Linda and Roger's Southwater Downs - Animals

This page is to contain information about animals that are, or could be, on the property.

It's a place-marker right now, with only a couple of preliminary entries.

We're still developing a set of resources for fauna of the area.

We now have a list of a little over 300 species of fauna that have been sighted within 5km of Southwater Downs, although of course many of them would not be residents of the rainforest.

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Native Mammals

We've seen a rat scurry past.

But most are nocturnal.



Native Reptiles

We've seen a couple of small native frogs, incl. an unidentified one (photo below).

Native Birds

~ Resident / Sedentary:

~ Migratory:

~ Occasional:


There's a mass of things in the forest litter




Pictures of Animals

For larger images, click on the thumbnails below:

A Frog - 27 March 2011
Remarkably, I couldn't identify
it among the 31 species in
Frogs of the Southern Highlands and Illawarra!

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