Linda and Roger's Bunhybee Grasslands

Visit by FOG and Friends – 9 May 2009

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Bunhybee Grasslands is a 49 hectare / 120 acre conservation property 35km south of Braidwood, in southern N.S.W.

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The Friends of Grasslands (FOG) visited Bunhybee on a couple of occasions in 2007-08. But this was the first opportunity for the new owners to get the direct benefit of knowledgeable people moving slowly across Bunhybee Grasslands, ooh-ing and aah-ing at species of flora, and engaging in duels in obscure Latin. (Linnaeus has a lot to answer for).

The 12 FOG members were led by President Geoff Robertson (the 'big picture' grasslands person) and Committee member Margaret Ning (the species whizz). We again had the assistance of Mary Appleby from DECC, Braidwood (who not only provided lots of advice, but tea, coffee and quiche as well!).

The party of 16 also included Nature Conservation Trust Director, Brian Binning, and his wife Anna, from Yass Valley, and Harry and Kitty Tischler from neighbouring Warragandra. Libby Keen is both a FOG member and a neighbour, from Harold's Cross, 10km north.

Based on the planned itineraries around the property, the party did the following:

All plant identification carries with it moderate degrees of uncertainty, and the species-lists are subject to continual review and revision. With those qualifications:

In greater detail:

Naturally, all errors on this site are ours, not FOG's, and we'd appreciate corrections!!

The photos of plants are elsewhere. See: Flowering Plants, Grasses and Trees & Shrubs.

This page contains a couple of shots of people at the event.

For larger images, click on the thumbnails below:

LtoR: Margaret Strong, Anna Binning, Margaret Ning, Geoff Robertson, Brian Binning, Jan Adamski, Harry Tischler (obscured), Kitty Tischler, Carl Adamski, Libby Keen, Roger Clarke, Shirley Daniels, Warwick Daniels, Mary Appleby. Linda Spinaze behind the camera. Veronica Doerr and Kris Nash arrived a few minutes later
LtoR: Geoff Robertson, Anna Binning (obscured), Brian Binning, Veronica Doerr, Libby Keen, Margaret Ning, Warwick Daniels
Roger Clarke and NCT's Brian Binning
Geoff Robertson
in full flow ...
... and Margaret Ning
looking suitably sceptical
Late afternoon in the
northern water-line
Margaret Ning, Geoff Robertson, Mary Appleby
and Roger Clarke, near the NE corner
Mary Appleby, Roger Clarke,
Margaret Ning and Geoff Robertson,
at the eastern boundary

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