Electronic Payment Mechanisms
Roger Clarke

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Electronic Conference

This page is intended as the starting point for an electronic conference on Electronic Markets, sponsored by the MCB Journal 'Logistics Information Management', and managed by Andy Bytheway of Cranfield School of Management, Bedford in the United Kingdom.

To contribute to the EPM sub-conference, please email to the convenor, Roger Clarke, using the subject heading EPM (to ensure that my email filter places it in the right in-tray).


The term 'electronic payment mechanism' refers to ways in which value can be transferred and debts can be settled, using electronic tools.

This page comprises the following sections:

A companion page is available, which provides the following sections:

* general reference sites;

* research sites;

* teaching sites;

* Australian government and related sites;

* U.S. and other government sites;

* international trade;

* commercial and services directories;

* industry associations;

* intermediaries and other community service pages;

* a few sample marketers' pages;

* some sample Australian sites;

* 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) documents;

* electronic and electronically available periodicals;

* some relevant emailing lists.


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