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aka 'Calendar Shots'

This page is part of Linda's collection photographs of flowers in European mountains, mostly alpine (roughly 1800-2500m) and sub-alpine (roughly 1200-1800 m), but with a few from lower altitudes.

The main page contains additional information, and links to the other pages in the set – which show individual flower species, sorted by colour. The collection includes shots of over 600 species.

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The sections of this page are:

Stoos, Central Switzerland – May/June 2007

Poppies,Ccornflowers, Daisies
(actually near Koblenz)
Spiked Rampion, Wood Cranesbill,
Campion, at Stoos
Orchids, and Rattles ...
... and view
Milk Vetch and Globularia

Picos di Europa – 1-4 July 2008

Garganta del Cares
Valley wall
above Sotres
with Campanulas
with Rock Garden
Ditto, halfway to Uriella,
with Hairy Saxifrage, Roger
up in the crags
Ditto, a true rock garden ...
... and its setting
Ditto, with Butterworts,
squill and gentian
Ditto, with Gentians,
looking back up at Uriella
the easy middle bit
Walk 3
Spanish Gorse
and saxifrage
Mixed Flowers
Trumpet Gentians
Sparser at the top
Views of the gorse
on the way back down

Dolomites – 10-15 June 2009

Walking towards the
slightly beaten-up
Moss Campion
View back along
most of the walk
Passe Pellegrino to Passe Sello
Spring Gentians
Moss Campion
Alpine grass only, that early
Above Passo Giau,
with Gentian
Sub-Alpine Meadow

Dolomites – 4-10 July 2010

Globe Flowers
Cinquefoils and Track
Thyme and CatsPaw
Flowery Slope
Field of yellow flowers
Alpine Poppy
Papaver alpinum
Flowers and mountains
Meadows and mountains
Sainfoin and mountains
Lousewort and Wulfenii
Eritrichium and Saxifrages
Mountain Pine, Eritrichium and View
Alpenrosen and Cowshed
Meadow Clary and Path
Rampions and
Forest Path

Berner Oberland – 11-17 July 2010

Rattles and Knapweed
Orchids, Rattles,
Sainfoin and Daisies
Meadow Flowers
Narcissus-Flowered Anemone, Forget-Me-Nots,
and Interlaken
Ridge Flowers, Brienzersee, Grindalwald
Bistort and Rampions
Just yer average
flower meadow
... Cropped
Flower Field,
and Ian and Sue
Alpine Sainfoin
Alpenrosen and
the Jungfrau
Bistort and
the Wetterhorn
Above Oeschinensee ...
... and meadows,
opposite ...
... Blumlisalp's glaciers ...
... higher up the slope ...
... on the path down
from Bluemlisalp
Above Mürren ...
... ditto ...
... and still
Slope above Mürren,
and Common Monkshood
The shot that sums up
the walking holiday
Mürren view, with
Adenostyles alliariae

Ossau – May 2011

Trumpet Gentians and view
Primula hirsuta and Lake Artouste
Pic du Midi and Alpine Meadow ...
... Fritillaria and Friends
Cream and purple orchids and
Ranunculus amplexicaule ...
... and view ...
... and again

Pyrenees – May 2011

Looking west over
the Gavarnie Valley
Above the Pont d'Espagne
with Moss Campion ...
... and with Alpenrosen
Tramaux, with Daphne ...
... at a different angle ...
... the Daphne and Gentians
View over a Pyrenaean Thistle
Eastern Pyrenees

Salzburgerland (Zell-am-See) – June 2012

Heartsease, gallium, plantagoleaves
Rampions and Waterfall
Orchids and Horse
Red Campions at Rotmoos
Gentians c.1900m on Schwelbenwand (NE of Zell)

Picos di Europa – May/June 2013

Fuente Dé ...
... southern side ...
... bestrewn with daffodils
Fuente Dé
returning ...
... with Orchids
Narcissus bulbocodium
watching over Sotres

Ossau – June 2013

'Linda's Favourite Walk
in the World' ...
... above Lake Bious ...
... just north of
Pic du Midi d'Ossau ...
... along the
'Valley of the Flowers' ...
... this time of year
with Daffodils below
and snowed-in above ...
... this one looking
back up at the Pic ...
... and on the
way back out
Corydalis ...
... Narcissus(ette) ...
... East of Col de
la Portalet, i.e.
next valley south ...
... Daffodils, again ...
... but also Succulents

