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Network Access in Australia FAQ

14 Mar 1994 09:35:18 GMT Monash University
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                   Network Access in Australia FAQ


Section 1: About this FAQ
Section 2: How do I get an internet account?
Section 3: What public access machines are in my area?
Section 4: What can I do once I'm on the internet?
Section 5: How can I find out more about the internet?
Section 6: How do I connect my own machine to the net?
Section 7: What network organisations are there in Australia?
Section 8: Why do these public networking people do it?
Section 9: How do I send mail between the various networks?
Section 10: Changes this month
Section 11: Disclaimer


From: OzNetFAQ Section 1
Subject: Section 1: About this FAQ

This is my compilation of information on public networking in
Australia. It contains information on the various organisations
providing network access, how to get an account with network access,
and how to attach your own machine to the network.

If you want to skip quickly to a particular section, say "Section 7:
What networks are there in Australia?" as easy way to get there is by
using your text viewer to search for the words "Section 7".

New versions of the FAQ are posted monthly, incorporating any updates
which have been received in the meantime. It'll probably never be 
quite complete but I'm trying to keep it as accurate and up-to-date 
as possible. If you have any information which is not included here, 
or if you have corrections or constructive comments to make, please 
mail me.


From: OzNetFAQ Section 2
Subject: Section 2: How do I get an internet account?

There are basically three ways to get a network-connected account:

a) Enrol in a university course which involves having an account
b) Get a job somewhere with a net connection (this may be considered a
   repugnant option by some as it involves work)
c) Get an account on a public access machine

Universities offer the fastest network connections and the best
facilities in general, but often restrict network access. Public
access machines are becoming more and more common, and offer many of
the same features that the universities do. They're also much less
restrictive about what programs you are allowed to run.

Generally you'll need to access public access sites from home using a
modem and a terminal program on your own computer. The next section
details the public access machines in each area.


From: OzNetFAQ Section 3
Subject: Section 3: What public access machines are in my area?

This section lists public access sites. It's organised into areas by

        - ACT
	- New South Wales
        - Queensland
        - South Australia
        - Tasmania
	- Victoria
	- Western Australia

There are four possible link types:

	- UUCP		Machine calls another on a regular basis to
			transfer news and email. This is the slowest
			option. It also doesn't offer access to most
			internet services, and is more correctly
			referred to as a "Usenet" network host.
	- IP		Machine is permanently connected to the
			internet. Very quick responses are possible
			and all network services are available.
	- firewalled IP	Machine is separated from the internet by a
			"firewall machine". This means that it can't
			be accessed from outside and services such as
			"talk" and "archie" are usually unavailable.
	- MHSnet	Machine calls another on demand and/or
			regularly. This is usually better than UUCP,
			but doesn't offer full IP connectivity.

Modem standards are complicated things. In general a site with modems
that support high speeds will also support all the lower speeds. The
main modem standards are:

        - V.FAST        28,800 bps raw speed, not standardised yet
	- V.32bis	14,400 bps raw speed
	- V.32		9,600 bps raw speed
	- V.22bis	2,400 bps raw speed
	- V.22		1,200 bps raw speed
	- V.23		1,200 bps receive / 75 baud send

Also some modems support compression and packetising on top of the raw
communications they provide. Packetising reduces the amount of line
noise you'll have problems with, and compression increases the
throughput available:

	- V.42bis	~4 times compression (usually includes V.42)
	- V.42		packetisation
	- MNP5		~2 times compression (usually includes MNP4)
	- MNP4		packetisation

After you've selected a shortlist of possible sites you may also want
to check out "Section 7: What networks are there in Australia?" to get
a brief idea of what facilities each network offers.

================================== ACT =================================

Site Name -----> interconnect.com.au
Organisation --> InterConnect Australia Pty. Ltd.
Location ------> Canberra.
Dialins -------> 4 * V.32bis/V.42bis
Charges -------> $95.00 (1 off) + $20/month + 15c/minute online.
                 Also FTP @ $1 per 1 MByte, contact for full details.
Machine -------> i486 EISA, SCSI disk, BSDI UNIX.
Link ----------> IP - 20 milliseconds to AARNet
Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, News, Mail, Talk...
How -----------> Ring sales on 008 818 262 or 03 528 2239.
Contact -------> <info@interconnect.com.au>

