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The Plant: Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't these latest installments print right?
Some of you have had problems printing Installment IV, and we presume you'll also have similar issues with V. The problems usually are described as "I can print the first few pages of the PDF okay, then the remaining pages have just the lines at the top and bottom of the page. I printed the first 3 installments fine, what have you done differently?" The answer is that we've done nothing differently. We're creating the PDF's the same way as we have all along. The difference lies in the number of pages -- Installment IV is 57 pages, Installment V is 80 pages long. Installment III, in contrast, was only 40 pages. The issues lie with the amount of memory your computer and printer need to print these larger installments. If you are having problems printing, email us at and we'll send you a version that's been split into two parts.

Where has Installment I gone?
Installment I is no longer available. We left it up much longer than originally planned, but it's time for us to focus on the current and upcoming installments.

Why is Installment IV more expensive than the previous 3 installments?
Yes, Installment IV is more expensive -- at $2.00 -- but it's also longer AND you're only going to have to pay a total of $13. In Stephen's words:
"One thing I almost forgot, and that is the issue of pricing. Installments one, two and three are going to be available for $1. Further installments up to 8 will be available for $2 each. In other words, you complete financial liability for the first 8 installments of this story will be $13 or about the cost of a trade paperback or a hardcover novel offered at 40% discount in a chain bookstore. Any parts beyond 8-which would be the balance of the story, would be posted free."

How will I be able to pay for The Plant?
Follow the links on the Download page to "Download the Plant". Read the agreement, and choose either "I agree and will pay now ( Payments)" or "I agree and will pay later". If you choose "I agree and will pay now..." you will be taken to Payments. You can choose to pay by either Credit Card, by Check, or by Money Order. They will give you an address to send your check or money order. Once payment has been taken care of, you will be directed back to a page back on this site. That page will give you directions on how to download The Plant.

I've already downloaded The Plant, how do I pay?
Please go to

What software will I need?
You have a few choices available. If you'd prefer a nicely formatted version (in PDF format), you will need Acrobat Reader, a program available free from Adobe. It is available at If you'd like a version for your Handheld computer or eBook, you can download this in either PDB or OEB format. And, for WebTV users and those of you who are having problems getting your printer to work with Adobe Acrobat, we have text and HTML versions available.

I'm having trouble downloading Acrobat, where can I get help?
The best source of information is directly from Adobe's site at:

My download of The Plant doesn't print right, what should I do?
The best source of information is directly from Adobe's site at: If that doesn't work, please try an alternate format of the download (either HTML or TXT).

I am worried that people won't pay, can I pay a little extra?
Although we aren't asking you to do this, we have seen that many of you in your comments have asked if you can pay extra to help cover the costs of the dishonest people who will download The Plant and not pay. You should be applauded for this desire to pay -- and should be held out as an example to those of you reading this who are not planning to pay. You know who you are. No stealing from the blind newsboy. If you wish to pay more than $1, you can either send a check to the address specified at Payments or pay multiple times with your credit card and then do not download the file.

Can I print my copy of The Plant?
Absolutely. Print it up, we've even left room for you to have it bound, if you want.

How do I save The Plant to my computer?
When you arrive at the download page, you will see links for downloading the file. If you want to view and print the file, you can just click on a link and if you have Adobe Acrobat installed, the installment of The Plant will appear on your screen. If you want to save the installments on your hard drive (recommended), you'll need to follow the directions below.
PC Users
    Internet Explorer Users: Right click on the link and choose "Save target as..."
    Netscape Users: Right click on the link and choose "Save Link as..."
Mac Users
    Press and hold the mouse button over the link and choose "Save Link As..."

Will this work on my computer (Mac, PC, Linux, etc.)?
Acrobat Reader will run on many different operating systems, we advise that you go to for more information on the operating systems compatible with Acrobat Reader. It will not work on WebTV or a similar product that browses the Internet through your television.

Will this work on WebTV?
Yes. By your request, we've put up an HTML version of this.

How many installments will there be?
Stephen's comment: "Here's the truth: When I made a decision to post the first two installments of The Plant, my hopes of success weren't very high. Publicly, I have always expressed a great deal of confidence in human nature, but in private I have wondered if anybody would ever pay for anything on the Net. It now looks as though people will, and I am faced with the real possibility of finishing The Plant. I don't think anyone wants to buy 5,000 word installments over a period of over 20 months, and my experience with The Green Mile makes me think that interest would fade, anyway. Therefore, what I propose doing is this: Episode 2, 6-7,000 words; Episode 3, 10-12,000 words. Download price in both cases would remain $1. Installments 4 through 7 or 8 would be much longer-perhaps as long as 25,000 words-and the download price would go up to $2.50. What do you think about this? Will it work?

What if I don't want to pay by credit card?
If you don't want to, or can't pay by credit card, you can also pay by check or money order. See the Payments site for more information.

I'm not from the United States, how will my card be charged a dollar?
Your bank will automatically convert the dollar into your currency, and typically at a good exchange rate.

When does the next installment come online?
The sixth installment will go online in late December.


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