Slovenia – June 2013

On the SW approach ...
to Triglav ...
... with
Primula auricula
At Stari Fuzina ...
... above Bohinj ...
... meadow flowers
Near Debela Pec ...
Larch raspberries ...
... And Pinus mugo ...
... natural Mountain
Azalea Garden
beside Koca Lipanci ...
... and Dwarf Alpenrosen again
... and a natural
Erica garden

Kitzbühl – June 2013

Gentians on
Wildflowers, featuring
Looking north to the pass
Through Gentians
and Globularia
Closer down
to Kitzbühl
There had to be ...
... Alpenrosen somewhere
Globularia, Gentians
and friends

Auvergne – May 2014

Northwards from the
slopes of Puy de Sancy
And southwards
Violas near
Le Puy
Narcissus and
Le Puy on left

Slovenia – June 2014

Meadow near
Stara Fuzina
Meadow Flowers
And again
A Vipers Bugloss
with a view
A Balm Archangel
with a view
A Bog at
E of Triglav

Zillertal – June 2014

Flower fields 200m
from our B&B ...
... again ...
... with Bistort
Polygonum bistorta ...
... again ...
... and again
Above our B&B ...
... again ...
... Northern
(lower) Zillertal
Primula minima
above Tuxental
Pulsatilla alba
above Tuxental
Primula minima
above Tuxental ...
... again ...
... and again
Pulsatilla vernalis
above Tuxental
Dryas octopetalia on
the Kleiner Galtenberg

Säntis – June 2014

Rock Jasmine,
Moss Campion
Alpine Snowbells
Primula auricula
Centaurea montana
Centaurea montana
Centaurea montana
Buttercups over Seealpsee
Alpine Snowbells
Allium and Red Campion

Engelberg – June 2014

Columbines and colours
The path high on
the northern side
Mixed flowers
Orchids on the ...
... Glaubenbuelen
Pass ...
... behind Pilatus
The Stoos Ridgewalk:
Allium ursinum and
Anenome narcissifolia
With Lousewort
View down to Sisikon
on Vierwaldstättersee
Steepling slopes
Enfolding mist
Flowers beneath ...
... the cloudline

Britain – June 2014

Primula minima and
Loiseleuria procumbens
in Scotland
Red Valerian and
Lindesfarne Castle
Orchids and the ...
... Yorkshire Dales

Britain – May 2015

Red Campions
on the Ridgeway
and cliff
and cliff
Red Campion
East of The Rumps
Red Campion,
Gorse, cliffs
Gorse, cliffs
squill, violets
Red Campion,
back to Pt Isaacs
fence, stack
Common Kidney
Vetch, reef
daisies, sea
Thrift x 2,
cliff, rock platform
in wood

Oberthurgau – May 2015

East from Nesslau
towards Wildhaus,
with Ragged Robins
Further upstream,
with dandelions
and buttercups
beflowered meadow
Into the upper valley,
with buttercups
Back downstream,
with marsh orchids
view of house
Birds-eye Primroses,
2300m mountains
Globeflowers, and
west to the Rhein
Scenic view of,
um, grass-heads
View, with
Small bog,
blue grass
From the southern
slopes above Wildhaus
Matted Globularia,
Kidney Vetch
Birdseye Primroses ...
... on the southern
face of Säntis ...
... and looking south

Sellrain – May 2015

Loiseleuria and
Primula minima
Eastern end of the
above Salzburg
A field of
Meadow flowers
back in the valley

Dolomites – Jun 2015

Mixed Flowers
Moss Campion
and rocks

Ossau – Jun 201

Horseshoe Vetch
Heaven Valley,
Pic di Ossau du Midi
Up on the Frit field,
looking down-valley
In the same area,
looking up-valley

Pyrenees – Jun 2016

Meadow Saxifrage,
Soum de la Péne
Water Speedwell,
in situ
Daphne cneorum,
at Troumousse
Burnt Orchid,
above our gites
Soum de la Péne ...
... looking WSW ...
... to the Col
d'Aubisque ...
... with Erinus alpinus
and Rockrose

