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This is the index-page for a collection of information about the family tree of Linda Spinaze, b. in Dorrigo NSW on 30 August 1952. As with any family history site, it's a work-in-progress:

The Family Web of Linda Spinaze and her siblings
This provides an overview, and offers a good starting-point.

And here's 'A Cool Discovery', just to show that this site isn't all po-faced Family History.

The Spinaze Line (Ray's Father)

The Capelin Line (Ray's Mother)
This is complicated. Clarification of the Perin/Capelin/Tome complex is here.

Both the Spinaze and Capelin lines arrived in Australia as part of the failed 1880-81 Expedition to Port Breton in New Ireland. In fact, Australia's first 'boat people' - economic refugees very nearly lost at sea. They were then among the founders of New Italy in northern N.S.W. Here's an outline of the story.

Georgina Cochrane's Lines

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