Family Album

This page contains a few photographs of families, plus some of individuals and small groups that we can't yet allocate to particular branches.

The significance of this is that almost none of our branch ever knew any of these people, and in most cases we never knew they existed until about 2000.

As the text associated with each photo makes clear, a great deal of this is guesswork. We'd love some advice please!

Click on the small versions of the photos to see larger versions.

Shot 1 – Clarke Reunion – 1928-1930? and Jun-Sep?


The people who we believe we know are in bold-face type below. The rest of the text is guesswork. (A couple of changes were made after David Clarke sent us his thoughts about who several of the people were).

The year is based on our interpolations of people's ages, esp. Dorothy's self-assessment of about 4, plus Barbara's genealogy group assessment based on clothing of 1925-30.

The months are based on the fully-leaved bushes.

It's unlikely to be a party for Rue and Rosie (who were married 1 Jan 1928, and had children in Oct 1928 and Aug 1930), because they're standing apart, and not centrally.

13. Nettie and 7. Charles Copeland seem to be central. For them, during 1928-30, Charles turned 13-15, Gwen turned 2-4, and ?! Keith Copeland was born on 1 Jun 1928.

1. Rue Clarke, Kate's child 11, 26 in 1930

2. Frederick Clarke, Kate's child 4, 42 in 1930 (Dot)
OR Bert(ie) Clarke, Kate's child 5, 40 in 1930 (David)


OR Bert's partner, Betty

5. Victoria/Queenie Abbott nee Clarke, Kate's child 8, 33 in 1930, and married to Fred (person 9) since 1915.
(Dot said is was Vera Clarke/Bedford, Kate's child 9, 32 in 1930. But Vera's face was fuller)

6. Rosie Clarke, wife of No. 1, Rue Clarke, m. 1 Jan 1928, 22 in 1930

7.Charles Copeland, husband of No. 13, Nettie, 50 in 1930 (confirmed by Maureen Copeland and by Dorothy)

8. Elizabeth Clarke-Devereaux, 28 in 1930 (confirmed by her daughter Dorothy)
OR ?young Charles Copland, son of Charles and Nettie, 15 in 1930?

9. Fred Abbott, husband of No. 5 above, Queenie, 37 in 1930 (confirmed by several people)

10. UNKNOWN. Fred Abbott seems to have his hand on her shoulder, but we think his 8yo daughter Joyce may be 16.

11. Lawrence Clarke, Kate's child 7, 34 in 1930
(confirmed by his daughter Dorothy)

12. ?Vera, Kate's 9th child, 32 in 1930 (but by then with 2yo and 7yo sons). Probably not Betty, partner of Bertie, 35 in 1930

13. Kate's child 3. Nettie (Kate) Copeland-Clarke, 43 in 1930

14. Kate Davies-Clarke-Davidge, 65 in 1930

15. Philip Davies, Kate's husband, 65 in 1930

16. ?Joyce Abbott - maybe 7, b. 1922, d. 1942
(Dorothy expects she was there)

17. Dorothy Clarke, Lawrence and Elizabeth's daughter - maybe 4, b. 13 Jan 1925

18. ?Gwen Copeland - maybe 4, b. 1926

19. Bert(ie) Clarke, Kate's child 5, 40 in 1930 (Dot)
or Frederick Clarke, Kate's child 4, 42 in 1930 (David).

20. Neither Bert nor Fred had a child, so who is it?
?Charles' and Nettie's 3rd child Keith b. Jun 1928? 2-1/2 in late 1930? Seems unlikely
OR ?Donald Clarke (Rue and Rose's first child), 2 in 1930?

21. ?Doll or Baby?? If Baby, then possibly ?Keith Copland (child of Nos. 7 and 13) b. 1 Jun 1928 or ?Donald Clarke (child of Nos. 1 and 6) b. 20 Oct 1928

Shot 2 – Wedding? 1948-54?

Source: Barbara Copeland-Sidebotham (Nettie's grand-daughter)

Left to Right:

  1. No. 2's wife, Elizabeth Clarke-Devereaux, 49-53
  2. Kate's 7th: Lawrence Clarke, 54-59
  3. Kate's 8th: Victoria Ellen (Queenie) Clarke-Abbott, 53-58
  4. Kate's 3rd: Kate Antoinette (Nettie) Clarke-Copland, 63-68
  5. Gwen Copland-Watson, Nettie's 2nd, 24-29
  6. Kate's 10th: Vera Clarke-Shaw, 52-57

The dress and corsages suggest a wedding. Nettie's is the largest. It can't be Charles junior's or Gwen's. So maybe Keith or Pat's?