============================ New South Wales ===========================

Site Name -----> interconnect.com.au Organisation --> InterConnect Australia Pty. Ltd. Location ------> Sydney Dialins -------> 8 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $95.00 (1 off) + $20/month + 15c/minute online. Also FTP @ $1 per 1 MByte, contact for full details. Machine -------> i486 EISA, SCSI disk, BSDI UNIX. Link ----------> IP - 20 milliseconds to AARNet Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, News, Mail, Talk... How -----------> Ring sales on 008 818 262 or 03 528 2239. Contact -------> <info@interconnect.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> jolt.mpx.com.au Organisation --> Microplex Location ------> Sydney Dialins -------> 18 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $25 setup fee + $23.50/month or $234/year Machine -------> Sun SPARC 10, UNIX Link ----------> IP Features ------> E-mail, FTP file transfer, Usenet news, Talk, Internet Relay Chat, Gopher and World Wide Web How -----------> By email, snail or phone Contact -------> <info@jolt.mpx.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> kralizec.zeta.org.au / godzilla.zeta.org.au Organisation --> Zeta Microcomputer Software Location ------> Sydney Dialins -------> 4 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $10/month for 10 hours, $1/hr thereafter Machine -------> Sun 3 (SunOS 4.0) / 386DX/40 (Linux) Link ----------> ? - time to internet: 3 hours Features ------> > 1 Gb disk, 6 CD-ROMs, huge amount of Linux S/W & News How -----------> dial (02) 837-1183, login as "guest" Contact -------> Nick Andrew <nick@kralizec.zeta.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> kumear.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Lake Macquarie Dialins -------> 1 * V32/V.42bis, 1 * 1 * V.22bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $15 pa Machine -------> Amiga 3000T, AmigaDOS 2.05 Link ----------> UUCP - time to internet: 18 hours Features ------> DLGPro BBS software, Lots of Amiga software, FidoNET, AdultLink. How -----------> dial (049) 48-5408 Contact -------> Phillip Eastham <phillip_eastham@kumear.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> lsupoz.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Sydney Dialins -------> 5 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $10 joining fee, $5 an month or 15c/hour whichever is higher Machine -------> 486DX running Linux Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> offering UUCP/News/E-Mail + files, APANA Sydney Main UUCP hub How -----------> dial (02) 418-8750, login as "guest" Contact -------> Anthony Rumble <root@lsupoz.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> scorch.hna.com.au Organisation --> Hunter Networking Association Location ------> Newcastle Dialins -------> 1 * 2400bps, 2 * V32/V.42bis (3rd soon) Charges -------> $40 pa (interactive), $60 (private systems), $100 (public sys) Machine -------> 386DX40, 8Meg core, total 2G HD, Linux 0.99pl14+ Link ----------> UUCP - time to internet: 4 hours Features ------> BBS-ish interface or UNIX shell. Local news spool. POPmail. Visitors may browse the system for a ~month without charge. How -----------> dial (049) 61-1695, login as "guest" Contact -------> Michael Brown <mbrown@hna.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> sydney.dialix.oz.au Organisation --> DIALix Services Location ------> Sydney Dialins -------> 6 * V.32bis/V.42bis, 1 * V.FAST Charges -------> 1c/minute connection, 1c/1000 bytes Internet traffic. Minimum annual usage payable in advance of: $10 student / $80 individual / $250 corporate Machine -------> 2 PCs, Unix; e-mail, usenet, ftp, telnet, talk, finger, irc Link ----------> IP Features ------> Interactive login or UUCP How -----------> dial (02) 948-6918, login as "guest" Contact -------> Justin Sullivan <justin@sydney.DIALix.oz.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> ilb.com.au Organisation --> ILB Computing Pty. Ltd. Location ------> Wollongong Dialins -------> 2 Charges -------> ? Machine -------> ? Link ----------> MHSnet Features ------> 1.2G of news online How -----------> ? Contact -------> Kevin Withnall

============================== Queensland ==============================

Site Name -----> interconnect.com.au Organisation --> InterConnect Australia Pty. Ltd. Location ------> Brisbane. Dialins -------> 4 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $95.00 (1 off) + $20/month + 15c/minute online. Also FTP @ $1 per 1 MByte, contact for full details. Machine -------> i486 EISA, SCSI disk, BSDI UNIX. Link ----------> IP - 20 milliseconds to AARNet Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, News, Mail, Talk... How -----------> Ring sales on 008 818 262 or 03 528 2239. Contact -------> <info@interconnect.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> ozspace.brisnet.org.au Organisation --> Brisnet Location ------> Brisbane Dialins -------> ? Charges -------> $60 pa Machine -------> 386 PC compatible; Waffle Link ----------> ? - time to AARNet: 10 minutes Features ------> providing UUCP feeds How -----------> ? Contact -------> BrisNet committee * * * * * Site Name -----> peg.pegasus.oz.au Organisation --> Pegasus Networks Communications Pty Ltd Location ------> Brisbane Dialins -------> ? * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $95 mailbox purchase, $20 per month, time charges extra, enquire for full details Machine -------> ? running UNIX Link ----------> demand IP? Features ------> E-mail and conferencing, gateways to APC, FIDOnet and Internet. telnet access, gopher, WAIS. Support hotline. How -----------> By email, mail or phone Contact -------> <support@peg.pegasus.oz.au>

=========================== South Australia ============================

Site Name -----> apanix.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Adelaide Dialins -------> 2 * V32.bis/V42.bis, 1 * V32/MNP5, 2 * V22.bis Charges -------> $65/year or $40/6 months or $10/month. Machine -------> Sparcstation ELC, 3gb disk Link ----------> Firewall IP Features ------> Internet news, mail, ftp, telnet, IRC. Unix shell, SL/IP. How -----------> dial (08) 373-5485, login as "guest" or email adrian@apanix.apana.org.au Contact -------> Adrian Corston <adrian@apanix.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> byron.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Adelaide Dialins -------> 1 * 2400 baud, 1 * V.32bis Charges -------> $10 join + $10/m Machine -------> 386DX33 5mb ram, 0.8gb disk, CDROM Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> Programmer's hangout, news, mail, UNIX shell and menu How -----------> dial (08) 364-2017 Contact -------> John Lindsay <root@byron.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> cleese.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Adelaide Dialins -------> 2 * V.32bis/V.42bis, 1 * 2400 Charges -------> None (yet) Machine -------> i486DX/33, 16Mb RAM, 420Mb disk; FreeBSD UNIX Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> SA APANA dialup SLIP and UUCP hub site, interactive shells How -----------> dial (08) 373-6006, login as "guest" Contact -------> Mark Newton <newton@cleese.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> cswamp.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Adelaide Dialins -------> 1 * V.32bis Charges -------> none Machine -------> 80386/16, 2MB RAM, 321MB disk; MS-DOS 4.01 Link ----------> UUCP - time to internet: 24 hours Features ------> Maximus 2.01wb bbs software, Bluewave offline reader How -----------> dial (08) 370-2133 Contact -------> Arthur Marsh <arthur@cswamp.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> interconnect.com.au Organisation --> InterConnect Australia Pty. Ltd. Location ------> Adelaide. Dialins -------> 4 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $95.00 (1 off) + $20/month + 15c/minute online. Also FTP @ $1 per 1 MByte, contact for full details. Machine -------> i486 EISA, SCSI disk, BSDI UNIX. Link ----------> IP - 20 milliseconds to AARNet Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, News, Mail, Talk... How -----------> Ring sales on 008 818 262 or 03 528 2239. Contact -------> <info@interconnect.com.au>

