouts – Salz'12
Unidentified Moss
– Picos'13
Like Catspaws
– Slo'13 ...
... and cropped
– Auv'14 ...
... and closer up
Fuzzy Leaves
– Slo'14
Bright Green Leaves
– Zill'14
Hairy Leaves and Pods
– BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
Unknown – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
An odd, dead
Not a Hawkweed,
so what is it? ...
... and its leaves – HS'18
Blue, furry leaves – Aos'19

Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and similar:

?Carex Sp. ...
... – Scot'14
Possible Carex Sp.
– HS'17
Small Carex or
– VdU'17 ...
... cropped ...
... cropped
The same or similar
And again
Still no IDea
Carex gaudichaudiana
(which is also in Australia)
Carex Sp. – VdU'17
Carex and reflections – Bag'22
Carex and lake
Not Carex,
but photogenic anyway
A reed
A Carex
Older, ...
... and closer-up
A Carex – Van'22
A Carex – HS'22 ...
... closer-up
European Feather Grass – Pro'17
Lagurus Grass
Near Uzes (Midi?) ...
... and cropped – Pro'17
Grass, northern
side Churfirsten
– OT'15 ...
... again ...
... Plantago ...
... grass
Grass-like Plant
– Sr'15
A Luzula?
Poa ?alpina
– Eng'14


That's a little-known collective word for (mainly) Ferns, Lichens, Moss and Fungi. We haven't looked systematically for them, but occasionally something has caught the photographer's eye.

Fern – Picos'08 ...
... cropped
Yellow fern
– Scot'14
(Poor, unloved Lichens)
Moss, as dragon
– Dor'14 ...
... cropped
Sphagnum Moss
with a Heath
– Ork'13
Unidentified Moss
– Picos'13
A Fungus – Dol'16


We haven't looked systematically at trees (and the focus is 'alpine', so by definition we spend a lot of our time walking and looking at flowers above the tree-line). But some shots beg to be taken.

(Dwarf) Mountain Pine
Pinus mugo
– Slo'13
Again – Eng'14
Again – Iseo'19 ...
... again ...
... again ...
... again, seeding ...
... again ...
Fichte – Ktz'13
Tanne – Ktz'13
Arolla Pine or
Swiss (Stone) Pine
Pinus cembre (Zirbe)
– Ktz'13
?Scots Pine
Pinus ?sylvestris
– Scot'14
Larch 'Raspberries'
– Slo'13
Common Juniper
Juniperus communis– Ecr'22
Norway Spruce
Picia abies – Eng'14
Again – Dol'16
Sorbus aria– Ecr'22

Salix alpina
OR S. breviserrata
– Dol'16 ...
... cropped
Again – Dol'19 ...
... cropped
A Willow – Dol'16
Poss. Salix reticulata
Net-Leaved, Snow or Dwarf
Again – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped

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