Walks – 2021

So far, just Australian Alps

Following the COVID-19 year of 2020 was ... the COVID-19 year of 2021 ...

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Australian Alps – 5-8 and 24-25 Jan 21

First a lots-of-family event, staying at Tigh na Bruaich for 4 nights, 4 short walks; and then a couple of days with native plants devotees Brigitta and Kris.
incl. Porcupine, Stillwell and again, Ramsheads and again, and Boboyan Trig. Useful area map here, also mirrored

Porcupine Rocks – 5 Jan 21

5km return ex Perisher Valley, 1720-1925m, +/- 220m

Re-growth, post-2003
View from Porc Rocks
over Bullocks Flat ...
... looking the other way
The saddle, northern side,
Kasia proprietorial
Approaching Perisher
Skeletons, re-growth,
lowering sky
Mt Wheatley 1905m,
more skeletons
Back up to the saddle

Mt Stillwell – 6 Jan 21

5km return ex Charlottes Pass, 1840-2040m, +/- 220m

The Party, on the
incline above the Pass
Back down to the Village
near the cloudline
The mid-level rock gardens
Snow-gum rock garden
at 1925m
Troy up the steps
Pentachondra pumila
North to Mt Clarke
Lifts old and new

The Ramsheads – 7 Jan 21

6km return ex Top Thredbo, 1930-2140m, +/-230m

Cosying up to
the alpine flowers
East to Lake Jindabyne
A Ramshead Tarn
A Ramshead Streamlet ...
... and its surrounds
Granite Garden,
Euphrasia and alpine sunrays
West past Kosciusko to
Victoria in the distance
North across the Thredbo Valley

Boboyan Trig (sthn Namadgi N.P.) – 8 Jan 21

4km return on Yerambi Track, 1300-1470m, +/-230m

Burnt Log,
from the Jan 2020 Fire
View NNW,
Bimberi to Gingera
Good ground-level recovery
Good epicormic recovery

Mt Stillwell – 24 Jan 21

2.5km up from Charlottes Pass, 1840-2040m, +220m, -260m
Coming back, we traversed across through very deep herbfields to above the village, and followed the path down through the trees.

Lower Flank
West to Mts Clarke and
Lee, Townsend behind
Charlottes Pass
Parking Station
Herbfields, NE
towards Perisher
N towards Mts
Twynam and Tate,
Jagungal behind, 30km away
On Mt Stillwell, looking
SW along Kangaroo Ridge at
Ramsheads, Etheridge, Kosci flank
Top of the forest-path,
Rt Mt Stillwell (West),
Left Little Stillwell (SW)
Old Snowgum, in the
forest above the village

The Ramsheads – 25 Jan 21

7km return ex Top Thredbo, 1930-2150m, +/-300m
This time we exited the Dead Horse Gap track a bit over 1km SW of the starting-point, then worked across herbfields and four rocky ridges, across the northern flank of Ramshead, looked at the views steeply down Swampy Plain River, then back inside North Ramshead. Map here. To my surprise, we found only a few small Feldmark areas on the exposed western slopes.

Startpoint, turning right
off the DHG track
Granite-formations and stream ...
... typical of Ramshead Ridge
Stream near the steep
drop to the Murray R. in Vic
Ramshead 2193m,
eastern face
Looking W down Swampy Plain R.
Nearby, looking NW
Kosciusko, L. Cootapatamba
Lunchspot, looking at
Ramshead North 2177m
Rocks and Stream ...
featuring what Linda
dubbed 5 Finger Rocks ...
... Granite, but ...
... with some marble ...
... scattered in the stream?
Back above Top Thredbo
an hour before the storm

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