=============================== Tasmania ===============================

Site Name -----> calvados.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Hobart Dialins -------> 1 * V.42bis Charges -------> $25pa Machine -------> 386sx, MS-DOS, Waffle Link ----------> UUCP - time to internet: 18 hours Features ------> Clarion mailing list (clarion-l@calvados.apana.org.au) How -----------> dial (002) 34-8530, login as "new" Contact -------> John Lamp <system@calvados.apana.org.au>

=============================== Victoria ===============================

Site Name -----> cloud.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> 1 * V.32bis Charges -------> none Machine -------> IBM 386 Clone, MS-DOS Link ----------> UUCP - time to internet: 12 hours Features ------> Waffle/RemoteAccess software How -----------> dial (03) 803-6954 Contact -------> Hamish Moffatt <hamish@cloud.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> csource.oz.au Organisation --> Unique Computing Pty Ltd Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> ? Charges -------> ? Machine -------> PC based, Waffle v1.65 Link ----------> ? Features ------> Fidonet gateway for a lot of Usenet messages How -----------> ? Contact -------> David Nugent * * * * * Site Name -----> guru.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> 2 Charges -------> $15 (once only) Machine -------> Amiga 2000, AmigaDOS 2.04, 350Mb HD, CDROM Link ----------> UUCP - time to internet: 12 hours Features ------> Amiga Only BBS. 550Mb files online - Fish disks, AmiNet Online games & multi-user chat How -----------> dial (03) 326-0440 Contact -------> ? * * * * * Site Name -----> insane.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> 3 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $35 pa Machine -------> i486/33, 8MB RAM, 1GB disk; NetBSD UNIX Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> Macintosh supported, easy-to-use Menus, member of FIDOnet How -----------> dial (03) 886-1230, login as "guest" Contact -------> Stuart Marburg or Richard Preen <admin@insane.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> interconnect.com.au Organisation --> InterConnect Australia Pty. Ltd. Location ------> Melbourne. Dialins -------> 8 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $95.00 (1 off) + $20/month + 15c/minute online. Also FTP @ $1 per 1 MByte, contact for full details. Machine -------> i486 EISA, SCSI disk, BSDI UNIX. Link ----------> IP - 20 milliseconds to AARNet Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, News, Mail, Talk... How -----------> Ring sales on 008 818 262 or 03 528 2239. Contact -------> <info@interconnect.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> suburbia.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> 5 * 2400 baud Charges -------> $55 pa Machine -------> PC running Linux Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> Full news feed, part of the APANA IP network How -----------> dial (03) 596-8366 Contact -------> Mark Dorset <zerohour@suburbia.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> werple.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> 5 * ? Charges -------> $78 pa Machine -------> i486/33; NetBSD UNIX Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> standard unix shells, nn/tin/rn, elm/pine/mail How -----------> dial (03) 888-1726, login as "register" Contact -------> Andrew Herbert <andrew@werple.apana.org.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> zikzak.apana.org.au Organisation --> APANA Location ------> Melbourne Dialins -------> 5 * V.32bis/V.42bis, 1 * V.32/V.42bis/PEP, 1 * 2400/MNP5 Charges -------> $30 per half year Machine -------> Amiga 3000, 18Mb RAM, 2.4Gb disk; NetBSD UNIX Link ----------> firewalled IP Features ------> unix shells, easy-to-use menu, all popular UNIX software How -----------> dial (03) 562-8814, login as "register" Contact -------> Zik Saleeba <zik@zikzak.apana.org.au>

=========================== Western Australia ==========================

Site Name -----> classic.iinet.com.au Organisation --> iiNet Technologies Location ------> Perth Dialins -------> 6 * V.32bis/V.42bis, 2 * 2400 bps Charges -------> $25/month or $1/hour Machine -------> PC running Linux Link ----------> IP - Time to internet 300ms Features ------> Local ftp site, ClariNet News, round the clock support How -----------> Voice call or email to have account created Contact -------> Michael Malone <iinet@iinet.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> interconnect.com.au Organisation --> InterConnect Australia Pty. Ltd. Location ------> Perth. Dialins -------> 4 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> $95.00 (1 off) + $20/month + 15c/minute online. Also FTP @ $1 per 1 MByte, contact for full details. Machine -------> i486 EISA, SCSI disk, BSDI UNIX. Link ----------> IP - 20 milliseconds to AARNet Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, News, Mail, Talk... How -----------> Ring sales on 008 818 262 or 03 528 2239. Contact -------> info@interconnect.com.au * * * * * Site Name -----> it.com.au Organisation --> Informed Technology Location ------> Perth Dialins -------> 8 * V.32/V.42/PEP Charges -------> R/O news access at $45 a year, net write access $120 a year Machine -------> PCs running ESIX SVR4, Linux and FreeBSD Link ----------> MHSnet Features ------> We do not charge for time and impose no daily limits How -----------> dial (09) 245-2511, login as "visitor", password "visitor" Contact -------> info@it.com.au * * * * * Site Name -----> multiline.com.au Organisation --> Independent Location ------> Perth Dialins -------> ? Charges -------> $50 pa Machine -------> 486 / Linux Link ----------> ? Features ------> ? How -----------> ? Contact -------> <root@multiline.com.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> perth.dialix.oz.au Organisation --> DIALix Services Location ------> Perth Dialins -------> 11 * V.32bis/V.42bis Charges -------> 1c/minute connection, 1c/1000 bytes Internet traffic. Minimum annual usage payable in advance of: $10 student / $80 individual / $250 corporate Machine -------> ? Link ----------> IP Features ------> Interactive login or UUCP. Live internet link. How -----------> dial (09) 244-3233, login as "guest" Contact -------> Jeff Johnson <jeff@dialix.oz.au> * * * * * Site Name -----> yarrow.wt.uwa.edu.au Organisation --> Winthrop Technology Location ------> Perth Dialins -------> 6 * V.32 Charges -------> $50 per month flat fee or $2.50 per connect hour Machine -------> DECsystem 5200, Ultrix V4.3 UNIX Link ----------> IP Features ------> Various contract services How -----------> ? Contact -------> <wthelp@yarrow.wt.uwa.edu.au>


From: OzNetFAQ Section 4 Subject: Section 4: What can I do once I'm on the internet?

