Linda and Roger's Bunhybee Grasslands

Visit by ANPS-WW – 11 November 2009

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Bunhybee Grasslands is a 49 hectare / 120 acre conservation property 35km south of Braidwood, in southern N.S.W.

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Australian Native Plant Society (ANPS) has a Wednesday Walkers Group (WW), who visit places with interesting, well, native plants. Linda is a member.

On 11 November, 30 ANPS-WW visited Bunhybee. Their keen eyes and remarkable knowledge of native species, resulted in the identification of several new species on the property, and enabled Linda to get several species photos that had so far eluded us.

The photos of plants are here:

The text that follows is the initial, brief report on the event by event leader Ros Cornish. The ANSP-WW site contains the full report incl. photos, mirrored here.

We had a great day today. Linda's block was pretty much at its peak and there was a wonderful floral display. Thankfully it wasn't too hot - 27C according to the car when we finished at about 3.00pm and we had a slight, cool breeze for most of the time - so no heat stroke.

There were mass displays of:

many different grasses (lots of homework for the grasses group!), and lots of smaller displays:

We added quite a number of new plants to Rainer's list which was exciting for Linda. Quite a bit of homework to do to pin down species names.

We greatly appreciate the assistance ANPS-WW group-members provided, and look forward to emails to Linda containing your further corrections and suggestions!

All plant identification carries with it moderate degrees of uncertainty, and the species-lists are subject to continual review and revision. However, subject to that qualification:

We're slowly closing in on a complete set of species-photos – 72% there, just 58 more to get ...

Naturally, all errors on this site are ours, not ANSP's, and we'd appreciate corrections!!

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