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Plant Species – Trees & Shrubs

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Southwater Downs is an 8-acre property on the escarpment 4km east of Robertson, in southern N.S.W. 3 acres are Robertson (lilli pilli) rainforest, and subject to a Conservation Agreement.

Lists of the plant species found on the property have been broken into:

  1. Trees and Shrubs (this page). The distinction between flowering plants and small shrubs (as between shrubs and small trees) is somewhat arbitrary. There are two tables:
  2. Vines
  3. Flowering Plants
  4. Grasses

Here are the References we've used in building up this information.


Italics: The species is stated in a relevant source (especially REPS) to be present in Robertson Rainforest, but we have yet to confirm their presence in our segment.

Bold Font: Species that are threatened (Vulnerable or Endangered under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 or the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)

Asterisk (*) and Bold Font: Species that are noxious or environmental weeds.

Photo-Links are to: our own photos (Us), the Australian Plant Image Index (APII), the Bega Valley Plant Index (Bega), the Australian Native Plants Society (ANPS), Wikipedia (WP), and the International Environmental Weed Foundation (IEWF).

Table 1: Native Species

Scientific Name
Our Species Image
Other Species Image
Common Name
Photo Links
Acacia melanoxylon  
Blackwood PlantNet REPS Bega Bega

Acmena smithii
aka Syzygium smithii

Lilly Pilly PlantNet REPS Bega
Alectryon subcinereus  
Native Quince PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Ceratopetalum apetalum  
Coachwood PlantNet REPS FOLC WP WM
Citriobatus pauciflorus
aka Pittosporum multiflorum
Orange Thorn Us PlantNet REPS Bega
Coprosma quadrifida  
Prickly Coprosma
Prickly Currant Bush
Native Currant
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Cryptocarya glaucescens  
Native Laurel
PlantNet REPS Daley's Bega
Diospyros australis  
Black Plum
Yellow Persimmon
Grey Plum
PlantNet REPS WP
Doryphora sassafras  
Sassafras PlantNet REPS WP Bega Bega
Elaeocarpus holopetalus  
Black Olive Berry
Mountain Blueberry
Mountain Quandong
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Eucalyptus fastigata  
Brown Barrel PlantNet REPS WP Bega Bega
Eucryphia moorei  
Eastern Leatherwood
Eastern Leatherwood
PlantNet REPS Rob-Blog Bega
Hedycarya angustifolia  
Native Mulberry PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Hymenanthera dentata
aka Melicytus dentatus
Tree Violet PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Livistona australis  
Cabbage-Tree Palm
Cabbage Fan-palm
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Notelaea venosa  
Veined Mock-olive
Smooth Mock-olive
Large-leaved Mock-olive
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Olearia argophylla  
Musk Daisy-Bush
Native Musk
Silver Shrub
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Pennantia cunninghamii  
Brown Beech PlantNet WP ANBG
Pittosporum undulatum  
Sweet Pittosporum
Native Daphne
Mock Orange
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Polyosma cunninghami  
Featherwood PlantNet REPS WP
Polyscias murrayi  
Pencil Cedar
Umbrella Tree
White Basswood
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Prostanthera lasianthos  
Victorian Christmas Bush PlantNet REPS Bega
Quintinia sieberi

Oops, no, maybe this is an introduced Laurel

Possumwood Us PlantNet REPS WP BDI
Rapanea howittiana
aka Myrsine howittiana
Brush Muttonwood PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Rubus moluccanus var trilobus  
Broadleaf Bramble
Molucca Bramble
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Rubus nebulosus  
Green-Leaved Bramble
Bush Lawyer
Rubus rosifolius  
Rose-Leaf Bramble
Native Raspberry
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Sambucus australasica  

Yellow Elderberry
Native Elderberry
Native Elder

PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
Senecio linearifolius
Fireweed Groundsel
Us Us PlantNet
Solanum aviculare  
Kangaroo Apple PlantNet REPS WP BRAIN Bega Bega Bega
Stenocarpus salignus  
Scrub Beefwood PlantNet REPS WP
Synoum glandulosum  
Scentless Rosewood PlantNet REPS Bega Bega Bega
Tasmannia insipida  
(Brush) Pepperbush PlantNet REPS BRAIN BDI
Tristaniopsis collina  
Mountain Water Gum
Hill Kanuka
PlantNet REPS Bega Bega

Table 2: Introduced Species

Scientific Name
Our Species Image
Other Species Image
Common Name
Photo Links
* Genista linifolia  
Flax-Leaf Broom PlantNet Bega
Ilex aquifolium  
(English or Common) Holly PlantNet WP IEWF
Ligustrum sinense  
Small Leaved Privet PlantNet Bega Bega Bega Bega
Lonicera japonica  
Japanese Honeysuckle PlantNet Bega Bega Bega Bega
Prunus laurocerasus

Unless it's a native Possumwood

Cherry Laurel PlantNet WP Bega
Phytolacca octandra
Ink Weed PlantNet Bega Bega
* Rubus fruticosus spp.agg.  
* Blackberry IEWF Bega Bega Bega Bega Bega Bega

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