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From: Christine Chiu <pitsco@PITSCO.COM>

Subject: Re: Filtering unsuitable Internet material

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Here you'll find software that limits access to inappropriate sites on the internet and to your computer, and further down, resources and articles for those doing research. But you may want to consider:

12 Reasons Why Schools Should Avoid Filtering

At Ease

A security program that lets people share a Macintosh while protecting importa applications and documents. It can protect files from young children at home, or prevent unauthorized configuration changes to a shared computer at work.

BDW Software


download for Windows

Filters and blocks adult oriented material, graphics and language from Internet news-groups, chat areas, World Wide Web pages and e-mail. For stand alone PC's and networks.

Solid Oak Software, Inc. Post Office Box 6826 Santa Barbara, CA 93160 USA

Sales: (800) 388-2761 (US and Canada) Business: (805) 967-9853 Fax (805) 967-1614 E-Mail:

Cyber Patrol


(717) 393-1000 (717) 390-4378 FAX 1-800-638-1639 1-800-471-2248 (Bulk Orders) E-Mail:

Eight safe-surf programs


For Mac and Windows Used in thousands of schools nationwide for classroom, lab, library, home and office Macintoshes. FoolProof for Windows is a computer security program which allows you to provide multiple layers of protection for your computer. With FoolProof you can protect files, limit the creation of directories and new files, disable access to applications, limit or deny access to DOS, and prevent people from changing the program manager. You can also create user groups which allow you to create different levels of security for different users.


for Windows 95

1-800-285-2662 ext: 3090 214-424-7882 E-Mail:

The Internet Filter for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1

Contact: Bob Turner

Monitors, filters, analyzes, and logs internet access.

Turner Investigations, Research and Communication

Box 151, 3456 Dunbar St. Vancouver, BC, Canada V6S-2C2

Phone/Fax: (604) 733-5095 E-Mail:


download for Macintosh, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95

All major browsers except America Online's, CompuServe's, and Prodigy's.

National Computer Security Association


download evaluation copy

Filters words, phrases or sites.


Net Shepherd

Democratically rates and filters World Wide Web sites and selectively supervise access.

Safe Surf

download from SurfWatch

Developed and implementing the Internet Rating Standard

SurfWatch Software

175 South San Antonio Road, Suite 102 Los Altos, California 94022

Phone 415-948-9500 Fax 415-948-9577 1-800-458-6600 E-Mail:


Block what is being received at any individual computer, children and others have less chance of accidentally or deliberately being exposed to unwanted material.

SurfWatch Software

175 South San Antonio Road, Suite 102 Los Altos, California 94022

Phone 415-948-9500 Fax 415-948-9577 1-800-458-6600 E-Mail:



Windows 3.1 and 3.11 application designed to monitor and restrict computer activity.

Solid Oak Software, Inc.

Post Office Box 6826 Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Sales: (800) 388-2761 (US and Canada) Business: (805) 967-9853 Fax (805) 967-1614 E-Mail:

Web Doggie - MIT Media Lab

From the MIT Media Lab, a personalized WWW document filtering system that attempts to alleviate the information overload problem faced by WWW users. WEBDOGGIE provides you with your very own personalized WWW agent that periodically (or on demand) recommends new WWW documents to you based on what WWW documents you have expressed a liking for in the past.

Bad Sex Sites Found while "filtered."

Ballad of an EMail Terrorist

What do you do when your fourth grade student receives an obscene email message? This article describes a recent real problem and how it can be managed.

Child Safety on the Information Superhighway

Child Safety On the Information Highway

For parents, teachers, and kids published by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The brochure identifies the benefits, myths, and risks of using the Internet.

Creating a Child Safe Internet

The major events that have lead to the current state of Cyberspace.

Filtering & Internet Child Safety Information


Information Filtering Resources

Designed as a resource for people conducting research in information filtering

Leading Internet Software Companies Announce Plan to Enable Parents to "Lock out" Access to Materials Inappropriate to Children

What's a (Teacher, Parent, Administrator) to Do?

How should educators react when confronted in the classroom with the Internet's seamier side -- the online adult bookstore phenomenon? A thoughtful approach that lets cool heads prevail.

Internet Service Providers for K-12

A list of internet access options for K-12 teachers by state. If after looking at your state, a straightforward solution is not suggested, try this page:

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