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Plant Species – Flowering Plants

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Southwater Downs is an 8-acre property on the escarpment 4km east of Robertson, in southern N.S.W. 3 acres are Robertson (lilli pilli) rainforest, and subject to a Conservation Agreement.

Lists of the plant species found on the property have been broken into:

  1. Trees and Shrubs
  2. Vines
  3. (Small) Flowering Plants (on this page). The distinction between flowering plants and small shrubs is somewhat arbitrary. We've separated vines into their own page, but we're arbitrarily including on this page the ferns and any 'cryptogams' that we identify – mosses, liverworts, lichen and algae, and even fungus. There are two tables:
  4. Grasses

Here are the References we've used in building up this information.


Italics: The species is stated in a relevant source (especially REPS) to be present in Robertson Rainforest, but we have yet to confirm their presence in our segment.

Bold Font: Species that are threatened (Vulnerable or Endangered under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 or the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)

Asterisk (*) and Bold Font: Species that are noxious or environmental weeds.

Photo-Links are to: our own photos (Us), the Australian Plant Image Index (APII), the Bega Valley Plant Index (Bega), and the International Environmental Weed Foundation (IEWF).

Table 1: Native Species

Scientific Name
Our Species Image
Other Species Image
Common Name
Photo Links
Asplenium flabellifolium
  Necklace Fern APII APII Bega PlantNet
Geitonoplesium cymosum  
Scrambling Lily PlantNet REPS Bega Bega
? Geranium Sp.
Pteridium esculentum
or P. aquilinum
or P. aquilinum var. esculentum
    Bracken Fern PlantNet Bega Bega Bega Bega APII ANBG
? Solanum Sp.

Not seen in BDI
(Flower cf. S. aviculare, but leaf very different)


Table 2: Introduced Species

Scientific Name
Our Species Image
Other Species Image
Common Name
Photo Links
* Carduus nutans
  * Nodding thistle IEWF Bega Bega Bega
Cestrum elegans  
  PlantNet Bega
? Sisymbrium Sp.
? e.g. S. orientale
  Unsure Us Us
Tradescantia albiflora
aka Tradescantia fluminensis
  Wandering Jew
PlantNet Bega
Verbascum virgatum
  Twiggy Mullein
Green Mullein
PlantNet Bega

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