FTP Backup

This is a kind of backup where the backup is done via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over the Internet to an FTP Server. Typically the FTP Server is located in a commercial data center away from the source data being backed up. When the FTP server is located at a different location, this is another form of offsite backup.

Examples of FTP Backup

Some commercial web hosting providers also provide an FTP server when you sign up for a web hosting service. Some providers do allow you to use this for backups but note that not all of these service providers allow you to use the FTP server to backup your local computer files. Some of these service providers have been known to even delete these backups without warning. Hence you must verify with your service provider before you start to do FTP backups on these servers.

Once you have organized an FTP server that you can use, you need to install a backup software utility that supports an FTP backup. You would need to specify the web address of your FTP server (like ftp://your-ftp-server/) , your login username and password so the backup utility can execute the backup.


  • Since this is an offsite backup, it offers protection from fire, floods, earth quakes and other natural disasters.
  • Able to easily connect and access the backup with just an Internet connection.


  • More expensive then local backups
  • Can take longer to backup and restore. Backup ane restore times are dependant to the Internet connection.