The Upper Whiteman Line

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It contains the family-tree of her name-line, including her Great-Grandparents James and Caroline (1. below), and her Grandparents (Henry William and Mary Ann, child 8. below).

Rene's blood-relations in the Whiteman line are picked out in bold-face type.

Rene's immediate family is on a separate page.

John WHITEMAN (1790s?->1816)
Bruce Weir has seen evidence that John was a blacksmith
m. Mary ? (1790s?->1816)

  1. James WHITEMAN (1816/17-1899)
    James was b. 5 Apr 1816 - 4 Apr 1817, chr. 09 Feb 1817 at Maulden
    (Maulden is the nearest village to Houghton Conquest, 5 km south)
    m. Caroline Wagstaff (1820-1893) on 8 Oct 1838 (Cert L, R)
    Caroline was chr. 5 Mar 1820 at Houghton Conquest (or 1821? or 1817-18?)
    [Courtesy of Jane Gravelle, we have a good picture of the Wagstaff line.]
    James was a Blacksmith in Maulden (the shed behind the Flying Horse pub, said Fred Roberts).
    Here are the family's 1841 Census entry and extract, with their first two children. Here are the 1851 Census entry and extract, the 1861 Census entry and extract, the 1871 Census entry and extract, and the 1881 Census entry and extract.
    The children's births were spread over 22 years, when Caroline was 19-22 (had at least one Child), 20-23 (Died Young), 25-28 (Died Young), 26-29 (Ch), 30-33 (D > 11), 32-35 (DY?), 38-41 (Ch) and 41-44 (Ch).
    Rene's line, the family of the 8th child, lost contact with the other lines from the 1930s onwards, with the exception of Beryl Hawkes (who also had only a very vague knowledge of her family). Contact was only re-established with the family of the 4th child, the Dunkleys, in 2008, when Caroline Dickens discovered this web-page. That was after the deaths of all three of the 8th child's grandchildren, i.e. of the whole 1925-2000 generation in my line.
    Caroline d. Sept Qtr 1893 at Ampthill, at 76 (cf. the expected 73?) (3b, p. 236)
    James d. June Qtr 1899, at Ampthill, at 82 (3b, p. 230)
    1. George Whiteman (1839->1920)
      b. or chr. 3 Feb 1839, Houghton Conquest
      m. Mary Ann Davis (1838->1859), on 7 Nov 1859 in Radwell Beds.
      in the 1881 Census, they were in Chapel End, as Farm Labourer and Lacemaker
      Mary Ann may have d. <1909, because she's not mentioned in George's Will of 1909
      George d. 1920s
      1. Arabella Whiteman (c. 1859->1910) in Houghton Conquest
        Possibly Anabella, sometimes confused with her aunt 2. immediately below
        m. Harry Rule on 19 Dec 1891
        Harry was b. c. 1860, engineer of Mortlake Surrey
        As far as we know, there was no further issue in this line
    2. Annabelle or Arabella Whiteman (1840->1874)
      She was b. c. Nov 1840, chr. 10 Jan 1841, Houghton Conquest
      m1 ? Luton, but if so then it must have been early and brief
      m2 Henry LOWIN, children 1-3
      Henry was b. 1839 Luton
      1. Emma Lowin (1860->1887)
        Emma was b. 1860 Luton
        m. Moses SIBLEY (1858->1886) in 1878, Luton
        Moses was b. 1858 Luton
        1. Lizzie Sibley (1886->1925)
          Lizzie was b. 1886 Luton
          m. Alfred HAWKES
          Alfred was b. 1885 Luton
          1. Beryl Hawkes (1925-1992?)
            Beryl was b. 1925 Luton