The internet is the result of connecting together a large number of university, research, and commercial networks. It's history's first major global computer network.

Originally it evolved out of a desire for researchers to communicate with each other and exchange data more conveniently. Electronic mail remains one of the major uses of the internet today - anyone on the network can send electronic mail to anyone else quickly and conveniently.

A logical extension of this idea is "Usenet news", which allows people to publically discuss topics of interest with people all over the world who have similar interests. There are over three thousand such discussion groups now, with something to interest everyone.

Both these services are "offline" services - in other words you send a message and other people read it later. The alternative is programs that type directly to other peoples' screens. The "online" equivalent of mail is "talk" which allows you to chat with a friend, typing directly to each others' screens. News' equivalent is "irc" or Internet Relay Chat which allows people to enter discussion groups on various topics and send messages to each others.

People looking for software or information have various ways of accessing it. "ftp" and "fsp" are ways of getting files from computers anywhere in the world, with many places providing huge areas with gigabytes of files. The problem with these is finding what you're looking for amongst the millions of computers around the world. One solution is "archie", which can be used to search an index of ftp sites for whatever you're interested. Another alternative is "gopher" and "world wide web" (or "www") which provide a user-friendly way to browse through the plethora of databases and ftp sites on the net.

Many games and bulletin boards are also accessible via the internet, including the very popular MUDs, or "Multi-User Dimension"s. These allow people to wander around a simulated world, interacting as if they were physically in the same place.

There are plenty of other things to do on the internet - just finding out about them could easily become a career in itself! There's so many interesting things out there that it's impossible to list them all but exploring the possibilities is half the fun.


From: OzNetFAQ Section 5 Subject: Section 5: How can I find out more about the internet?

There are many excellent books and online resource guides to the internet. Check your local bookshop. If you've got a favorite book, please send me details so I can include them here!

AARNet has some resource guides available on the archie.au ftp site in the directory /aarnet. If you have full details for any other online internet guides please let me know so I can list them here.

Books: (these entries thanks to the PDIAL list)

Connecting To The Internet; Susan Estrada; O'Reilly & Associates; ISBN 1-56592-061-9 (A how-to on selecting the right IP provider, from dialup to dedicated.)

A DOS User's Guide to the Internet -- E-mail, Netnews and File Transfer with UUCP; James Gardner; MKS; ISBN 0-13-106873-3 ("Internet" in the title is misleading -- covers UUCP connections only.)

The Electronic Traveller -- Exploring Alternative Online Systems; Elizabeth Powell Crowe; Windcrest/McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-8306-4498-9. (A good tour of various personal IP and other types of providers, but some data is seriously out of date.)

Internet Basics; Steve Lambert, Walt How; Random House; ISBN 0-679-75023-1

The Internet Companion; Tracy LaQuey, Jeanne C. Ryer; Addison-Wesley; ISBN 0-201-62224-6

The Internet Companion Plus; Tracy LaQuey, Jeanne C. Ryer; Addison-Wesley; ISBN 0-201-62719-1

The Internet Complete Reference; Harley Hahn, Rick Stout; Osborne; ISBN 0-07-881980-6

The Internet Directory; Eric Brawn; Fawcett Columbine; ISBN 0-449-90898-4 (Phone book style listing of resources.)

The Internet for Dummies; John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi; IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN 1-56884-024-1 (Lots of useful information, but much of it is intermediate level, not "dummy".)

Internet: Getting Started; April Marine, Susan Kirkpatrick, Vivian Neou, Carol Ward; PTR Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-289596-X

The Internet Guide for New Users; Daniel P. Dern; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-07-016511-4 (Good, very thorough guide for new users.)

The Internet Navigator; Paul Glister; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 0-471-59782-1 (Good, comprehensive guide for new users.)

The Internet Roadmap; Bennet Falk; Sybex; ISBN 0-7821-1365-6

The Mac Internet Tour Guide; Michael Fraase; Ventana Press; ISBN 1-56604-062-0

Navigating the Internet; Richard J. Smith, Mark Gibbs; SAMS Publishing; ISBN 0-672-30362-0

Welcome to... Internet -- From Mystery to Mastery; Tom Badgett, Corey Sandler; MIS:Press; ISBN 1-55828-308-0

The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog; Ed Krol; O'Reilly & Associates; ISBN 1-56592-025-2 (Good all around guide.)

Zen & the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide; Brendan P. Kehoe; PTR Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-010778-6

Other BBS/Internet Provider Lists

FSLIST -- The Forgotten Site List. USENET: alt.internet.access.wanted; ftp: freedom.nmsu.edu:/pub/docs/fslist/ or login.qc.ca:/pub/fslist/

nixpub -- public access Unixes. USENET: comp.bbs.mis, alt.bbs; email: to <mail-server@bts.com>, body containing "get PUB nixpub.long"; ftp: VFL.Paramax.COM:/pub/pubnetc/nixpub.long

PDIAL -- Public Dialup Internet Access List. USENET: alt.internet.access.wanted; ftp: rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/pdial


From: OzNetFAQ Section 6 Subject: Section 6: How do I connect my own machine to the net?

Most people just want to get access to the internet, and all that's required for that is to get an internet account on someone else's machine. The alternative is to attach your own machine to the network. This is usually more expensive and much more complex, but businesses often like to do things this way. Also many hobbyists do it just for the fun of it.

There are several types of organisations which provide network feeds. The amateur networks are generally willing to provide feeds for a low cost, but also require that you be a financial member of their organisation so that your portion of the AARNet fees are paid for. The commercial organisations offer greater reliability but tend to charge more. Generally they charge by connect time or bandwidth used, plus some sort of yearly fee.