Barbara said this is how she remembers her Grandma (Nettie), when Barbara first knew her, so end 1940s / early 1950s

Shot 3 – Bertie? Fred? 1900-1910?

Source: the Kay family in Cleethorpes

Either Bertie (16 in 1906)
Or Fred (16 in 1904)

Shot 4 – Bertie? Fred? Clarke, c. 1916?

Source: the Kay family in Cleethorpes

Bertie Clarke was 26 in 1916 (Dorothy didn't hesitate)

The badge appeared to me to be Ordnance Corps, but I can't confirm that. The most similar in this catalogue is the Royal London Fusiliers Regiment. (The only others like it were the Grenadier Guards?? or The Honourable Artillery Company, Infantry Batallion??).

I can infer little from the uniform, cap and lanyard.

We know Bertie served, and suffered.
We're not aware of whether Fred served.

Shot 5 – Bertie/Fred and Nettie? 1919?

Source: Maureen Copeland, young Charles' wife

From what Maureen said, Anne suspects:

Background, Left to Right:

  1. ?Bertie's short-term wife, Beatrice Elks?, m. 1916
    OR who?
  2. Bertie Clarke (Dorothy didn't hesitate), b. 1890
    OR Fred Clarke (Anne's preference)

Foreground, Left to Right:

  1. ?
  2. Charles Copeland jnr, aged 4?
  3. Kate (Nettie) Clarke-Copeland, aged 32?

Shot 6 – Bertie/Fred and who? 1926?
(I think they're play-acting, so id is even harder)

Source: Maureen Copeland

Man at Right-Back:

  • Bertie Clarke (Dorothy didn't hesitate)
    OR Fred (Anne's preference)
Beside him:
  • Bertie's partner, Betty?
    OR who?

Left and Right of him:

  • ?
The children:
  • ?

Shot 7. – 1939

Source: Maureen Copeland

Charles jnr and Maureen's wedding, 10 June 1939

Charles Edward Copeland aged 59, Kate (Nettie) Copeland aged 52, Charles N. Copeland aged 24, Maureen Neale aged 23, Maureen's mother Mary Louise Neale nee Dowse (Maureen's father may have pre-deceased the event)

Shot 8 – mid-to-late 1920s?

Source: TEXT

Older Couple on Right:

  1. unknown - Kate and Philip Davies??

Partly obscured woman at centre-top:

  1. Charles Copland's sister??

Shot 9 – Lawrence, 1911-16?

Source: TEXT

Lawrence Clarke (according to his daughter, Dorothy)

Lawrence was 15-20 in 1911-16


Shot 10 – Rue and Lawrence, 1922-24?

Source: TEXT

A Pre-Wedding Photo?
The unknown seated bloke is presumably the groom?

Left to Right:

  1. Rue Clarke, apparently 18-20, hence the guess of 1922-24
  2. Unknown. (Barbara wondered about Louis Kay, but he was b. 1886, so he was 10 years older than Lawrence and 18 years older than Rue, and he and Violet were m. in 1908)
  3. Lawrence Clarke, presumably 26-28 (confirmed by his daughter, Dorothy, who thought he looked 30). Lawrence married in 1924

Shot 11 – Bertie and Betty, 1919-30?
OR Fred and wife, after 1926?

Source: TEXT

Bertie, with his later partner, Betty (not the woman who was briefly his wife, Beatrice). Hence after about 1919. (Anne had surmised this, and Dorothy confirmed it)


Fred and his somewhat 'unworldly' young wife, after 1926

Shot 12 – 1941?

Source: TEXT

Dorothy Clarke, Lawrence's daughter, later Docwra

Dorothy says it was taken for John to carry with him when he went off to the Fleet Air Arm. She said she was 16 at the time, so mid-1941. She's wearing a brooch John made in the shape of wings from some perspex from damaged planes.

Shot 13 – YEAR?

Source: TEXT

Anne thought this might have been Lawrence Clarke and Dorothy, about 1938-40, but Dorothy had no idea who it is

Shot 14 – 1915-18

Source: from the Kay family in Cleethorpes

We haven't recognised anyone from the family.

Anne suggests Louis Kay may be in there somewhere. Louis was 30-36 in 1915-18. I can't pick him from this later shot.

From the badge, it's an RSC (Royal Service Corps) unit. Trust me, I was a member of RASC 1969-72, which used the same badge.

The letters 'Tran' are visible on the door, suggesting it's a Transport Platoon. In my day, there were meant to be more men in a Transport Platoon, but in WWI, maybe not

We'd love to know more!

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