Mirror Backup

Mirror backups are as the name suggests a mirror of the source being backed up. With mirror backups, when a file in the source is deleted, that file is eventually also deleted in the mirror backup. Because of this, mirror backups should be used with caution as a file that is deleted by accident, sabotage or through a virus may also cause that same file in mirror to be deleted as well. Some do not consider a mirror to be a backup.

Many online backup services offer a mirror backup with a 30 day delete. This means that when you delete a file on your source, that file is kept on the storage server for at least 30 days before it is eventually deleted.  This helps strike a balance offering a level of safety while not allowing the backups to keep growing since online storage can be relatively expensive.

Many backup software utilities do provide support for mirror backups.


  • The backup is clean and does not contain old and obsolete files


  • There is a chance that files in the source deleted accidentally, by sabotage or through a virus may also be deleted from the backup mirror.