Statement on Online Australia Day, 27 November 1999

Roger Clarke

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This Statement was prepared on and for Online Australia Day, minor revision of 29 November 1999

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Over five years ago, I laid out what the Government needs to do to lead, stimulate, co-ordinate and regulate the country's information infrastructure.

Here's the 'state of the e-nation', as I see it on 27 November 1999:

In short:

In my 1998 statement on Online Australia Day, I said that "For the Information Society to underpin the Information Economy ..., it is essential that access be ubiquitous. Access to the information infrastructure must not be thought of as a paid service, or as an optional extra; rather it must become available to everyone, everywhere, just as readily as the air that they breathe, and the shopping centres, pubs, clubs and coffee-shops that they congregate in"; and I was upbeat about our prospects of achieving accessibility, and e-competing with the best in the world.

A year later, I'm downcast, because the Commonwealth Government is making a complete botch of its responsibilities.


My 1994 monograph was called 'Information Infrastructure for The Networked Nation'.

My site provides materials relating to many relevant matters, including the Information Economy, the marketspace, 'cyberculture', and public policy aspects of the information infrastructure.


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Created: 27 November 1999

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