You'll have to decide if you want to work on a dialup basis or if you need a permanent connection. Dialup connections are usually handled using the UUCP protocol or possibly ACSnet/MHSnet software. All you need is a modem and someone will to feed you. Permanent connections require a phone line and modem at each end at the very least, so they really start at around $1500 equipment cost alone. In terms of bandwidth these systems go to around 30kbaud. You will need a permanent connection if you want a full news feed. The next step is ISDN at 64kbaud and several thousand dollars, and from there is the dreamland of Megalink and other such wonders...

There is a small but rapidly-increasing group of organisations offering network connectivity to the public. The following section describes each of these in more detail.


From: OzNetFAQ Section 7 Subject: Section 7: What network organisations are there in Australia?

. AARNet . Australian Computer Society . APANA . AUUG . biznet.com.au . Brisnet . Commercial Software Training . Compuserve Pacific . connect.com.au . Dialcom . DIALix . Fidonet . Hedland College . Hunter Network Association . iiNET Technologies . ILB Computing . Informed Technology . Interconnect Australia . Keylink . Kralizec . Message Handling Systems (TMX) . Microplex . Pegasus . Pro-Net . Winthrop Technology

(Paragraphs in quotes come from the organisations themselves, unquoted paragraphs are my own guesses)

------------------------------ AARNet --------------------------------

AARNet is the Australian Academic and Research Network. It's currently the major Australian Internet-connected computer network, and all the other organisations mentioned in this FAQ get their network connections from it. You must have a "compatible interest with" the education, academic or research interests to be an affiliate member of AARNet. It does not provide public access or commercial networking services except through the other organisations mentioned here.

"AARNet is the Australian Academic and Research Network. AARNet is a private telecommunications network service operated by the Australian Vice Chancellors' Committee (AVCC) as a service to the participating member institutions of the AVCC and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO). Its objective is the provision of dedicated telecommunications services in support of members' research, academic and service activities. In addition, AARNet provides telecommunications services to other organisations under this general brief."

Organisations interested in a connection to AARNet should contact the Customer Services Manager for the latest information or fetch a copy of the document "Connecting to AARNet" available from:

ftp: aarnet.edu.au: /pub/doc/affiliate.*

Contact ---> Brenda Aynsley, Customer Services Manager Email -----> Brenda.Aynsley@aarnet.edu.au or admin@aarnet.edu.au Fax -------> (06) 249-1369 Voice -----> (06) 249-4968 Snail -----> GPO Box 1142, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

------------------- Australian Computer Society ----------------------

The Australian Computer Society is providing Internet access for members of the society only. Mail and news are free, but full IP access costs $200 per year.

------------------------------ Apana ---------------------------------

The Australian Public Access Networking Association (APANA) is a non-profit organisation aimed at bringing the global network to its members.

APANA is an Australia-wide network with around one hundred and fifty machines connected to it. Of these, over ten supply accounts for public access. A small group of machines uses permanent links, providing fast mail to the Internet and allowing ftp, telnet, talk and IRC within this sub-network. Other machines are connected via slower UUCP links.

Email info@apana.org.au for more information.

Area ------> Adelaide Contact ---> Mark Newton Email -----> m.newton@apana.org.au Voice -----> (08) 375-5575 (h)

Area ------> Sydney Contact ---> Matt Perkins Email -----> sydney@apana.org.au Voice -----> (02) 689 3469

Area ------> Brisbane Contact ---> Rhys Weatherley Email -----> rhys@cs.uq.oz.au Voice -----> (07) 279-2338 (h), (07) 365-1657 (w)

Area ------> Canberra Contact ---> Jeff Coleman Email -----> j.coleman@apana.org.au

Area ------> Geelong Contact ---> Mark Gregson Email -----> m.gregson@apana.org.au

Area ------> Melbourne Contact ---> Warwick Hockley Email -----> w.hockley@apana.org.au Voice -----> (03) 571-0484

------------------------------ AUUG -----------------------------------

The Australian Unix User Group has long been a popular club for UNIX gurus. The Canberra chapter of the group offers a volunteer-supported dialin system for its members. A dial-on-demand UUCP system is used to connect to the net.

"The Canberra Chapter of AUUG Inc. (UNIX and Open Systems Users in Australia - see group aus.auug) runs a dialup service for members. The services is based around a Sun 3/160 workstation and provides logins to UNIX for e-mail and news connectivity and for general UNIX shell access. We also provide UUCP feeds for news and mail. News and mail user agents for MSDOS and Windows are also available. The service is available free to all AUUG Canberra chapter members. AUUG membership is around $90 per year for an individual and includes journals and access to other national and local chapter services."

Area ------> Canberra Contact ---> John Barlow Email -----> john.barlow@anu.edu.au Voice -----> (06) 249-2930 (w)

Area ------> Canberra Contact ---> Peter Wishart Email -----> pjw@canb.auug.org.au

-------------------------- biznet.com.au ------------------------------

biznet.com.au is a commercial network provider which started operations in June. They plan to offer UUCP and SLIP feeds to the general public but are currently not really operational.

Contact ---> Ric Ruggiero Email -----> ric@uninet.com.au Voice -----> (03) 305-5649 Snail -----> GPO Box 4000MM Melbourne 3001

----------------------------- Brisnet ---------------------------------

Brisnet is another non-profit networking organisation. They operate in the Brisbane area only. They are loosely affiliated with APANA and replace APANA's function in Brisbane.

"BrisNet is a non-profit association which aims to provide cheap(ish) access to electronic mail and USENET news in the Brisbane and South-East Queensland area. We provide a dial-in USENET environment, and UUCP feeds. Locally developed software is available to help improve access."

Area ------> Brisbane Contact ---> Rhys Weatherley Email -----> rhys@cs.uq.oz.au Voice -----> (07) 279-2338 (h), (07) 365-1657 (w)

Area ------> Brisbane Contact ---> Mark Looi Email -----> Mark.Looi@brisnet.org.au Voice -----> (07) 273-6100 (h), (07) 864-1199 (w)

------------------- Commercial Software Training ----------------------

Commerical Software Training Pty Ltd is an international networking setup which offers feeds of mail and a partial newsfeed. Their primary area of interest is in providing network feeds to developing countries on a nonprofit basis. They also provide special support for Coherent OS users. They don't offer interactive logins.

