Your Proxy-Vote is Needed

Roger Clarke, on behalf of a group of senior ACS members

20 November 2019

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The Situation

The ACS executive has given Notice of the AGM for Friday 29 November.

At that meeting, the ACS executive is seeking approval of the Minutes of the Special General Meeting on 25 October 2019.

Those Minutes should not be approved, particularly while the matter is before the court.

How to Cast Your Vote

Voting is only possible:

The In-Person-Vote Option

The meeting is being held in ACS HQ in Barangaroo on Fri 29 November 2019.
It's scheduled for 18:00.

The Proxy Option

Information about how to ensure a valid proxy is in the following section.

It will be necessary for at least 3 voting-qualified members who oppose the motion to be present at the meeting, in order ensure that a poll is held, and the proxy-votes are counted. The meeting chair might otherwise attempt to conduct the vote on a mere show of hands, which could result in proxies being ignored.

How to Provide a Valid Proxy Form

Preferred Approach

1. Download this form, to appoint Roger Clarke as your proxy

2. Fill in your details:

3. Select your decision regarding items 1 and 3:

4. Sign and date the document

5. Email an electronic or scanned copy of the form, to
It must reach me at latest LUNCHTIME on Tue 26 October.

Alternative Approaches

(a) You can appoint me as proxy using that form, but send the form in yourself, as directed on the Notice of Meeting. This provides the ACS executive with advance warning, and they can once again organise enough proxies For the motion to neutralise your vote;

(b) You can appoint the Chair using the standard proxy-form, and direct that your vote is against that motion. (If you cast an undirected motion, the chair will cast the vote For the motion). Again, this forewarns the ACS executive of your vote.