          2. Click on the thumbprints below for photos of Beryl, firstly c.1955 at 30?, then in 1977 at 52, lunching at the Bedford Arms, Woburn, with her second cousins in the Henry William line, Maggie and Joyce:
        2. Nellie Sibley (1887-?)
          Nellie was b. 1887 Luton
      2. Elizabeth Lowin (1863-1863)
        b. 1863 d. 1863 Luton
      3. Elizabeth Lowin (1874-?)
        A second Elizabeth was b. 1874
    3. William Whiteman (1845-1845)
      chr. 4 May 1845, Houghton Conquest
      d. June Qtr 1845
    4. Mary Ann Whiteman (1847->1891)
      b. 25 Feb 1847, chr. 10 Mar 1847, Houghton Conquest (Cert)
      m. William DUNKLEY, 22 Dec 1865 (Cert), when Mary Ann was 18/19 years of age.
      A separate page provides an outline of the substantial Dunkley line.
    5. Elizabeth Whiteman (1849->1861)
      Elizabeth was b. 5 Apr 1849 - 10 Jul 1849, chr. 11 Jul 1849, Houghton Conquest
      She d. > 4 Apr 1861
    6. William Henry Whiteman (1852-<1861)
      chr. 11 Jul 1852, Houghton Conquest
      d. young?, < 4 Apr 1861?
    7. Emma Susan Whiteman (1856->1891)
      b. 5 Apr 1856 - 13 Sep 1856, chr. 14 Sep 1856, Houghton Conquest
      m. 9 Apr 1882 Alfred William LITCHFIELD (c. 1857->1891)
      Alfred was b. c. 1857
      Both d. > 4 Apr 1891
      We have no further knowledge of this line beyond the 1891 Census. In 2008, there were 21 Litchfields listed in the White Pages in and near Bedford, but none in Houghton Conquest itself.
      Here's the family's 1891 Census entry and extract
      1. Eva Litchfield, b. Bedford 5 April 1883 - 4 April 1884
      2. Harold Litchfield, b. Bedford 5 April 1885 - 4 April 1886
      3. Ella Litchfield, b. Houghton Conquest 5 April 1886 - 4 April 1887
      4. Horace Litchfield, b. Bedford 5 April 1888 - 4 April 1889
      5. Hilda Litchfield, b. Bedford March 1890
    8. Henry William Whiteman (1861-1900/1916?)
      b. 1 Jun 1861 (Cert L, R), chr. 19 Jul 1861
      (A mystery arises from Henry's birth certificate, in the form of his mother's maiden name. It's recorded as 'Caroline Whiteman formerly Wright'. We understand her previous name to have been Wagstaff. Unless further evidence comes to light, I'm assuming this was a Registrar's error).
      m. Mary Ann (Polly) SMART (1860-1934)
      They were m. Dec qtr 1886 (Ampthill, 3b 787)
      Polly was b. 15 Jul 1860 (Cert), in Houghton Conquest.
      [Polly's parents were Henry Smart b. 1833/34 and Ann formerly WEBB b. 1836/37. The family lived in Houghton Conquest. Here's the Smart family's 1861 Census entry and extract. Henry Smart died between the ages of 48 and 58, and Ann not earlier than the age of 55, because Ann is a widow in the Census entry of 1891.
      [As shown in the Census entries for 1871 and 1881, Polly was the 2nd of 8 children. Polly's younger sister Emily (b. 1868) married Henry's nephew Thomas Dunkley (under child no. 4 above). Although Henry was Thomas' uncle, Thomas was only 7 years younger than Henry.]
      Here's Henry, Mary Anne and two children in the 1891 Census entry and extract
      Between 1860 and 1891, Henry has changed from Farm Laborer to Railway Labourer.
      (Mar Qtr 1895, at 33, at Ampthill Vol 3b, p.277, kids 13, 6 and <3?)
      Henry d. c. 1900?, Fred thought in a railway accident (or c. 1916, someone else said??).
      Here's the 1901 Census entry and extract – without Henry.
      Mary Ann d. Sept Qtr 1934 (Ampthill 3b p.334).
      We're not aware of anyone ever having had photos of Henry, nor of any of his forebears.
      Click on the thumbprints below for photos of Mary Ann c. 1900?, and in 1933. In the 1933 photo, she's in the centre, with her sister Emily on the right and Emily's daughter Lizzie on the left. For more details on them, see the Dunkley line. The third photo is a clipping from the second one, mounted on a postcard, that is in the possession of Irene Dunkley:
      1. Herbert SMART (1882-1952)
        b. Houghton Conquest 3 Jun 1882 (Cert L, R)
        m. Maud Emma Irons (1884/86-1958)
        They were m. 16 Jun 1923
        A separate page provides Herbert's and Maud's family, incl. Maggie Roberts.
      2. Edward John (Ted) Whiteman (1889-1965)
        b. Houghton Conquest 1889
        m1 Mary Ann Elizabeth Whittington (1891-1938)
        They were m. 24 Dec 1915
        Children 1 and 2
        m2 Betty Carpenter (?-1970s) in the 1940s?
        A separate page provides Ted's family, incl. Joyce Morris, and David.
      3. James Whiteman (1893-1954)
        b. Houghton Conquest 31 May 1893 (Cert L, R)
        m. Hannah Russell (1892-1952)
        They were m. 27 Feb 1916, Portsmouth (Cert L, R)
        A separate page provides Jame's and Hannah's family, incl. Rene Clarke, and me.

This page benefited from a lot of research by Anne Kratzmann, my cousin on the other side of the family. Some information was added in 2010 from Whiteman family researcher Bruce Weir, of Kanata, near Ottawa

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