"CSTPL is primarily interested in communications research. We attempt to establish useable communications links between developing countries and developed countries. This communications is based almost exclusively on the uucp suite of programs, available under both Unix and xxDOS. We try to keep the technical aspects to the bare minimum, and the costs also as low as can be expected.

"Subscriptions can be taken out to use cstpl as a gateway to the internet for email. It is never intended that cstpl will act as a serious netnews gateway. News feeds drive up bandwidth and costs. In this context, the user pays. We are primarily research, and we aim to cover costs only."

Area ------> Mackay Contact ---> Robert Chalmers Email -----> robert@cstpl.com.au Data ------> (079) 524-527 UUCP login: nuucp word: uupublic (Anon uucp) Snail -----> 22 Minster Street, Mackay 4740

------------------------- Compuserve Pacific -------------------------

Compuserve provide a pay-by-volume commercial email service. Compuserve were one of the original email systems in the USA and are still one of the largest. Compuserve Pacific is linked to the US Compuserve, and from there to the internet through a gateway. They have dialins in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and some other cities. People on Compuserve can be contacted using an address of the form: nnnn.nnnn@compuserve.com, where nnnn.nnnn is the person's Compuserve user id.

Voice -----> (008) 023-158 --------------------------- connect.com.au ---------------------------

Connect.com.au now operate in most capitals. They offer feeds to other and support all the major protocols. Interactive accounts are not available. Charging for ninety minutes of connect time per day would total around $2000 per year.

"Connect.com.au now has hubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. All access to connect.com.au is protocol based; we do not offer interactive access. We currently support the protocols: uucp, SL/IP, and PPP. Access is via intermittent or permanent modem or ISDN connections. We are happy to carry interstate traffic over our network as alternative to installing point-to-point links around the country. We also offer limited access to the Internet and are willing to act as a mail and news gateway."

Email -----> connect@connect.com.au Fax -------> (03) 528 5887 Voice -----> (1 800) 818-262, (03) 528 2239 Snail -----> 29 Fitzgibbon Crescent, Caulfield Victoria 3161

------------------------------- Dialcom ------------------------------

Dialcom is a computer network service provided by OTC. I have no details on it apart from the name.

------------------------------- DIALix -------------------------------

"DIALix Services provides Internet access to the public. DIALix presently runs Unix hosts in Perth and Sydney with other sites opening in the near future.

"Dial-up and permanent line connections are available for traffic on our internal DIALix network and for Internet usage (within AARNet guidelines).

"All hours phone and e-mail support is provided free of charge. In addition to an interactive direct login, a connection via UUCP can be requested. Public domain UUPC software for DOS is available pre-configured or for download for your own configuration. UUCP emulators for Mac, Amiga and Atari are also avail- able for download.

Area ------> Sydney Contact ---> Justin Sullivan Email -----> justin@sydney.DIALix.oz.au Voice -----> (02) 948-6995, (018) 491-642 Snail -----> Box 7, 145 Sydney Rd, Fairlight NSW 2094

Area ------> Perth Contact ---> Jeff Johnson Email -----> jeff@perth.dialix.oz.au Voice -----> (09) 244-2433, (018) 638-249 Snail -----> Box 153, Doubleview WA 6018

------------------------------- Fidonet ------------------------------

Fidonet is a world-wide network of bulletin-boards (BBSes). Network topology is highly variable due to the hobbyist nature of the nodes. It runs on a different network protocol from Usenet, but provides a similar style of electronic mail and news service. While FIDOnet <-> Usenet gateways do exist crossover between Usenet and FIDOnet is not particularly high. In general FIDOnet is somewhat less reliable and slower, although this is not universally the case. FIDONet BBSes also offer many other services like large file areas, online games, and chat. There are hundreds of FIDOnet sites around the country so I won't attempt to cover them all here. For more information check the state hub contacts that are listed every month in Australian Personal Computer magazine.

---------------------------- Headland College ------------------------

Headland College are offering on-line mail and news access, with a local ftp area.

"This service will be free until mid-January 1994 during stabilisation of the service. Currently a single modem is on line, but more are being added soon. One line will provide a slip connection and a mail/news Pop server is being added in December for off-line reading and replying. A full Internet service (telnet, ftp etc) is planned for 1994.

"Once the service has been stabilised, there will be a charge for this service. Details of probable charges are not yet available but will be made available in late December or early January."

Area ------> Western Australia Contact ---> Robert Hart Email -----> hartr@hedland.edu.au Voice -----> (091) 721-681 Snail -----> South Hedland WA 6722

-------------------- Hunter Networking Association ------------------

The Hunter Network Association is a cost-recovering, cooperative operation of Amateur computer networking enthusiasts, who are interested in realising a non-profit Internetwork in the Newcastle/ Lake Macquarie/Hunter Valley region. A sizeable portion of the membership are also in APANA.

Area ------> Newcastle Contact ---> Michael Brown Email -----> mbrown@scorch.hna.com.au Voice -----> (049) 62 1783 Snail -----> PO Box 49, Broadmeadow NSW 2292

---------------------------iiNET Technologies -----------------------

"iiNet Technologies is a small, Perth based firm which can strives to provide any form of Network Access. We provide all TCP based services, including telnet, ftp, gopher, irc, and many other services, as well as email and a full news feed. We can also supply SL/IP, PPP, and UUCP to our network on request."

iiNet are apparently offering accounts for a flat fee of $25 per month. They provide news, mail, telnet, ftp, and irc, but have no UDP support at the moment.