Alpes-Maritimes – Jun 2016

Pass and Catsfoot
Maritime Alps Pansy
Col de Vars
Meadow Flowers,

Dolomites – Jun 2016

Vezzana, with
Primula minima
Meadow Flowers ...
... above Predazzo ...
... 200m from our hotel

Tuxertal – Jun 2016

Rift Valley
Spring Gentians,
Mountain Avens
Alpine Lake,
Primula glutanea
With Primula minima
With P. glutinosa ...
... and excessively ...
... photogenic

Berner Oberland – Jun 2016

Anemone narcissifolia
and the North Face
– BOb'16
Back to the Wetterhorn
Above Mürren
Eiger and Männlichen,
Early Marsh Orchids
and stream
Globeflowers, lowering
cliffs and
Musky Saxifrage,
nearing Gemmipass
Spring Gentians near Gemmipass

Haute-Savoie – Jun 2017

With Sanfoin
And even with dandelion heads!

Val d'Ubaye – Jun 2017

Pansies, path, trees
Mountain view,
with Mountain Pansies
Gentians, and
the Grand Seolan
Moss Campion and
Saxifraga paniculata
Rock Wall, Fouillouse
Anemone narcissifolia
Anemone baldensis
On the return leg

Dolomites – Jun 2017

Buckler's Mustard
and the NE wall
Rough Saxifrage,
rough surroundings
Alpenrosen and
Sassolungo ...
... from the lunch-spot
Sassoluongo to the S
Saxifraga caesia ...
... and closer up
Moss Campion

Zermatt – Jun 2017

Calamint and Gypsophila
Moss Campion and glacier
Violas and
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Ditto plus Moss Campion
Violas and
Zinalrothorn 4221m

Cornwall – May 2018

Red Campions and view
From Nare Head
Thrift, rocks, view
Foxgloves, cove, cove
Mossy rock
Flowers and cliffs

Haut Savoie – Jun 2018

Moss Campion near
Col de Seigne (2520m)
Flowers, incl. Gallium

Zillertal – Jun 2018

Georgie with Alpenrosen
Saxifraga caesia and friends

Vanoise – Jun 2018

Stream above Prolagnon ...
... from above that stream
Going up a valley ...
... and down the next
(with a big tumble
in the next cluster of rocks)

Dolomites – Jun 2019

Crocus field and
the San Martino group
The Sella group
with Globe Flowers
The Sasso Luongo
with Alpine Pask Flwrs
Erica and the
ever-photenic S.L.
Trumpet Gentian with
Birdseye Primula

Vanoises – Jun 2019

Aostatal – Jun 2019

Meadow Flowers
Succulents (Sedum?) and Veronica
Meadow Flowers
Rock, Garden

Bagolino – Early July 2022

Cornone di Blumone,
N of Bagolino
and Hypericum, etc.
Ditto and
Wood Ragwort, etc.
Orchids, Sainfoin,
view, Croce Domini
Rattling good view
Our hotel-owner's
parent's malga
Giant Bellflower,
S of Croce Domine

Dolomites – Mid-July 2022

Pordoi, Sella,
new species Crepis cobboni
Luzula and view NE
Alpine Sanfoin
and view West
Arnica, view South
Spiniest Thistle,
Marmolada east end
Grasses, view East
Monkshood, looking
West over Penia ...
... in portrait-mode
Senecio, with
Marmolada's killer glacier
Alpine Sainfoin,
Marmolada 3340m
Pinnacled Saxifrage, Marmolada
S. paniculata, Marmolada
Common Kidney Vetch,
and Sasso Loungo
Common Kidney Vetch,
and Marmolada
Wood Scabious,
and Marmolada

Vanoise – Mid-July 2022

Rising through 2100m,
with Lady's Bedstraw
At 2500m, Lac Long ...
... Large-Flwrd Leopardsbane
Upstream from Pralognan,
with Yellow Gentians

Haut Savoie – Late July

Willowherb, Mont Blanc
North of Beaufort
Gt Masterwort, below
Col du Bonhomme
Saxifraga aizoides ...
... Col du Bonhomme walk
Adenostyles beneath Bonhomme

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