Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a term often used loosely and interchangeably with Online Backup and Remote Backup.  This is a type of backup where data is backed up to a storage server or facility connected to the source via the Internet. With the proper login credentials, that backup can then be accessed securely from any other computer with an Internet connection. The term “cloud” refers to the backup storage facility being accessible from the Internet.

Examples of Cloud Backup

  • Subscription backup services provided by commercial data centers.
  • Backup to an offsite FTP Server over the Internet


  • Since this is an offsite backup, it offers protection from fire, floods, earth quakes and other natural disasters.
  • Able to easily connect and access the backup with just an Internet connection.
  • Data is replicated across several storage devices and usually serviced by multiple internet connections so the system is not at the mercy of a single point of failure.
  • When the service is provided by a good commercial data center, service is managed and protection is un-paralleled.


  • More expensive then local backups
  • Can take longer to backup and restore