Area ------> Western Australia Contact ---> Michael Malone Email -----> iinet@iinet.com.au Fax -------> (09) 307-8414 Voice -----> (09) 307-1183 Snail -----> PO Box 811 Hillarys 6025, WA

----------------------------- ILB Computing --------------------------

"ILB Computing has a dialup site in Wollongong. Phone Numbers are (042) 25-8099 2 lines. Using MHSnet software running news/mail. 1.2G of news online ( i think its about 3 weeks )."

Area ------> Wollongong Contact ---> Kevin Withnall Email -----> kevin@ilb.com.au Fax -------> (042) 26-4986 Voice Msg -> (016) 28-5942 Voice -----> (042) 26-1305

-------------------------- Informed Technology -----------------------

"We are a mail affiliate to the AARNet and use MHSnet to maintain a constant connection to uniwa.uwa.edu.au. We take the full newsfeed and also maintain an online BBS-type filebase."

For more information email info@it.com.au.

Area ------> Perth Contact ---> Stephen Darragh Email -----> srd@it.com.au Voice -----> (09) 245-2279

Area ------> Perth Contact ---> David MacKinnon Email -----> davidm@it.com.au Snail -----> P.O. Box 688, Claremont, WA 6010

-------------------------- InterConnect Australia -----------------------

InterConnect provides public access dialin machines in most major cities and is closely linked to the network service provider connect.com.au. Their charging system includes $95 registration, $20 per month, and $9 per hour on-line, with two hours per month and 1Mb of storage supplied from the monthly fee. They also have a rather surprising $1 per megabyte FTP charge. Possibly this presages the coming AARNet charges.

"InterConnect Australia is now providing dialup interactive access to the Internet as a local call in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. We are the first service provider to deliver national access to the Internet at local call telecom rates. A 1-900 number will be available soon to provide economical access from anywhere in Australia outside of the major cities."

Email -----> info@interconnect.com.au Voice -----> (1-800) 818 262 (toll free), (03) 528-2239. Snail -----> 29 Fitzgibbon Crescent, Caulfield, Victoria.

------------------------------- Keylink ------------------------------

Keylink is Telecom's answer to public computer network access. One happy user reports that Keylink are very helpful. Their dialin is a 008 number.

Email -----> /G=CUSTOMER/S=SERVICE/O=CUST.SERVICE/@telememo.au Voice -----> (008) 807-324

------------------------------ Kralizec ------------------------------

Kralizec is a commercial public access site which is interested mainly in providing a service to end users, rather than feeding other sites. The operator places a high importance on high quality service and personal response. It features a large software library, including a lot of Linux software and a 6-platter CD-ROM changer. Each new member receives a 26-page Kralizec Users Guide.

"Kralizec is expanding and expects to obtain a direct Internet link soon"

Area ------> Sydney Contact ---> Nick Andrew Email -----> nick@kralizec.zeta.org.au

------------------- Message Handling Systems (TMX) -------------------

The Message Exchange is the name under which the better-known Message Handling Systems is providing networking services to the public. Message Handling Systems is one of the original network providers in Australia. They have taken over maintainence of the SUN-III software which was the fundamental basis for Australian networking (good ol' ACSnet and the .oz domain!) until AARNet came along.

TMX now market the descendant of this software as MHSnet. They also provide network feeds for the ACSnet network under the TMX name. TMX provides MHSnet and UUCP connections and imports "Clarinet" news. Charging is based on connect time only. Gateways are available for ftp and internet access as well as full or partial newsfeeds and email. TMX don't offer interactive accounts but do offer cheap single user accounts using offline readers.

For further information mail enquiry@mhs.oz.au.

Contact ---> Elaine Pensabene Email -----> elaine@mhs.oz.au Voice -----> (008) 806-962, (02) 550-4448

----------------------------- Microplex ------------------------------

Microplex offers interactive login accounts and UUCP network feeds to the public. Shell accounts have access to all Internet services at a cost of $25 setup fee plus $23.50 per month. There is also a discount rate of $234 per year. They have a high bandwidth link to AARNet, and their prices compare quite favourably to other commercial services with comparable features. Their dialin capacity is very impressive - meaning there should be less problem with getting engaged signals.

UUCP feeds cost $45 for setup plus $25 to $90 a month depending on connect time, and do a special deal for a UUCP feed plus a shell account. Contact them for further details.

Area ------> Sydney Email -----> info@jolt.mpx.com.au Fax -------> (02) 888-2328 Voice -----> (02) 888-3685 Snail -----> P.O. Box 627 Marsfield NSW 2122

------------------------------ Pegasus -------------------------------

Pegasus is a "subscriber supported" setup. Pegasus sell public access to their own networks, as well as UUCP access to the Internet. The access is based around phone calls to a number which can be dialled anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. They are members of the Association for Progressive Communications, and hence have a bent towards environmental and other issues. They have full Internet access. Cheaper access is available through the use of their "Messenger" offline reader. The charging system starts at around $20 per month, with business-hours time charging at 38 cents per minute. A 1-800 support hotline and user manuals are available.

"PEGASUS NETWORKS: a fully Australian owned and operated company providing electronic messaging services to subscibers throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Pegasus offers a variety of services including E-MAIL, E-CONFERENCING (up to 2000 different topics with a particular emphasis on environment and community based issues), Subscriber Support Hotline, UUCP-LAN/WAN service, AARNET/INTERNET gateway, WAIS, FIDO-gateway, alternative news sources, file transfer and a facsimile and telex service. Pegasus is a carrier for subnetworks such as COUNCILNET, ARTSNET, LANDCARENET, BECNET, HOMEONET and others. Pegasus Networks is a founding member of the global Association for Progressive Communications providing gateways from a total of 92 countries."

Email -----> support@peg.pegasus.oz.au Voice -----> 1 800 812-812, (07) 257-1111 Snail -----> PO Box 284, Broadway Q 4006

------------------------------ Pro-Net -------------------------------

Pro-Net are a commercial setup with a slightly unusual approach. They, like Pegasus, are using a toll-free dialin number to allow calls from anywhere in Australia to be charged at the local rate. They have an interesting menu interface to their system and claim to have extensive, up-to-date archives. An on-line chat system with conference areas is also provided, as well as storage for databases. They are also importing the "Newsbytes" independent computer industry news service; possibly the only network in Australia to do so.

