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For people seriously interested in alpine flowers, this page also provides access to Linda's photographs of flowers in European mountains. Here's the Species List (although it's always a little out-of-date). The species are mostly from alpine areas (roughly 1800-2500m in the Alps, and less of course in higher latitudes) and sub-alpine areas (roughly 1200-1800 m), but with a few from lower altitudes.

The set is divided into 6 colour groups, but with all Orchids in one file:

The (somewhat arbitrary) decision about colour is mainly based on the dominant petal-colour, unless the impression from the stamens or leaves completely dominates that from the petals. Within colour-group, they are in alpha by common name.

So far, the collection includes shots of 487 species, the first specimen of each of which was shot as follows:

During 2007-14, we used a Canon EOS base-level (400D) digital SLR with a Sigma 18-200mm zoom.
Linda replaced that with an EOS 700D in March 2014, with a new, somewhat better Canon 18-200mm zoom.
Roger bought a low-end EOS 1100D in May 2014, keeping the old Sigma 18-200mm zoom.
These have given us a lot of convenience, but sacrifice image-precision and depth of focus.
That will be all-too-obvious to real photographers, but some of these are pretty decent shots despite that.

Click on any image to see a larger version

Green, Brown, Inconspicuous, etc. Flowers, a few Grasses
(except Orchids)
Also a few Cryptogams and Trees

Broomrape sp.
– Slo'14
?Carex sp. ...
... – Scot'14
Euphorbia sp. ...
... again – Pyr'13
And again,
very yellow! ...
... cropped
– Pyr'13
– Oss'13
Hellebore foetidis ...
... cropped – Pyr'11
Again, – Pyr'13
Hellebor viridis – Oss'11
Again, – Pyr'13
– Auv'14
Lady's Mantle
Alchemilla hoppeana
– St'07
... cropped
Another Ladies Mantle – Dol'12
Alchemilla vulgaris
Again – Zill'14
Again – BOb'16 ...
... again, leaves
Silver Lady's Mantle
Alchemilla conjuncta – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
Again – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
A Small Lady's Mantle – BOb'16
Orobanche sp.
– Slo'13 ...
... and cropped
Poa ?alpina
– Eng'14
Rhodiola rosea
– Slo'13 ...
... and cropped
Again – Ktz'13 ...
... and cropped
Again – Dol'16 ...
... again, closer ...
... and cropped
Longleaved Sundew
– Ork'13
Drosera anglica ...
... and cropped
Round-leaved Sundew
Drosera rotundifolia
– Scot'14
Furry Leaves – Salz'12
Spring Sprouts – Salz'12
Unidentified Moss
– Picos'13
Like Catspaws
– Slo'13 ...
... and cropped
– Auv'14 ...
... and closer up
Fuzzy Leaves
– Slo'14
Bright Green Leaves
– Zill'14
Grass, northern
side Churfirsten
– OT'15 ...
... again ...
... Plantago ...
... grass
Grass-like Plant
– Sr'15
A Luzula?
Hairy Leaves and Pods
– BOb'16 ...
... and cropped
Unknown – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped


That's a little-known collective word for (mainly) Ferns, Lichens, Moss and Fungi. We haven't looked systematically for them, but occasionally something has caught the photographer's eye.

Fern – Picos'08 ...
... cropped
Yellow fern
– Scot'14
(Poor, unloved Lichens)
Moss, as dragon
– Dor'14 ...
... cropped
Sphagnum Moss
with a Heath
– Ork'13
Unidentified Moss
– Picos'13
A Fungus – Dol'16


We haven't looked systematically at trees (and the focus is 'alpine', so by definition we spend a lot of our time walking and looking at flowers above the tree-line). But some shots beg to be taken.

(Dwarf) Mountain Pine
Pinus mugo
– Slo'13
Again – Eng'14
Fichte – Ktz'13
Tanne – Ktz'13
Arolla Pine or
Swiss (Stone) Pine
Pinus cembre (Zirbe)
– Ktz'13
?Scots Pine
Pinus ?sylvestris
– Scot'14
Larch 'Raspberries'
– Slo'13
Norway Spruce
Picia abies – Eng'14
Again – Dol'16

Salix breviserrata
– Dol'16 ...
... cropped
A Willow – Dol'16
Poss. Salix reticulata
Net-Leaved, Snow or Dwarf
Again – BOb'16 ...
... and cropped

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