The Upper Capelin Line

Linda's Father's Mother's Line

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Here's a list of Linda's 6 Forebears who were Expeditioners

This is the top-level page of the Capelin family, which arrived in Australia in 1881.
Linda's line is at 3.1 below.

It also includes the origins of the related Australian Perin family, which followed 2 generations later, in 1927.
That line is at below. (Sonia and Yvette nee Bianco are Linda's 4th cousins once-removed).

To find other pages within this section, including information about the two names, go to the Capelin index-page.

Filippo Perin (?1640s-?) [G8F]
m. Domenica

Zuanne Perin (1667-?) [G7F]
b. 3 Mar 1667
m. Maria

Antonio Perin (1690-?) [G6F]
m. Mattia

Gio-Batta Perin (1726-?) [G5F]
m. Pasqua Pizzinato

Valentino Perin (1765-?) [G4F]
b. 15 Feb 1765
m. Margarita Fiorlan

  1. Antonio Perin (1798-1875)
    m. Maria Colombera ??
    m1. Angela De Lorenzi
    Children 1-4
    Angela d. 1838
    m2. Lucia Federigo/Mattiuzzi
    Child 5
    Antonio d. 1875
    1. Angelo Perin (1821-?)
      1. Agostino Perin
        Extant children in Italy?
      2. Domenica Perin
      3. Giovanni Perin
      4. Sebastiano
      5. Gio-Maria Perin (1866-?)
        m. Teresa Dall'Anese
        1. Antonio Perin
        2. Giuseppe-Angelo Perin
          Many children, and many descendants extant in Italy
        3. Carlo-Giovanni Perin
        4. Eugenio Tiziano Perin
        5. Antonietta Perin
          m. Piero CIGANA
          Some children, possibly some descendants extant in Italy
        6. Giovanni Sante Perin (1904-?)
          Migrated from Albina to Lismore in 1927, aged 23
          (after meeting Antonio Nardi in 1923 on Antonio's return to Albina from New Italy)
          Giovanni returned to Italy in 1931
          m. Oliva Teresa Dardenga
          They went back to Australia in 1933, Giovanni then aged 29.
          They spent 6 months in Italy again, post-WWII, in 1948, Giovanni then aged 44
          1. Leo Perin
            No children
          2. Bruno Perin
            No children
          3. Elda Perin, b. 1938
            b. 23 Sep 1938
            Spent 6 months in Italy aged 10 (and sulked in order to get home to Australia)
            m. Romiro Ferrucio BIANCO
            1. Roberto Antonio Bianco
              2 children
            2. Sonia Veronica Bianco
              3 children
            3. Yvette Anne Bianco
              2 children
          4. Albino Perin
            m. Margaret Brockenshire
            1. Tony Perin
              m. Cheryl
              2 children
            2. Tania Perin
              2 children
            3. Kristina Perin
              m. Mathew Larnach
              2 children
        7. Pietro Eugenio Perin
        8. Pierina Iolanda Perin
      6. Antonio Perin
      7. Giacomo-Andrea Perin
        Many children, and many descendants extant in Italy
    2. Valentino Perin (1825-?)
      b. 29 Mar 1825
      m. Elizabetta Fracas
      4 children, extant children in Italy
    3. Giacomo Perin (1832-?)
      b. 6 Oct 1832
      No children
    4. Domenico Perin (1836-?)
      b. 5 Mar 1836
      8 children, children extant in Italy
    5. Antonio Giovanni Battista (1839-)
      b. 31 Jan 1839
      1 child, children extant in Italy
  2. Giuseppe Perin (1803-?)
    b. 3 Feb 1803
    m. Giovanna Poletto
    1. Giovanni Perin (1828-?)
      b. 14 Sep 1828
      No children?
    2. Giacomo Perin (1838-?)
      b. 13 Apr 1838
      No children?
  3. Giacomo Perin (1810-?) [G3F]
    b. Cavolano (9km E of Orsago),10 May 1810
    Steve Capelin's site offers a family tree going back five generations to the early-mid 1600s, mirrored here.
    m. Teresa Cattai (?1815-?)
    Lived in some or all of Cavolana, Orsago and Gaiarine/Girran, which form a 10km triangle.
    3 children
    1. Lorenzo Perin (1837-1915) [G2F]
      Expeditioner, via Port Breton, to NSW in 1880-81
      Here is Lorenzo's considerable family in Australia (including Linda)
      The man, and the line, was known from April 1881 onwards as Capelin
    2. Fedele Perin (1840-1927)
      Lived his life in Veneto
      m. Rose Manfré
      They had 3 children (1870s)
      There appear to be extant descendants – but they may be in France rather than Italy
    3. Pietro Perin (1841-?)
      Lived his life in Veneto
      Married twice, and had 5 children (1880s-90s)
      There appear to be extant descendants – but they may be in France rather than Italy
  4. Gio-Maria Perin (1810)


These Capelin pages were originally established on the basis of the records of Ray Spinaze (1914-2006).

A great deal was progressively added from these sources:

The site also draws on the following publications:

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See also:

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