"Charges are now on application. Various tarriffing policies. Now offering X.400 mail and Novell Network interconnection. People owning Novell Network Fileservers can now interconnect their local LAN to Pro-Net. Now offering EDI services Nationally. Educational tarriffs now available. Beta Testing Multimedia mail services with customised Front-End software for DOS and WINDOWS."

Fax -------> (03) 349-1257 Voice -----> (03) 349-2266 Snail -----> P.O Box 186, North Carlton, Vic, 3054

------------------------ Winthrop Technology -------------------------

"Winthrop Technology offer general bureau services on an Ultrix system. Since we are on AARNet, accounts on this system include full AARNet access.

"Accounts are available on one of two charging systems: a) You can pay a flat fee of $50 per month b) Casual, pre-paid access. This is charged at $2.50 per connect hour.

"In addition to accounts on our bureau system, Winthrop Technology also offer Mail Affiliate links to AARNet. Users with their own Unix system can get mail and news feeds. The connection can use UUCP, MHSnet, or local SLIP. This does not offer full SLIP to AARNet. Mail Affiliates are charges $150 per month for their connection and mail/news feed; in addition, AARNet charge $1000 per annum for the service."

Area ------> Perth Email -----> kaye@uniwa.uwa.edu.au Fax -------> (09) 382-1688 Voice -----> (09) 380-3698 Snail -----> University of W.A., Nedlands W.A. 6009


From: OzNetFAQ Section 8 Subject: Section 8: Why do these public networking people do it?

Some people seem to be in it for the money - or so they say. Others make no bones about the fact that they just do it for the fun. My personal opinion is that we're all a bunch of net-addicted wierdos who can't resist the temptation of infecting as many people as possible with the same disease, even if it costs us our personal fortunes...


From: OzNetFAQ Section 9 Subject: Section 9: How do I send mail between the various networks?

(This section is currently under revision)

There are various different types of networks around the world. Gradually everything is moving towards the Usenet and Internet standards, but there are still plenty of separate networks that don't talk directly to the rest of the world.

Email between FidoNet and Internet ==================================

It's possible to mail back and forth between Fido nodes and internet addresses. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep the volume of mail small.

Internet -> Fidonet -------------------

First you need the FidoNet address, which is of the form 3:711/919 or 3:711/919.3, where 3 is the zone, 711 is the net, and 919 is the individual node on that net. Sometimes there is the .3 thing, which is a point off the node. You then need to change this into an internet version of this, which is:

f919.n711.z3 or p3.f919.n711.z3

Add the user name on the front, with spaces changed to full stops, eg.


where "fidonet.org" is the standard gateway address.


would be one way to mail me. I've tested this, and it works!

If someone from Fido mails you using the techniques below, you may get away with just replying as usual for internet mail, and it will hopefully make it's way back to Fido land. However, that doesn't always work, see below for alternatives.

Fidonet -> Internet -------------------

Well, if you're on a Fido system, and someone from internet has sent you email, try just replying as normal, and that may work.

But here's two ways to do it from scratch, in an excerpt from a document on IXGate, from Nick Andrew at Kralizec (nick@kralizec.fido.zeta.org.au).


When sending mail into the Internet, your sending address is converted by the IXgate and appears automagically on the From: line in messages. To send a message into the Internet from Fidonet, you send the message to 713/602 and in the To part of the message you put the full Internet address of the required destination. For example:

Command? s send mail Matrix Address: 713/602 To: oracle@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu Subject: askme

Start typing your message now...

This ability of the IXgate software to put the Internet address of the sender into the Fidonet From field of messages is what sets it apart from other so-called gateways and it makes replying to Netmail & Echomail messages an easy, intuitive and transparent task.

But sometimes Internet people have names which are too long for the Fidonet standards - 36 characters or more. In this case, you can use the kludge which other "gateways" consider the normal mode of operation. What you do is send the message to "uucp" at 713/602 and type in the Internet address of the recipient into the first line of the message. It goes like this:

Command? s send mail Matrix Address: 713/602 To: uucp Subject: askme

Enter your message now... To: someuser@verylongname.verylongdomains.com <-- this must be first line!

Start typing what you want to say ...

This style of message input is accepted at all times to retain upward compatibility with kludgy gateways.


Other collected gateways, as collected from various posts:

3:632/348, 3:632/400, 3:635/552.2, 3:712/400

Not all of these gateways may support the first method above. However, the uucp method seems to be supported everywhere, but may make it diffuicult to just automatically reply at the other end. The best way to find out is to either try it, or mail "sysop" at the respective Fido node, and ask.


From: OzNetFAQ Section 10 Subject: Section 10: Changes this month

Public access listing (section 3):

* New: interconnect.com.au * New: jolt.mpx.com.au * New: scorch.hna.com.au * Updated: sydney.dialix.oz.au * Updated: peg.pegasus.oz.au * Updated: apanix.apana.org.au * New: classic.iinet.com.au

Network organisation listing (section 7):

* New: Australian Computer Society * Updated: APANA * Updated: Compuserve Pacific * Updated: iiNET Technologies * New: Hunter Network Association * New: Interconnect Australia * New: Microplex * Updated: Pegasus


From: OzNetFAQ Section 11 Subject: Section 11: Disclaimer


The Network Access in Australia FAQ provides information on publically accessible networking in Australia. It is compiled by myself and has no affiliation with any commerical entity or group. It is _not_ advertising or promotional material. It does not speak for any organisation.

Neither is it error free. In a compilation of this size where much of the material has necessarily to be gathered by hearsay it is inevitable that errors creep in. I collect error reports and endeavour to correct the errors in the next issue. I do not post updates for every single error, particularly considering there are usually several a month.

The form and content of the FAQ are my choice, and no organisation will be given special treatment.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed information to the FAQ!

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